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We don’t put a label on it
Because we don’t want to fit
And commit.

We keep it fun and chill;
Nothing serious
No consequences
No future
Nothing romantic
Trying to keep it platonic.

Doesn’t it sound ironic?
Because I am frantic
About you, boy.

Trying to be ice cold
Pretending we are something,
when we’re nothing.
I am losing my mind.

You play these games
Trying to make me insecure
About all these other girls.

So I play along
Because it’s love,
Maybe not long lasting
But real.

But we’re just spiraling
No end; not infinite
I guess I can not pretend
For I don’t want to be this type of girl.

I want to us to burn;
Our hearts to yearn
Our souls to learn.

I want attachment,
Security and stability.
I want it to be long lasting
And not a temporary fling
Johnny walker Jun 21
Sometimes even hate myself for just being me abused as a child gave me no confidence In
life I blamed me for years and punished myself time and again
self harm
why did blame myself for I did no wrong I would take razor to my wrist not
because I wanted
but as
and these's people who are caught and punished seem think they're hard done by but they have no
to lives that they destroy of the innocent victims who are forced
to live In shame they
not as they try to claim of being sick In there defence but pure
Sela May 29

Who says it’s going to be easy?
It’s not, and never be easy.

When you commit to someone, that means the world is not about you anymore. You’re no longer the main character. There will be him.

When you commit to someone, you don’t wake up to scroll Instagram, you will have someone to be updated.

When you commit to someone, you will arrange your schedules, there will be no time for you to be selfish for yourself, you will share what you have with him.

When you commit to someone, you will try hard to connect with him, and that means you need to adjust things, and maybe you lose yourself in it.

When you commit to someone, you will not jog by yourself, maybe he will accompany you or busy in your kitchen, making you a breakfast.

When you commit to someone, you will feel love, but you need to return the same amount of love to him, or even bigger.

And that hurts.
That’s not an easy job.
Waffles Mar 25
"Here, some of my freedom:
I commit to mentally and physically care for you
until tomorrow.
I will fiercely fight to make sure tomorrow never comes.
I want to give your life happiness equal priority to my own.
You know, I'm trucking toward happiness on my life journey.
Join me."

Somebody has to say it first.
Should I?
Greg Jones Oct 2018
How I feel right now doesn’t matter.
‘Cause I’ll say I’m ok.
Yet still I’m wondering why do you love me?
It feels... I feel so out of place.
I know you’re looking for answers lovie
But I don’t know what to say to you.
I’m holding, dearly, my bad emotions.

Last night in the shore we killed that scene.
Whatever I was feeling it.
Now my alarm clock wakes from the dream
And reality’s back, I gotta deal with it.
All of these strangers became new friends.
New stories wrote with old pens.
Same picture seen with a new lens.
But that was only for the weekend.
Drunk nights get remembered more than sober ones.
I just can’t remember how the night begun.
Order up, I don’t know from where these drinks came,
But I know that I remember those strippers by their real names.
Jody? Maxine?
It’s all the same, they were pawns in my fantasy.
****….did I say that?
I’m just lost and I’m tryna find my way back.
But instead I found my way into your bed
Now I’m thinking about everything you whispered in my head like
“I been searching for you my whole life.”
“I think I wanna be your wife.”
And none of that even computes.
I can’t imagine me settling down, laying the roots.
I gotta slip out of here before
You wake up and read the note I left on your drawer.
‘Cause I know you’ll be full of questions
And I’ll have to be real and give you my confession
That I know you’re looking for answers lovie
But I don’t know what to say to you.

I’m holding, dearly, my bad emotions.
Mary Frances Sep 2018
You are my forbidden fruit
- the sweetest sin
I repeatedly commit.
And I have no plans to stop
- because the heart that loves
will never go adrift.
NJ Brown Jun 2018
Never good...
They're all heavy dreamers, spewing out promises like its a fvckin rap verse
and when it's time to pull through, excuses are their favourite hooks..
Struggling artists never wake up, they stay stuck and damage you with a glue gun in the process,
hard part is you always think that you're in love and you always go back, it's like abuse.
This all about my relationship experience with " artists" nothing more, nothing less
fiachra breac Mar 2018
was it worth it?
to feel something? just for ten ******* minutes,
to feel something?

i can't look at you, Conchúr,
you repulse me.
every crocodile tear and shark-*******-smile,
with your smug little laugh,
and your meaningless words -

you weave them together,
constructing vast fantasies and empty promises -
how many people have you trapped,
in your wide and selfish net?

oh! but you've always been so good with words.
and may that be the death of you,
because you deserve hell for your sins:
one eternity is not black enough for creatures like you.

lies, lust, pain - that's your bread and butter.
you never were good at much else,
but ****** you are good at hurting
those around you, the ones who care.

she was right to get rid of you,
especially when she did,
because look how far you've come!

when was it... only last night you tried again,
didn't you? you thought no one was looking,
but they all have eyes, and someone will find out.

they'll see your scars (remember to keep it below the belt next time, buddy, okay?),
or they'll see the blood (god, how it gushed after all that dancing - i thought you were a goner),
or they'll find your pathetic little poems,
gathering dust on some forgotten corner of the internet,
where your heart is too bare,
and its blackness is plain to see.

what then? will it be worth it then?
to express something? just to try and put your life in words,
to express something?

"oh look at you, you poor thing,
you've been so hard done by..."


this is your fault,
and you deserve every last ounce of hurt.
god, i don't know what else i am to do. how did i end up like this? what happened to me?
Michael Helmick Feb 2018
Let me be a little kinder
Let me be a little blinder
To the faults of those about me
Let me praise a little more
Let me be when I am weary
Just a bit more cheery
Let me serve a little better
Those that I am striving for.
Let me be a little braver
When temptation bids me waver
Let me strive a little harder
To be a little smarter
To ensure others of commitment
Let me be a little meeker
With the other who is weaker
Thinking more of others feelings
Than all my own dealings
To be the Foundation that one can rest on.
To my one and only true Love. KC
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