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Aug 2014 · 364
To Be a Bird
brokenperfection Aug 2014
remember to fly

lest your wilted wings

come alive with the the rapid thrum of your  

trace patterns left behind by billowing

or create your own portraits in the dense evening
                                                                ­                          fog

head south amongst your most loyal

and find your purest solace in

to  be  a
Aug 2014 · 916
Haikus To You
brokenperfection Aug 2014
I am learning how
To accept myself again
No self-denial

Show me how to love
After your false affection
Was proven useless

How does a person
Decide if they are being
letters to my mother
I fear every day that if I believe in myself
I will turn into her
so I deny myself
and any good that I may do
in hopes of staying
brokenperfection Aug 2014
you bloodied me with your lack of concern

you pushed me with your false realities

you wounded me with your cynicism and judgment

you destroyed me with your selfishness

you embarrassed me with your entitlement

you offended me with your blatant lies

you chained me by making me your slave

you chased me when I finally tried to leave

you terrified me when I thought I was being followed

you cut me when you dismissed my hurt

you assaulted me with anger and violence

you weeped at me to come home

you obliterated me with your being

you slaughtered me because I still love you

you were supposed to be my mother
daughter of a narcissistic mother
Aug 2014 · 395
Carnal Cravings
brokenperfection Aug 2014
nights like these I think about all the people I don't know
no time is consumed the way mine is as I sit very still and imagine someone
halfway across the world sitting as still as me
sometimes I wonder if some person in china just took the same breath as me
thought the same thought as me
only, in her native tongue
is there a person out there who looks exactly like me?
I have this extreme addiction of needing to be connected to strangers
I'll be driving past someone halted at a red light
and I think
oh my god, I've most likely never met that person but I just glimpsed them
and they just glimpsed me
and for one quick second we /existed/ to each other
that person existed and was on my mind
if I hadn't been driving at that exact moment, quite possibly
I never would have known that there WAS a driver
how crazy is that?
and sometimes I people watch
and I don't know if it's my own mental block or if I'm just beyond weird
but I imagine their lives and how they are as a person;
it's like I make people have tones like music or wine or a conversation would
and I can't fathom their minds, fears, stories, families, paths, selves
life is so tough for me to drag myself through, and yet maybe someone else
with completely different circumstances and experiences from me
is feeling the same way
or maybe they aren't
maybe there are people out there who don't feel this way
I'd like to meet them, I'd like to meet all of them
even if I were to despise their choices or maybe they disrespected me
who cares?
they existed to me
and I cannot figure out why  
but the simple knowledge of that feeds my soul intensely
Aug 2014 · 276
brokenperfection Aug 2014
My heart, it can't take much more
Knowing your secrets, your core
Does she touch you the way I do?
Does she love you like I want to?
Tell me, when you're awake at night
Shadowed by her hair and the moonlight
Do you think of me?
This is a game of run and chase
I'm the mouse, and she's the snake
I could prove myself to you but what good would it do
If you stay by her side until death turns you blue?
I see the way you fight and the fire in her eyes
She'd rather make you miserable than admit her lies
How can you stay?
I envision us woven together,
You and me bound by a tether
Discovering crevices and dips and grooves
The way your shoulders feel so smooth
My dreams are of you doing better, for you
My hope is that you will add me in, too
She'll call me a home wrecker, it may be fact
But don't let our chance slip through the cracks
Aug 2014 · 1.1k
brokenperfection Aug 2014
An old, blue-eyed man
His heart buried beneath boards
Poe claimed sanity
Aug 2014 · 1.1k
brokenperfection Aug 2014
to end the silence
we must first stand up and sing
for those who are mute
Aug 2014 · 204
brokenperfection Aug 2014
my eyelids grow heavy...
holding the weight of my choices
one is wet with tears and the other, black and ******
is it not okay to find ourselves?
the more I search, the more my identity turns to sand
tries its hardest to shift and spiral
right out of my clenched hands
continuously, I assure myself that I know who I am
I smile back, I answer calls, I tip the bartender
so I can guarantee that if they found me
washed up on this gritty gravel shoreline
they wouldn't understand that I tried sinking to the bottom...
simply to find my peace of mind  

for under the ground lies a habitat of freedom
an abundance of silence, solitude, serenity
to sink means I've succeeded
but they would yank me to the surface
they always do.
and I struggle yet again
to understand if oxygen and warm towels and emergency lights and people and warm tea and life are a blessing
or if, yet again, my plans to find myself have been hopelessly
I really hate warm tea
Aug 2014 · 472
Chain Reaction
brokenperfection Aug 2014
your hands
grasp my hips
my fingers
touch your lips
your mouth
shocks my neck
my mouth
leaves yours wet
your stomach
presses mine
my stomach
grows butterflies
your legs
tangle the sheets
my legs
feel your heat
your eyes
watch me move
my eyes
watch you
Aug 2014 · 320
Message in a Bottle
brokenperfection Aug 2014
scribble my years on a square of parchment,

