Amanda Mar 9
I love you with all of my heart
No, more, with every atom inside
Each cell in my body lives for you
My molecules long to be by your side.
Another text to Tay. We always talk about how we love eachother with more than all of our hearts, with everything that we are, every fiber of our being. It feels good to givle yourself wholly to someone and actually feel them give themselves back.
Trupoetry Nov 2017
I ran to the edge of Heaven today
Leaped from my bed and almost fell down a cliff
In a balled fist
I had a list
Your name was at the top of it
"Unfinished Business"
God says I have to keep living until you agree to die together
Isn't that why Marriage says Until Death do Us Part?
Yet you keep parting ways with me in the living
& No kidding besides my Fathers Death
You are the only memory that chokes me up
Like walking into a funeral late
Everyone there has already grieved
So you swallow, hard and quietly
The tears don't roll down your face
They bravely brace the fire escapes we call cheekbones
They know
That burning passion will create smoke in your eyes
Smoke in the eyes always creates water
Water helps things grow
& your heart has been dry for far too long

So today I took the last Birthday Card I ever sent you
Folded the sides of it down
Turned the corners of it upward

Got a running start from Earth
Launched it to the girl on the cliff in Heaven
She keeps reaching for me
Speaking to me
I need her to see

The Earth bound boy that makes Heaven worth the wait

The clouds in his hair
The wind in his laugh
Cools me in summer
Challenges me in winter
& scares me during my storms

He is all I've ever been
I know him
I owe him; a glimpse in the mirror
A ring around a rosie
A 1, 2 , 3 not it
A Happily EVer After
A you can do it Baby
AN I forgive you
Please forgive me
For laughing my real laugh
I know the snorting tickles you
I know you hate to be tickled

The plane never quite makes it to the cliff
Although intrigued by my love
She never quite gets the jist of it
& this stupid list
of Unfinished Business
Keeps auto correcting in your name...
Story Oct 2017
we can never be whole because we are empty
spaces between the lines of the things we never
did figure out if our fingertips connect
after all, we're always one
atom away
and we know
Diána Bósa Jun 2017
Like splitting the atom I
split myself until nothing
remains but the idea
of me in your head.
aurora kastanias May 2017
When ancient Greeks dwelt upon notions
Of matter and its nature, formulating philosophies
Of physics to grasp and get a glimpse at the Universe,
A single common inspired idea, bound them all in reflection:

‘Nothing comes into existence from nothing’.

There had to be eternal surviving basic elements unable
To be created or destroyed, continuously mutating to underline
Apparent change, while composing all that ever was, is
And will be. Omnificent and omnipresent in a godly manner.

Evolution laying the grounds for rare creatures
To grow into great thinkers, ponder and observe,
Empirically prove the facticity of these elements,
Philosophical atoms, scientific elementary particles.

Notes on the elegant musical score
Orchestrating the Universe, its dance and its laws.
Indivisible, matter reduced to its core
Permeating space and everything within.

This basic notion twirls in my head
Pervading my being with the awareness of its substance:
I am part of all that exists and with it,
I share my essence.

A consequent conscious feeling of unity
With the Universe, all that exists and the humankind.
A sense of inevitable peace,
While accepting to be a part of it all.

Harmonic realisation that combined we are
Nothing more and nothing less
Than the Universe becoming aware
Of Itself.
Scarlet Keiller Jan 2017
So close yet so far, the magnetisation
of atoms is wrenching me halfway across
the world towards you. I can feel your air,
inches from mine, yet time flinches away
from me. I would wish for nothing more than
to be caught in your embrace of fire - two
years of wishing, and now as the days count down,
I wonder if your breath, your voice, your nature...
if it will be the way I always expected.
~~ You're half the world away, but at least I can remember the ocean of your eyes. ~~
Adel Nov 2016
What if
We were reincarnated?

I was the plutonium bombs,
I was everywhere to be found,
Burned like stars in the northern sky;
Yet my walls were too high
And my insecurity was too deep,
For I was so difficult to be created!

And you,
You were the uranium bombs,
You were the rare atom, of one in a million.
The one that I had been searching for,
To create a massive fusion for us two.

And together
We could create the hydrogen bombs
And explode the whole world
With our love

But yet,
We were too toxic,
Too destructive for each other,
That we keep hurting our bodies;
Roaming through the sky,
Just to sacrifice ourselves in the land of earth,
As to die and to be killed,

As if
we were
never destined
for each other.

The vast emptiness of space,
And the passage of time,
The void between an atom’s nucleus
And her orbiting particles,
The fact that we are made of elements
Forged in dying stars,
And, not to be forgotten,
The perplexing reality
That we are little more than empty space
Floating on a green and blue island
That somehow beat trillion-to-one odds
In a lifeless, desert void
Where the shadow-signals of our loneliness
Carve brave new trails through the darkness,
Only to fizzle out
And die like a match struck
In a lightless room,
There one second;
Gone the next.
I read somewhere that radio signals sent out into space degrade in a couple of dozen lightyears.

You can find more of my poetry at
3purplepebbles Apr 2016
we call them planets
we call them atoms
The wise man knows that there is no difference
He knows that they are truly one and the same
Within the same universe
Concept from Minecraftś End Poem
¨Sometimes it called those flecks ¨electrons¨ and ¨protons¨. Sometimes it called them ¨planets¨ and ¨stars¨.
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