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Marcus Belcher Dec 2015
Some days I wonder
Is this the time for me?
10 word poem
Marcus Belcher Jan 2016
I just want to be naked
and against your skin
She knows who she is....
Marcus Belcher Jan 2016
I really love the way
You calmly speak your mind
A continuation...
Marcus Belcher Jan 2017
You could never tear me asunder
I feel like the 10th Wonder
I am the Lightning
And the Thunder
Prepare for a hot summer
It feels like it
Marcus Belcher May 2016
The palms of my hands
Haven't forgot your touch
Your laughter still rings
Gentle echos in my mind
The look in your eyes
When I catch you looking
I look forward to
Creating those moments again
One of my many "last call" poems. They tend to be short
Marcus Belcher Sep 2020
Once again I must bend time
To write again in an old rhyme
To be quick
To be swift
Take a ride and get a lift to
A place where true thoughts dwell
Enough time
In your personal hell
Bad habits
Bad views
Preached from a parental pew
Please grow
Please shine
Please use your brilliant mind
I gotta stop these comeback tours lol
Marcus Belcher Mar 2016
Those who aren't scared of fear
Can protect everything dear
Hence the reason you hold them near
Call 'em dear or baby
The picture of a man
Or a photo of the perfect lady
It's you I choose
I accept the concequence of win or lose
Putting all my eggs in the basket
My nervousness
I wish I could mask it
Now I laugh at it
It's just proof
Of the truth of my words
So if your a little bit scared
It means you are prepared
To take that journey
To seek that fact
You stepped over the line
Of no turning back
Marcus Belcher Oct 2018
That raw
Simple, unspoken
I can see your thoughts
In your eyes
Fall into the essence
That lies beneath your skin
Merging with your spirit
Then lie still in your presence
Quietly enjoying your existence
Grateful for your creation
Kind of love


I want that

But only if she is ok with me

So I asked....
Lust with truth and a purpose if you must. That's just my 2 cents
Marcus Belcher Oct 2020
In-between the notes
I find myself

In the midst of hope
I find myself

In the depths of the dark
I find myself

In the deepest spaces of my heart
I find myself

I find myself
In this beautiful art

When life comes apart
I find myself
First attempt at some new stuff
Marcus Belcher Jul 2020
I walked through the door from my own ignorance
To find the stars awaiting me
Laughing and asking me what took so long
I simply replied
I cried and I died
The growth soon came after
So did my ride
But I wouldn't call it pride
Just Inside
it's been a while. Time to dust the ol pen off...
Marcus Belcher Sep 2016
The problem with being
A genius
Is if learing
Is the line between
Life and Death
The path
Is too clear
Spur of the moment
Marcus Belcher Mar 2021
Why does your smile feel so good
I wanna know
How the thought of me
could make it grow
Might add more to it. Kinda of a work in progress...
Marcus Belcher Jun 2019
Words are not just words
They are my shield
They are my blade
My offense
And My defense
Power I absorb
Only to let it flow forth
A calm wave
After a tidal crash
I only wish
This feeling would last
It's been a minute but I'm happy to be back.
Marcus Belcher Oct 2020
There is something about a dream
That makes you want to scream
But it shines like a beam
When you find the perfect team

The path becomes clear
Whether far or near
I still feel fear
But in the moment it'll disappear

Cause when I found my light
I held on a grip that was tight
Takes me on a flight
In the middle of night

When it comes for you
You gotta learn to go
Time is like a river
It only knows how to flow
When a beat gets stuck in my head and I have to write to it to get it out
Marcus Belcher May 2016
I like writing about you
It comes so easy and natural
Like the grass that grows
The moon that shines
Or the happy thoughts
when your on my mind
It is effortless and enjoyable
Like enjoying the wind on my skin
The sun on my back
And you in my eyes
Someone once asked me why a lot of my poems revolve around female influence and love. This is part of the answer I s'pose
Marcus Belcher Apr 2017
When people don't know
Remember that
Just a little food for thought
Marcus Belcher Feb 2016
A mellow air with cool vibes
Cicadas serenade the stars

