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  Apr 2019 brokenperfection
I'm sorry.
I know it
doesn't really
matter anymore,
you're kissing
other mouths,
tracing other
hips - and I
only have myself
to blame.

I took too long
to unbury that
love for you I
thought I'd lost.
I found it in
mouths I
shouldn't have

the only
difference is
I found my
way back to
you, and you
made sure to
destroy every
route home.
brokenperfection Oct 2017
my love shan't be muffled under a heavy silence
nor dimmed in the twinkling light of a lantern
my love is to be as free as the butterflies come spring

it shall burst from the cocoon of winter's frost
and set aflame those hearts whom evil has trapped behind bars

my love shall restore weary souls as the sun trickles in

it will transcend the limitations of humanity
and rebirth a nation full of grace

and full of peace
be good to one another
brokenperfection Oct 2016

   I love you,                          I hate you
I scribbled in the       places where my
   tissue paper heart   should   be   full
      jigsaw puzzles made whole again
        poor broken hearts made new
          taped it to my battered chest
             regretted using black pen
               hindsight knows us best
           {==I let you back in again==>
                     picking  up  pieces
                        drying my eyes
                          a new  thesis
                            I won't cry
                      ­               .
  Oct 2016 brokenperfection
I asked your roots to grow into my flesh,
to use my veins as maps.
You let them dig into my skin,
but your hatred drew them back.
So still I stand between the their bodies, and I look east for winter's end,
I urge the dirt to drink my blood, and let the Tall Trees grow again.

Young, wicked boys, we danced through dust,
Drunk on death and mad with song.
My fading laughter showed the truth;
One pair of footsteps all along.
So still I sit with dying giants,
Their leaves will fall by end of June.
My hero's eyes burned holes in me,
I dug holes here for me and you.

The tall trees died when we were ten,
They seemed to shrink as we grew up.
We walked the forest one last time,
Just before the clear cut.
brokenperfection Oct 2016
oh, they dream
they dream by day
look at them
stood atop a field of daisies
always reaching so far,
like their hands could
break off at any moment
arms stretching to catch the wind
it's the only thing they'll trust
eyelashes fluttering,
ribs expanding, breathe, they keep breathing
they're drifting
don't stop them
don't tell them to come home
don't box them
don't let them know you feel alone
don't love them
aren't they beautiful?
aren't they broken?
please don't scare them
a drifter scared,
is a drifter lost
and yet again,
we've lost them
brokenperfection Oct 2016
I am red
so red, and blue
angry and lonely and missing you
mad at myself and my thoughts and this hell
I want to crawl out
so violent, so loud
how do I calm down
fuzzy purple, soft hues
trickling water and morning dew
I miss you, I still miss you!
my mind is a burst of orange and yellow
crazy, untamed, deep, shallow
dilated eyes and gasping mouths
hush hushed in dark browns
I get like this
different shades
I hurt like this
broken spades
don't let me fade
don't let me fade
grey, grey, grey, grey, grey, grey, grey, grey
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