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Loud can move a crowd
But whispers move mountains
It showed up and stuck....
Running makes me happy
The kind that's monotonous and sappy
The one way to understand
Is to take a trek through the land
The sun on your skin
Your health you win
I love running
I love that high....
Running fills me with such Joy. Like a 8 yr old the night before a field trip kind of joy....
Words are not just words
They are my shield
They are my blade
My offense
And My defense
Power I absorb
Only to let it flow forth
A calm wave
After a tidal crash
I only wish
This feeling would last
It's been a minute but I'm happy to be back.
Do not forget us in the dark
We have mastered the art
Taking the light
Setting it apart

We see both halves of the whole
The struggle in the soul
We try to separate
When we should integrate

Two sides same nickel
Really quite the pickle.
Be it Love or Hate
All roads lead to Fate

You have your own choice
Make it now
Don't spend too much time
Asking How?
Marcus Belcher Oct 2018
That raw
Simple, unspoken
I can see your thoughts
In your eyes
Fall into the essence
That lies beneath your skin
Merging with your spirit
Then lie still in your presence
Quietly enjoying your existence
Grateful for your creation
Kind of love


I want that

But only if she is ok with me

So I asked....
Lust with truth and a purpose if you must. That's just my 2 cents
Marcus Belcher Sep 2018
I made a vow
Under a hazy intention
Lifestyle selection
We got to make it work

Yin ain't been cool
With Yang for a while
Probably the last time I smiled
We were but a child
Hopefully the beginning of something new.
Marcus Belcher Sep 2018
Once again we have arrived
This same beautiful moment
Feeling the universe alter in my presence
Allowing me to
Amongst the starry night of my mind
Where new horizons await
It's good to back again
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