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Nicholas Mar 4
Going from a smoke bomb
to a pipe bomb
to a fire bomb
call it vietnam.
Take it to the car bomb
to the time bomb
to the flying bomb
we call the atom bomb.
Tom Oct 2019
Together we are strong,

Solid and uniform, 

But something now is wrong,
The heat is turning on


We no longer belong, 

This close when it gets warm,
So I shall say so long, 

Be free in liquid form.
The physical phenomenon of melting from the perspective of an atom.
lenore Jul 2019
when words are slipping down my throat
and no tune stirs my vocal chords
i'll split the atoms of my soul
and i will sing like a thunderstorm.
MisfitOfSociety Apr 2019
A collection of atoms falls upon water, grass and air. Interwoven by light and by sound.
A woman gathers the atoms together and drinks them, eats them and inhales them into her lungs.
She breathes out a seed, a small seed no bigger than the point of a pin.
Using her hands she digs into the earth, and then plants the seed deep into the earth's crust, covering over it with the dug out soil.
She snatches a sleeping soul out of heaven, his old memories fade away as the new ones stretch over him.
The first new memory is of him shouldering his way out of the crust, breaking out to find the light. He is met with the kiss of sunlight, he cries out, and in return a breast cries milk for him, silencing his cries.
The world is a blur to him, a blur of light and motion, but eventually it comes into focus, and for a first time he sees a face come through the light. It is a beautiful face that shines brighter than the light that surrounds it, a face he would come to call his mother.
Erian Rose Apr 2019
Is there even a point?
We're just an atom compared to a million worlds..
If I go..
Will anyone bother to care?
My energy will still be there..
lovelywildflower Mar 2019
i love every single atom that makes up your existence.
dairy Oct 2018
in the vast wasteland
we seek shelter
from the storm

from radioactive shells
we fled
danger, danger, here they come

we were alone
but not lonely
we were anxious yet filled with excitement

our heart beats faster
than the ticking of the geiger counter
as we approach our sanctuary

and there, away from the fallout
we found solace
under the neon stars

as we run away
we drank one last pint
of our carbonated liquor

and we stayed, waiting
as society collapse
as the world crumble

we were calm, we were happy
because we were lost
but we are home
Shofi Ahmed Sep 2018
The planet earth is maybe
the material gold dust of all.
But it’s null on what it bases
purely standing on empty space!

Indeed there is no matter
at the base of the matter.
The nano atoms adherent to
natural scientia split and dance
the bottomline is pure blank!

Cosy slim and delicate atom
continues to deep down.
Stripping off to the quark
zooming in yet far inside
much more further down.

Goodness knows how comfy slim
will it be before it touches down
on to the universe smallest layer.
The matter, confined to natural codes,
in search of the smallest building block
turning to be a matter free off the matter.
Shofi Ahmed May 2017
A song like King David sang and everyone heard
It’s the sweet song sang in every mother tongue;
A perfumed speech is heard sweeter than nectar
wreaths round each patch of earth as part of a tongue
in all different variations, directions it’s singing!
Mathematically comped that rhythmically span
fashion in both or you choose science or arts.
It’s a lyric sang with finest curvy swaying dance
feel the quivers deep down into the atomic level
still the various motions in various directions turn on,  
nowhere near that look drawing a pause!
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