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Marcus Belcher Oct 2020
There is something about a dream
That makes you want to scream
But it shines like a beam
When you find the perfect team

The path becomes clear
Whether far or near
I still feel fear
But in the moment it'll disappear

Cause when I found my light
I held on a grip that was tight
Takes me on a flight
In the middle of night

When it comes for you
You gotta learn to go
Time is like a river
It only knows how to flow
When a beat gets stuck in my head and I have to write to it to get it out
Marcus Belcher Nov 2017
I wanna talk to people
How they make it?
Tell me what's real
I will take it
It takes more than
How you make it?

I can see patterns
Rhythms and tones
You pretty girl
Feeling the bone
In that zone
I am home

Talk to people
Pour em a beer
Next moment I see clear
No fear
Right here

I'm gonna make it
All good
Ain't gonna fake it
I'll suffer
Till make people make it

Just wanna be that boy
Please baby
I implore
Feel the rythm
Even the score
I'm ready for war

Pay the dues that are owed
I'm no toad sage
But I understand heart
I know rage
Gonna evolve
Flip the next page
You'll see me in the next phase
In the moment

— The End —