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GaryFairy Jul 2022
Don't look for the rainbow's end. Look for it's beginning. That is where the gold is.
****** leprechauns wanna mess everything up
Carlo C Gomez May 2021
Born with flesh and blood, but heart sold separately. Bird way up high, falling from the sky. The raining aftermath is the common denominator. When it shockwaves from ground zero, it leaves an atomic shadow—fatal impressions where a living, breathing thing once stood...
Man Feb 2021
far off
the jets are being gassed up
preping for launch

far off
the infantry train
in anticipation, for the battle sure to come

far off
the navy men scan the seas
waiting for a blip on the radar

far off
a marine is receiving shock training
and practicing what it is to be dead

far off
icbms with nuclear payloads are capped
their ignition sources itching for flight

far off
but not so much
Man Jan 2021
i have atom bomb dreams
from the desert
mushroom clouds billowing
the shockwave blow past cacti
and down dirt roads
from the cockpit of a b-29
leveling the ground below
already comprised of craters
as we pummel the earth
we become a might to match the gods
"If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst at once into the sky, that would be like the splendour of the mighty one” Oppenheimer
Nicholas Mar 2020
Going from a smoke bomb
to a pipe bomb
to a fire bomb
call it vietnam.
Take it to the car bomb
to the time bomb
to the flying bomb
we call the atom bomb.
Tom Oct 2019
Together we are strong,

Solid and uniform, 

But something now is wrong,
The heat is turning on


We no longer belong, 

This close when it gets warm,
So I shall say so long, 

Be free in liquid form.
The physical phenomenon of melting from the perspective of an atom.
lenore Jul 2019
when words are slipping down my throat
and no tune stirs my vocal chords
i'll split the atoms of my soul
and i will sing like a thunderstorm.
MisfitOfSociety Apr 2019
A collection of atoms falls upon water, grass and air. Interwoven by light and by sound.
A woman gathers the atoms together and drinks them, eats them and inhales them into her lungs.
She breathes out a seed, a small seed no bigger than the point of a pin.
Using her hands she digs into the earth, and then plants the seed deep into the earth's crust, covering over it with the dug out soil.
She snatches a sleeping soul out of heaven, his old memories fade away as the new ones stretch over him.
The first new memory is of him shouldering his way out of the crust, breaking out to find the light. He is met with the kiss of sunlight, he cries out, and in return a breast cries milk for him, silencing his cries.
The world is a blur to him, a blur of light and motion, but eventually it comes into focus, and for a first time he sees a face come through the light. It is a beautiful face that shines brighter than the light that surrounds it, a face he would come to call his mother.
Erian Rose Apr 2019
Is there even a point?
We're just an atom compared to a million worlds..
If I go..
Will anyone bother to care?
My energy will still be there..
lovelywildflower Mar 2019
i love every single atom that makes up your existence.
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