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Marcus Belcher Mar 2021
Why does your smile feel so good
I wanna know
How the thought of me
could make it grow
Might add more to it. Kinda of a work in progress...
Marcus Belcher Nov 2020
I feel an energy
I need the synergy
I want the remedy
I heard the melody

Soul vibin
Cold riding
For my people
I can't have an equal

The pressure on my shoulders
Helps me lift boulders
All apart of the plan
Makes me a better man

I use the light to break the curse
Heaven's water quench the thirst
Digging in my mental purse
Searching for my own worth
This is for my nephew who is going through a lot right now. I see you and I'm hear for you.  More so than I ever been
Marcus Belcher Oct 2020
Hey you
Yeah you
Are you contemplating?
What do you see?
In your eye
I see me
Looking better
Then what I could be
This feeling
Sure is nice
Looked in the other eye
So I could feel it twice
An old draft I never finished its finished lol
Marcus Belcher Oct 2020
In-between the notes
I find myself

In the midst of hope
I find myself

In the depths of the dark
I find myself

In the deepest spaces of my heart
I find myself

I find myself
In this beautiful art

When life comes apart
I find myself
First attempt at some new stuff
Marcus Belcher Oct 2020
Living through your team
You cheer and scream
If they win
If not
The gravest sin
You took my light!
You put me in this night!
And because you caused this strife
I demand payment with your life
To fans who send death threats to athletes when they miss a shot or don't do what they want them to do
Marcus Belcher Oct 2020
I write this one for you
My little brown Queen
It is for you that I struggle
It is for you that I dream

The coming days are dreary
Night filled with extra dark
So I'll protect you
By putting art in your heart

It'll show you things
Only found in-between
You can see through the lies
The false feelings in their eyes

Truth always changes
Just like the tide
It can take you low
It can lift you high
It will always radiate
Even after you die
I want to start writing poems for ny niece. Art is definitely going to help her navigate the crazy world she'll have to grow up in.
Marcus Belcher Oct 2020
There is something about a dream
That makes you want to scream
But it shines like a beam
When you find the perfect team

The path becomes clear
Whether far or near
I still feel fear
But in the moment it'll disappear

Cause when I found my light
I held on a grip that was tight
Takes me on a flight
In the middle of night

When it comes for you
You gotta learn to go
Time is like a river
It only knows how to flow
When a beat gets stuck in my head and I have to write to it to get it out
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