Maybe paying homage to their brillance
The heaven's light
I think of balance when I look up at night
Darkness given purpose
Light a canvas on which to shine
One cannot exist alone
Joined at the cosmic and molecular hip
Twins from the same womb
Magnetic opposites

A mellow air with cool vibes
Cicadas serenade the stars

They have been there for us
Ever since the Great Fall
A reminder that we are not forgotten
Not forsaken
But reminded of where we come from
And what to shoot for
A heavenly aim we must have
It really is the best way
To see the forest for the trees
A beer, a table and 15 mintues of being lost in thought
Marcus Belcher May 2017
My heart is fluid
I know my composition
I throw rhymes down
I call it an affliction

My soul is water
I can hold any position
The words that I spit
You know is ****


The minds that I rip
The time that I grip
Kendrick got me going....
Marcus Belcher Jan 2016
I've always been afraid to be ******
Never wanted to be a raging hormonal beast
Loving her parts but not her whole
Perverse thoughts staining my soul

But wanting her skin AND mind is fine
An appreciation that ages like wine
Thinking of your body while feeling your light
Wanting to make love then hold you tight

To please is to love
Learned that from above
Your comfort is a priority
*** is wanted but part of the minority

No scheme or plan
Coming before you a bare man
Offering the radiant tangible feelings in my hand
Fighting to stay when other ran

Drowning in the depth of her essence
Overcome by your totality
Unable to exist with you in reality
Hence why he's the latest fatality

But I'm here on demand
Trust me, I'm your biggest fan
Don't worry, it'll be alright
I'll be here when you greet the morning light
A very personal poem that explains my anxiety around women who are beautiful. Inside and out.
Marcus Belcher Nov 2015
In an attempt to be light
Forging through the darkness
Enjoying the journey to the next phase
Wrote this one bored at work
Marcus Belcher Feb 2016
I want to
Spread love and knowledge
To male and female
Young and old
Precious these stories told
Endless in fashion
Write your page with pen
Choose the way
And the days you spend
One of those that fell out the brain again
Marcus Belcher Mar 2016
A reed can dance in the wind
Because it does not fight
Yet it does not yield
Marcus Belcher Oct 2016
I hope it's love you
Like the feeling
Of gifts on Christmas eve
Marcus Belcher Feb 2018
I've seen people spit
With a verbal velocity
To describe these atrocities
That claim our youth

Don't step in this booth
If you can't accept the truth
We speak in rhythm and pain
When our people are slain

Use that same s*
To claim power and fame
It's lame
Don't wanna play that game

So please my people heed these words
In the way that I say
Stay focused on the process
It'll be ok

Struggle is magnified
When you near the light
Fatigue says "Quit!"
When you need to fight

I've been rambling on and on
Need to chill
Save the rest for my favorite songs
Just expressing myself
Marcus Belcher Dec 2016
I love ABC simple
Rhyming people
To think they
Could could be my equal

See the sequel

I don't wanna bust guns
But the flames I must
Turn you to
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust

I don't rust

But I need a couple runs
Gotta get it right
In tune
With the light
Say goodnight

I don't fight

I wanna feel the love
But I missed that
Couldn't see above

Holy water in the basin
I feel so soaked
Killin it in the basement
Footprints in pavement
Something right after work and a beer
Marcus Belcher Jul 2016
You show me your form
But leave out your function
That comes later
After a dinner or a luncheon

Trading our stories
Sharing our facts
The image is clear
Now to relax

Brick by brick
The mortar we lay
The hands are our lives
We live everyday

So please take care
Of the actions you take
They are the blocks
Of the life we create
Fun at the bar as usual
Marcus Belcher Jul 2016
Trying to face facts
I have ignored
For a long while
These are the thoughts
Of a man
With his own style
Refusing to be owned
By things this or that
Keeping me taught
Trying to cut some slack
To the feeling of where we at
But I'm a natural born star
I'm in the distance
Knowing I have to go far
After work play time
Marcus Belcher Jan 2016
She cracked me
Those piercing eyes
The ones I thought I only had
Turning their power upon me

             But you should thank her                                                             ­           
Laying my flaws out
with the morning laundry
Practicing acupuncture
with my insecurities

