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Leah Apr 22
In life the only thing you can do is just wait...
Rather if your waiting for your next relationship , friendship , or a job you name it.
We wait because after those two steps you don't want to regret the mistakes that will be created.  freemindedlee_
Zack Ripley Apr 21
"What are you doing
to better the world?
What value do you bring to society?"
"Those are not the right questions."
"Why not?
They're questions everyone asks."
"Maybe so. But they're meaningless if you can't answer another one first."
"Which is?"
"The right question is "what are you doing to better yourself?"
If you can't find value in yourself, if you don't think you're the best you can be, you can't be ready to better the world.
Zack Ripley Mar 2019
It was a dark and stormy night
when an angel of death took flight.
She took to the skies and followed the thunder
to the one who would begin their eternal slumber.
The man who would soon receive such a fate
denied the love of someone great.
He told her she was ugly and didn't have time
to give his love to someone who wasn't divine.
Then what happened next
devastated her parents when they read her text.
He had no remorse when he was given the news.
So the angel of death made him pay his dues.
People take things for granted.
That's to be expected.
But professing love is not an act that deserves being disrespected.
If we took the time to think about all of the outcomes
of our choices, the world might not lose so many beautiful voices.
Zack Ripley Nov 2019
If you saw an x-ray of my heart,
I wonder where you'd even start.
Zack Ripley Feb 26
It pays to stay informed
But you have to pay to stay informed.
Because the more you know,
The more you grow.
JuneForever Dec 2019
I was so angry.
My anger an rage could fill the whole universe. What was I so angry about? I can't change the past, but I can change from reacting to responding.

My anger could peel oil paint off the walls. My anger could make the whole room silent. My anger made people disappear from my life.

Some how I need to let go so I can succeed mentally.
I can change myself, from the inward to out ward. I was always trying to control the outcome of how people viewed me or how they didn't do something.

I have no control over all that an yet when it didn't happen that way or it didn't go at all I was disappointed an that turned into anger.

sadly I had no recollection of how this would affect my relationships, my soul, my career, the way I viewed things, the way I viewed people including myself, an life in general.

Anger was my way of defending in a world who seemed not to care, who could not defend me.

Anger was a tool for me to avoid pain, hurt, an sometimes the anger turned to numbness an I couldn't feel anything.

It's time to let go of the pain of the past an sometimes you don't know where to begin
Letting go can make your life so much better, and less angry.
Docaj Oct 2019
If one considers love to be a poison,
Does that mean that if after enough doses,
The patient will develop an immunity?
Assuming of course that the doses aren't lethal,
Which is sometimes the case.
Kilam Black Jul 2019
Beauty is only skin-deep,
but is that true?
whosoever said that,
must have never met you.

Your eyes provide passion,
passion that is unmatched.
it is somewhat irresistible
and now, I'm attached.

your smile,
oh that smile I love.
beautifully unexplainable,
like a gift from above

The sound of your laugh,
a symphony ever so sweet.
your laugh tells a story
of your triumphs and defeats

your body radiates perfection,
it is pure beauty covered by a scar
those imperfect perfections
that make you who you are

you are the definition of beauty
not the kind that's skin-deep
but true, raw, untarnished beauty
and that beauty makes the world weep.
beauty is often a common term thrown around by anyone at the slightest of things. sad to say the word has lost it's true meaning. it now has a negative connotation that implies perfection... but beauty isn't perfect... because perfect isn't true
Kayla May 2019
I Love You. The scariest words to
yet even scarier to hear.
Sanidhya Rai Feb 2019
Oh you lady, you glanced at my sight,
The might of your stare shook my stride.
A glance that my eyes craved for,
A glance that opened the window to the soul.
Way too shattering,
Yet ecstatic.

Oh you lady, you spoke in my mind,
The words that filled up my life.
A speech that sparked the light,
A speech that left me with troublesome nights.
Way too engulfing,
Yet enlightening.

Oh you lady, you touched my heart,
Left a lingering subtleness of your palm.
A touch that my heart longed for,
A touch that made it who it was.
Way too provoking,
Yet calming at par.

Oh you lady, you clasped your heart onto mine,
Showed me what love is which no one else could find.
A firmly tied thread through which I dangled,
Reality and serenity cast me into a fight.
Way too catastrophic outside,
Yet all gentle inside.

Love in my eyes,
Liveliness in yours.
Fathomless trust of yours,
My dauntless promise to be by your side.
Each stanza represents a segment of a love story: the first time two people met, their first conversation, the very first touch and a never ending sight of love and togetherness.

This poem depicts how a person like me fell in love, which is chaotic yet comes with a number of promises.
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