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Aug 2014
hold up
let's keep it real
I see you weaving through the masses
pockets full of whatever
of whatever grabbed your attention
this week
now all you can do
is hope you don't
get caught
trying hard not to show your guilt
clawing at any minute chance
of an escape from the powerful
from the confinement brought upon you
against your will
against America's will
walking slow enough to seem unaffected
but quick enough not to draw suspicion
you're a coward
you're a thief
someone should take you out
"but my kids", you say
"but my girl is struggling", you plead
"but my ma is dying", you cry
"but I lost my job and-" handcuffs
life is freaking rough
now all you can do
is hope you don't
get shot
hold up
this isn't necessarily a thing written about Mike Brown. it is more modeled after the society we live in and its injustice. regardless, R.I.P Mike. praise you. praise peace.
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