But you should thank her                                                             ­           
For I truly asked for it
Breaking the wall with my hands
Giving myself to the painful typhoon
She called love
But you should thank her                                                             ­                                                                              ­                 

Without that hurt
I couldn't appreciate your soft zephyr
Resting in my wings
I appreciate this softness
After leaving the storm
She loves me but can't love me but she taught me how to open myself up to it. Whoever I marry will be forever grateful .
Marcus Belcher Nov 2016
You **** lady
I'm sweating
And feeling butterflies
Inside those thighs

The things that I feel
Ain't inside these guys
I seek to earn
They learn to buy

So in that moment
I can look you in the eye
Know what I know
Let these things by
Marcus Belcher Nov 2015
Till you hear from both ends
Why? When? What? Who? How?
Others may offer a couple pennies

Simply stated is the best
Indirect is muddy
Dragging through unseen
Enveloped in chaos and swirls
So you may lose your way

Till you hear from both ends
Open mind required

A half isn't enough

Sometimes they fit perfectly
The sides
Other times
Ripping each to shreds
Yearning to be the final answer
A poem for my couples or anyone caught in the middle
Marcus Belcher Sep 2016
I'm bubbling
Not enough vents
To release the pressure
I don't trust this world
False and Hidden are the ways
So I remain in the Tao
The Nothingness comforts me
No sight
No sound
No taste
No feeling
No smell
Looking through the prism
of all creation
From my bubble
Created from myself
Where has my desire gone?
Why am I not motivated to move beyond myself?
Why do I feel so detached....
Marcus Belcher Nov 2015
Wicked ones they are
Stealing, Taking, Relentless
Forged in the oven of the spirit

Wicked ones they are
Unrelenting, Unreasonable
Like the wind, they make their own path

Wicked ones they are
Ruthless, Wanted
Bringing pain and life

Wicked ones they are
But yet we need them
For they are created by us

To tell us
To guide us
To lead us
Just my take on the feelings we experience everyday
Marcus Belcher Jul 2017
I was born with no block
Born inside the wind
Knew well the losing
Had to learn to win

For you I do this
You know just who you are
You took me from blackness
Turn me into a star

For you my love
I grew into a man
For you precious
I do the best I can

So believe when I say
For you I stay the same
You see the calmness
But you don't want the flames

I'm buzzin.....
Marcus Belcher Sep 2016
I know it drives you crazy
But when I have a baby
It's the one thing
That keeps me from the lazy

I see you in your feeling
So just be who you be
Know the sensation
Learn how to be free

So please be familiar
With places and all the stones
You'll need the all the info
When you caught up in those zones

This is a celebration
You are who you are
Hittin' for under par
Lady you are a star
Song lyrics
Marcus Belcher Mar 2019
Do not forget us in the dark
We have mastered the art
Taking the light
Setting it apart

We see both halves of the whole
The struggle in the soul
We try to separate
When we should integrate

Two sides same nickel
Really quite the pickle.
Be it Love or Hate
All roads lead to Fate

You have your own choice
Make it now
Don't spend too much time
Asking How?
Marcus Belcher Nov 2015
Boiling blood is just the start
Igniting the energy of the heart
The chi, it swirls to and fro
At the Master's command
Ready to flow
It builds, it builds!
Whispering gently to muscle and nerve
The mind removed to keep emotions at bay
Movements are swift
Precision and trust
Past and future
No place here
The moment the air is cut by no fear
Only the moment remains
The moment.....
When a samurai reveals his blade
Marcus Belcher Dec 2015
You often feel it before you see it
Knowing before you knew
There is nothing in the Void
Open it to the world and let the light pour in
Those moments in time when you can see how everything around you is connected by something you can't ever truly put into words.
Marcus Belcher Jan 2016
I found it after she left
This feeling she awoken in me
A feeling I thought I severed through my own will
Primal in its nature
Fire re-ignited
To want contact again
Spinning in a vortex of sweat and sounds
A woman's essence apart of me
In a pleasurable connection
I want you
I desire your flesh
But only if your spirit comes with it
Being gentle is in my nature
But also a beast when my blood is excited
I want to drive you wild
But not insane
So tell me when to slow down and maintain
I must know your rhythm
Being in sync takes things to another level
Mind Body and Soul
I want it all
I've always been afraid of my own sexuality but she showed me in the time we knew each other that it's possible to be ****** without being as a mindless beast but also when to let go and just accept those primal instincts when your with someone you care about. I will be forever grateful to her....
Marcus Belcher Jul 2017
There's no promise for you
My black man
Feels like my life is ****
Through black sand

