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Aug 2014
This takes place on a rooftop above the city
Almost twangy, almost

Stars are out, and boy, are they ever strong
The sweetest lullaby of a love song
Sung to me from your fingertips

Strumming the notes as you would a lover
Best friends turned to endless memories
Perfect, soft whispers
Harmonies that make me listen so close
I don't want to miss a thing

Breathing in the calmest wind-- your air
Coming together with a melody that grows
Two bodies unified as one loud symbol--
Crescendo, dolcissimo, fortepiano, melting gelatoΒ Β 

Rosy reds and the palest clouds
Awakening both hearts, not a dream
You tighten your grip and beg me not to go

As long as you keep singing from your fingertips
And if those hands are your outlets
I’ll stay here
Al fine
Ti amerΓ² fino alla fine.
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