wrap me up tight and secure me with a bow

place me in grandfather's glass bottle,  

then send me down the river row by row
Aug 2014 · 196
Hello Poetry
brokenperfection Aug 2014
you're my saving grace
when no one else listens
you allow me infinite pages
to pour out my insides
and you never even
speak a word
you're my best friend
when no one else gets it
you allow me to recover
from the mistakes I make
you touch so many people
in so many different ways
in song, in rhyme, in rhythm, in time
you cross generations and continents
you are diverse and honest
you are bad and great and here,
you're always here
and I love you for that
you're my life, in words,
Hello Poetry
Aug 2014 · 864
Ode to Me [the Sea]
brokenperfection Aug 2014
what would life hold for me if I were the Sea?
liquid oxygen, so vast; lighthouses blinding me
at dusk the shipyards' ghosts come alive-- they break free
from the fog and silhouettes and all the weathered oak trees

the storms have arrived! you've met Katrina and Ike, I see
planning destruction and chaos and broken unity
throwing whiplashing waves and ***** seaweed,
splashing homes on my shores and debris at your feet

below my rippling surface: a myriad of pure glee
schools of rainbow fish, all swimming in threes
never travel too low-- to a certain degree
you'll be 1,000 leagues under the sea

signs of icebergs and whales, o', "beware of the beast"
stung on the tips of your fingers by my vicious coral reef
mermaids and their fathers' tridents, if you believe
plankton floating away with his secret recipe

guardians of the waters- my coast guards- the naval police
swimmers and divers who devour shrimp over beef
please hop in your dinghy and come visit me
I'm beautiful and deadly, my name is the Sea
Aug 2014 · 3.4k
Touch Me
brokenperfection Aug 2014
the award for 'best sense'
goes to Touch.
let me prove it to you:
I can survive without
and though I'd love to see your eyes spark with passion
and though I'd love to hear your happiness when you succeed
and though I'd love to smell your aftershave in the morning
and though I'd love to taste your kisses created for me
I would rather cut off my tongue or gouge out an eye,
than live a day on this earth with no hands of yours in mine.
Aug 2014 · 2.1k
brokenperfection Aug 2014
ah, didn't you know..
powerful imagery better weaves itself
through a simplistic tale of truth
rather than in some poem boasting
you know, full of Harvard-taught words
      and, quite honestly, empty
Aug 2014 · 534
My Love
brokenperfection Aug 2014
My cloudy eyes crinkle as I gaze out at the powdery,
newly fallen snow
My thin hands, ever-trembling, delicately weave
designs in the frost on the glass
I absent-mindedly let my thoughts turn
to the kids and their children
A soft smile warms my skin and I slip
into happy memories of days far in the past.

My vanity is cluttered with images of my late husband
Laughing with his friends after a fishing trip,
Proudly holding up the night’s meal.
Here, see us dancing alone to the lullaby of the fireflies
I remember this moment; swaying under the stars
in the coolest breeze of spring
I silently reach out to touch the man I held so dear,
desperate to feel his warmth again
And, clasping the picture frame, I step over to my bedside
Turn down the light and lift my weary body on to the pillows
I start to drift off, my fingers trailing along
the wooden base of our memories
The love and dedication etched into the detailing
by his strong, rough hands,
The hands that held me up until their brittle bones turned to ash.
I pull the picture frame up to my chest,
Then smile in my sleep, heart contented with his face so close to mine.
Believing we are floating away together, one last breath
of a blissful life is taken--
I'm coming home to you.
Aug 2014 · 961
And Again
brokenperfection Aug 2014
but isn't that what we are; aren't we cycles?
don't we start from two, end up as one,
only to repeat and repeat and repeat?
creating something from an atom
that was always there,
because energy cannot be created
nor destroyed.
something had to start the process.
and the only way it will be
ended.. is the way it was begun.
Aug 2014 · 1.1k
brokenperfection Aug 2014
hold up
let's keep it real
I see you weaving through the masses
pockets full of whatever
of whatever grabbed your attention
this week
now all you can do
is hope you don't
get caught
trying hard not to show your guilt
clawing at any minute chance
of an escape from the powerful
from the confinement brought upon you
against your will
against America's will
walking slow enough to seem unaffected
but quick enough not to draw suspicion
you're a coward
you're a thief
someone should take you out
"but my kids", you say
"but my girl is struggling", you plead
"but my ma is dying", you cry
"but I lost my job and-" handcuffs
life is freaking rough
now all you can do
is hope you don't
get shot
hold up
this isn't necessarily a thing written about Mike Brown. it is more modeled after the society we live in and its injustice. regardless, R.I.P Mike. praise you. praise peace.
Aug 2014 · 1.2k
Literal De[vices]
brokenperfection Aug 2014
When used in a mature manner,
Is the most absolutely delicious
Most perfect form of a quiet rebellion
That of which my every day, regular peers
Can only hope to successfully publish.
It is not to be taken for granted,
It is instead meant to be heard and admired..
And possibly even feared
For my every day, regular peers
Are victoriously standing up
With the sharpest of political tongues
And the quickest, most enlightening wit.
Aug 2014 · 6.3k
brokenperfection Aug 2014
my favorite material
rich, luxurious, deep
cigars and a musky afterglow
your man's warmest sweater
he smells like the earth
he smells like lust
he smells like leather

