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Poetic Eagle Sep 2020
Writing my own fairytale
Maybe that's where my Happy ending lies
Random thoughts
Metaphoronomy Aug 2020
A yearning desire, thirst to fulfill
I look into the endless land
As I stand at the edge of a high wall
Holding back, with anticipation.
One day it shall be complete
My once upon a time
When he comes from a faraway land,
My knight in shining armor.
On a beautiful white horse
He will take me away
Where nobody will be
Just him and me.
A princess eagerly waits for her happily ever after.
Thorns Oct 2018
The lights dimmed

The music slowed

Everyone but me and him had a partner

he stood feet from me standing, watching me as I looked depressingly on the

dancing lover and their dates
I just sat on the floor my long white dress a mess

My lip stick long gone

My long hair lying frail on my shoulders
Then he looked at me and I looked back

He looked as though he was about to say something

Then he stopped himself

I nearly said something but I stopped myself
So we sat and watched the dance
The slow dance
You don't need to say it out loud when your in love...
Amanda Kay Burke Jun 2018
Now that I have begun to heal
I do not want to remember
The heartache you made me feel
Those cold days in December

Tonight I am destined to fail
Mind will take me back
The concrete wall surrounding
My fragile heart will crack

Memories will trickle out,
One moment after the other
I will try to make them go away
They're too strong to smother

I have hidden them for far too long
In your quiet presence they awaken
Reminding me that I cannot have
Back pieces you have taken

All this time I have avoided
Mention of your name
Because I will not allow myself
To fall again into your game

Every once in awhile
I forget that you are a liar
It slips my distracted mind how dangerous
It is to play with burning fire

Hear a maybe in my head
Feel a little flicker of what we had
I reminisce about how it once was
Before our relationship went bad

I should know better
I see through your disguise
A master of illusion
You have one billion alibis

So tell me that you have changed
You're sorry you didn't stay
But do not expect me to believe
You're as different as you say

I could not handle all the hurt
Although you bring laughter
Because I finally realize with you
There is no such thing as "happily-ever-after"
Written 8/2/11

Even back then you were breaking my heart.. i guess it's always been you.
Khyati Pareek Mar 2018
Flashing lights and days bright couldn’t be better with you at my side.
I didn’t need anything in rush, but you broke my heart in a hush.
Thought I could never be well again,
when I looked out of the window to take a glimpse at the rain,
Realised that all my feelings had gone in vain.
Was it all a joke?
How could I be left broke?
Couldn’t find any answers,
Lost myself in the late-late hours.

While trying to find my destiny,
Found someone who made me feel love’s eternity.

Suddenly a glittering light flashed from the dark,
It was like a tyndall effect on my heart.

Saw a knight so tall and bright,
Gave me a hand and asked if I’d be his bride?

Shook my head in agreement and went on a long trail.

His presence left me mesmerised,
Cause for I couldn’t see what I had left behind.

All the black memories got washed out,
With the new sounds of love profound.
It was like an ailing,
There couldn’t be any love with such a Great Ending!
First love might hurt, but true love doesn't always. So believe in love and keep looking for your ideal partner maybe the next person you meet might be 'THE ONE' ?
JungJin Jun 2017
As sweet as sugar,
As Fragile as glass,
Everyone knew she wouldn't last.

As bitter as coffee,
As Hard as stone,
That was his personality.

She loved him,
And he broke her,
They had no happily ever after.
And I, I dream of a magical place
Where I might have a smile on my face
A mother and father who love me
Living together under the eldest tree

It is a beautiful land
There are always adventures at hand
Ones where the good prevails
But darkness endures, as the tales

I wouldn't have to live in a castle
We needn't any vassal
Having each other was always enough
Even when things got tough

My friends would fight by my side
And we may never die
We had each other
We loved one another

My whole family, blood or not
Could always save each other if we sought with purity
Because love is the most powerful thing
So we all end up living as the king

Because our love is truelove
And the trees sing out above
The water flows with the music
Wind singing loud as the humans

The forest, the kingdom, the people
And even those who were thought to be evil
Their homes would be filled with love and laughter
And we would all live happily ever after
Hannah Betters Jun 2016
I believe in happiness
In fairytales and ever afters
Prince Charmings and true love
Because that's what I believe

In the touch of a hand
A sparkle in your eyes

I feel the warmth in your smile
And the happiness in your heart
And I think you can feel mine too

I hold on to our happiness, our fairytale
Because even with the evil witches and storms in our lives
I believe in happiness
Tolani Agoro May 2016
Too many people are too quick to wish 'forever' with a person. I'm not saying planning a future with someone is a bad thing, all I'm saying is know the person, really know the person, know who they actually are on the inside, when all the doors are closed and all the weight of the world is gone, know who they are at that moment. Don't plan a future with someone you don't know because if it doesn't work out then you set yourself up for heartbreak. If it ends, not only did you lose the person you love but you also lost your future, your plans, who you thought you'd be and you become lost. Again, I'm not saying don't plan a future with someone you love because it's a beautiful thing and you really should, all I'm saying is don't plan a future with someone who you don't know their views of life, their intentions (especially towards you), their beliefs, what they'd die for, who they'd cry for, who they want to be and how they invision their life. Everyone is wishing for fairytales and happily ever after but you are not Cinderella and one night and a glass slipper won't guarantee forever (or happiness). Happily ever after is earned, you know the person and you love the person and you have gone through **** with the person and you would pick them on their bad days and their good. You would pick them on cheerful days and on days where they're curled up in a ball, crying and feeling like their whole life is falling apart. If you aren't willing to go through hell for a person, no questions asked then save yourself the heartbreak and don't plan anything. Some people are meant to be in your life short term, they're only there to help you learn and grow into the person you're meant to become, they're there to help mold your heart into the perfect shape so it fits just right into your happily ever after's. Not everyone should and would be in your life forever. Learn the difference and prioritise appropriately.
Just my 2 cents
Ignatius Hosiana Apr 2016
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