Undirected and unprotected
Yet selected
I feel rythm through words
Sending my song up high through birds

You see the sensation
Yea my proclamation
To give you information
Stop wasting in the basin

Listen girl
I don't wanna stress you
I just wanna learn
And undress you

So know that this is tangible
Giving you time that's mangable
Marcus Belcher May 2016
It's 2:17 am
And I'm thinking about you
Slightly infused with the juice of the earth
Blessed by herbal essence
I wish to hear your words
Just so I can hear your sound
A melody of pleasure
Notes that paint a picture
Depth that the seas could not rival
Height only the heavens could overcome
You see
Just wanting your skin
Isn't enough for me
My desire for one is a conviction
A commitment to try
One day
One moment at a time
A poem from my upcoming eBook in the works.
Marcus Belcher Jul 2020
Can you see the in-betweens?
Those brilliant ashen hues
In the space flanked by happy and blues
I call them God's little clues
Marcus Belcher Jan 2018
Just like
Is self sustaining
Remember that
Just saying...
Marcus Belcher Oct 2020
Hey you
Yeah you
Are you contemplating?
What do you see?
In your eye
I see me
Looking better
Then what I could be
This feeling
Sure is nice
Looked in the other eye
So I could feel it twice
An old draft I never finished its finished lol
Marcus Belcher Mar 2017
Peel back the layers
You will find
Based on truth
Or a piece of mind

Proclamations and demonstrations
Intensity to get it done
Concentration and activation
Do it while having fun

The piece that I lease
Will leave you done and gone
No blood is needed
This is done in song
I love prophetic stories of freedom
Marcus Belcher Apr 2016
I just want you to know
I don't care if you don't love me
I don't care if you don't want me
But you must know
I want you
I want you to be apart of sunshine
I want you to be apart of my smile
But I accept if you don't feel the same
I know these actions are not in vain
But I hold them in my brain
Helping me grow against the strain
So ladies...hop on this magical train
I want to bring you joy changed from pain
To all my former girlfriends and my future wife
Marcus Belcher Nov 2015
I try and try to hold
once more
But this is
                     "Let go..."
Like an owl spotting his meal
in the night
I strain to find the source
     "Let go..."
As clear as a cloudless
sky it rings
This time
This one came to me when I was listening to a friend's problem
Marcus Belcher Nov 2015
They say I'm too quiet
I don't speak enough
My stance too clear
My choice so rough

Cultivated through the fire
My soul and desire
Battered by people, friend and foes
Always throwing shade at this average Joe
Bits and pieces of lyrics I jot down every once in a while
Marcus Belcher Jan 2016
I find flaws in here and in all of y'all
Born upright but bound to fall
Stand tall but a little bend in your step
A little more weight to add to your rep
Want a feeling to give to the people
Give 'em equal before I give them the sequel
Most can only handle one thing as time
Just pour tequila in the glass
Just give me a lime
No need for the salt
It's late and your fault
That was your one ticket to get in my vault
Been locked out
Time to reroute
Please know what your about
I'm about soul and rhythm
Personal creeds
Putting my spirit wants above my physical needs
Rapping in my head while having a beer
Marcus Belcher Jun 2019
Running makes me happy
The kind that's monotonous and sappy
The one way to understand
Is to take a trek through the land
The sun on your skin
Your health you win
I love running
I love that high....
Running fills me with such Joy. Like a 8 yr old the night before a field trip kind of joy....
Marcus Belcher Nov 2015
Sweet words for her ear
Ring true and ring clear
I know they'll be fear
So please do come near

Respect I don't lack
Abundant in fact
It keeps us on track
No looking back

Her body I do crave
Its hard to behave
Lust's slave
A reason to shave

Many a question
Hope I'm the selection
When your not sure if it's lust and/or love
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