my favorite material
*******, bedroom, broken
lay me in a vice grip and
force me to inhale
it smells like love
it smells like I'm centered
it smells like leather
Aug 2014 · 601
Zombies [but for real]
brokenperfection Aug 2014
have you picked your poison?
look at us
look at all of us
bags under our eyes,
lifeless and gaunt,
maxing out at three hours of sleep per night
what keeps you awake?
depression? war? weather? abuse? addiction? epidemics? heartache? heartbreak? stress? worry? scars? acceptance? lack of money? ******? despair? pending approval? family? illness? the future? disaster? pain? friends? tragedy? guilt? hatred? work? secrets? anger? anxiety? sadness? curiosity?

somewhere along the way
we forgot how to be happy
I mean, /h a p p y/
we forgot that we are only going to inhabit this place
one time, for any given (or taken) amount of minutes
and to remedy this
we pick a poison
so, tell me
what's yours?
Aug 2014 · 504
brokenperfection Aug 2014
when I was in the fifth grade
we were told to put our names on notecards
and to pass them around the class
so that each student could write
one nice word
about each of us in turn
and I had a crush on a boy
and I wrote "nice" on his notecard
and he wrote on my notecard
and to this day my heart doesn't know
if it is more in awe that he knew such a word
or if it is offended and crushed
and five kinds of hurt
and boys are dumb anyway
and I constantly wonder
how mediocre I am
Aug 2014 · 391
Caused then Affected
brokenperfection Aug 2014
Fragments of distorted glass
The disease of the blind showing through
I don’t know where I’m going but I do know You

The pavement is broken and cold like death
Do we ever reach the end of the tunnel?
I’ve spun in circles, losing my mind
Gathering the ashes into a funnel

Sometimes I drive so fast that I
can’t hear myself at all
That’s exactly what I wanted
The free before the fall

But I glanced in my rearview mirror
And still I felt so haunted
My heart beat faster than a hummingbirds'
Never brave enough to go undaunted

I panicked and swerved away from
This mad and invisible thing
I angled my mirror to hide the mess
But something stared back at me

Raising my fist to silence the noise,
I shattered the source of my pain
Scaring myself into resignation
The world started to rain

I’ll never know if there’s a tunnel
A light to end my fears
The car came at me going sixty miles
I had no time for tears

Sure, I’ll rest peacefully
Kind words whispered in my hair
Lowered six feet beneath the ground
No life, no sound, no air

My mind is quiet and my spirit is free,
Free from the chains of the earth
I can only hope that I’ve been given a gift
A second chance, a rebirth

If only I hadn’t been so scared
This freedom would not be so soon
But I was the cause of my own death
My funeral was at noon
I know that it is "cause and effect". Just a simple play on words.
Aug 2014 · 901
Sempre, Liberamente
brokenperfection Aug 2014
This takes place on a rooftop above the city
Almost twangy, almost

Stars are out, and boy, are they ever strong
The sweetest lullaby of a love song
Sung to me from your fingertips

Strumming the notes as you would a lover
Best friends turned to endless memories
Perfect, soft whispers
Harmonies that make me listen so close
I don't want to miss a thing

Breathing in the calmest wind-- your air
Coming together with a melody that grows
Two bodies unified as one loud symbol--
Crescendo, dolcissimo, fortepiano, melting gelato  

Rosy reds and the palest clouds
Awakening both hearts, not a dream
You tighten your grip and beg me not to go

As long as you keep singing from your fingertips
And if those hands are your outlets
I’ll stay here
Al fine
Ti amerò fino alla fine.
Aug 2014 · 683
brokenperfection Aug 2014
My soul literally pulsates
sideways out of my body
I watch it with heavy eyes, my head
on my pillow
I hear a motor revving down the street
And it grounds me
This stranger with a completely different life than mine is running a stable engine
And he has no idea that our disconnectedness
has connected me
He doesn't know that we never met and shall never part, for that reason
He doesn't know that he put my soul back in place
I listen to that motor humming and I inhale
Suddenly, it stops-
Aug 2014 · 267
Spirit Song
brokenperfection Aug 2014
We sang goodbye to the Sun in unison,
never worrying, never fading;
welcomed the Moon and her power and secrets and mystery.
Knowing Mother Sun would appear again soon,
shining with her warmth and energy and Love.

— The End —