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Mar 2021 · 449
A thought about her
Marcus Belcher Mar 2021
Why does your smile feel so good
I wanna know
How the thought of me
could make it grow
Might add more to it. Kinda of a work in progress...
Nov 2020 · 212
Push Forward
Marcus Belcher Nov 2020
I feel an energy
I need the synergy
I want the remedy
I heard the melody

Soul vibin
Cold riding
For my people
I can't have an equal

The pressure on my shoulders
Helps me lift boulders
All apart of the plan
Makes me a better man

I use the light to break the curse
Heaven's water quench the thirst
Digging in my mental purse
Searching for my own worth
This is for my nephew who is going through a lot right now. I see you and I'm hear for you.  More so than I ever been
Oct 2020 · 167
Just Something
Marcus Belcher Oct 2020
Hey you
Yeah you
Are you contemplating?
What do you see?
In your eye
I see me
Looking better
Then what I could be
This feeling
Sure is nice
Looked in the other eye
So I could feel it twice
An old draft I never finished its finished lol
Oct 2020 · 207
A Moment in Time
Marcus Belcher Oct 2020
In-between the notes
I find myself

In the midst of hope
I find myself

In the depths of the dark
I find myself

In the deepest spaces of my heart
I find myself

I find myself
In this beautiful art

When life comes apart
I find myself
First attempt at some new stuff
Oct 2020 · 111
To those people
Marcus Belcher Oct 2020
Living through your team
You cheer and scream
If they win
If not
The gravest sin
You took my light!
You put me in this night!
And because you caused this strife
I demand payment with your life
To fans who send death threats to athletes when they miss a shot or don't do what they want them to do
Oct 2020 · 135
To Leah
Marcus Belcher Oct 2020
I write this one for you
My little brown Queen
It is for you that I struggle
It is for you that I dream

The coming days are dreary
Night filled with extra dark
So I'll protect you
By putting art in your heart

It'll show you things
Only found in-between
You can see through the lies
The false feelings in their eyes

Truth always changes
Just like the tide
It can take you low
It can lift you high
It will always radiate
Even after you die
I want to start writing poems for ny niece. Art is definitely going to help her navigate the crazy world she'll have to grow up in.
Oct 2020 · 100
Bar Poem
Marcus Belcher Oct 2020
There is something about a dream
That makes you want to scream
But it shines like a beam
When you find the perfect team

The path becomes clear
Whether far or near
I still feel fear
But in the moment it'll disappear

Cause when I found my light
I held on a grip that was tight
Takes me on a flight
In the middle of night

When it comes for you
You gotta learn to go
Time is like a river
It only knows how to flow
When a beat gets stuck in my head and I have to write to it to get it out
Oct 2020 · 129
My Space
Marcus Belcher Oct 2020
I know of the world
But I do not exist in it
Floating in inky black
Enveloping her edges
Devoid of bright
Darker than night
It was my home
To the ends I roamed
Until into that flight
I found a light
Just right
For me.....
Going through some personal changes and just reflecting on how far I've come
Sep 2020 · 70
A Breath
Marcus Belcher Sep 2020
Once again I must bend time
To write again in an old rhyme
To be quick
To be swift
Take a ride and get a lift to
A place where true thoughts dwell
Enough time
In your personal hell
Bad habits
Bad views
Preached from a parental pew
Please grow
Please shine
Please use your brilliant mind
I gotta stop these comeback tours lol
Jul 2020 · 288
Midnight Noon
Marcus Belcher Jul 2020
The stress on my chest
Let's me know I did invest
Something into my heart
Breathing life into this art

Getting use to these sensations
Reverberations of my inner
Bright begins to fill the hole
As I break the mold

From stories that are old
Ingrained and overtold
But the darkness of that night
Adjusted me to the light

For when I hold both
Each in the palm of a hand
All is revealed
The grandest plan...
There was a little beat in my head
Jul 2020 · 182
Just a thought
Marcus Belcher Jul 2020
Can you see the in-betweens?
Those brilliant ashen hues
In the space flanked by happy and blues
I call them God's little clues
Jul 2020 · 162
Marcus Belcher Jul 2020
I walked through the door from my own ignorance
To find the stars awaiting me
Laughing and asking me what took so long
I simply replied
I cried and I died
The growth soon came after
So did my ride
But I wouldn't call it pride
Just Inside
it's been a while. Time to dust the ol pen off...
Sep 2019 · 225
Power (10w)
Marcus Belcher Sep 2019
Loud can move a crowd
But whispers move mountains
It showed up and stuck....
Jun 2019 · 169
Marathon Training
Marcus Belcher Jun 2019
Running makes me happy
The kind that's monotonous and sappy
The one way to understand
Is to take a trek through the land
The sun on your skin
Your health you win
I love running
I love that high....
Running fills me with such Joy. Like a 8 yr old the night before a field trip kind of joy....
Jun 2019 · 115
Back Again
Marcus Belcher Jun 2019
Words are not just words
They are my shield
They are my blade
My offense
And My defense
Power I absorb
Only to let it flow forth
A calm wave
After a tidal crash
I only wish
This feeling would last
It's been a minute but I'm happy to be back.
Mar 2019 · 110
In The Dark
Marcus Belcher Mar 2019
Do not forget us in the dark
We have mastered the art
Taking the light
Setting it apart

We see both halves of the whole
The struggle in the soul
We try to separate
When we should integrate

Two sides same nickel
Really quite the pickle.
Be it Love or Hate
All roads lead to Fate

You have your own choice
Make it now
Don't spend too much time
Asking How?
Oct 2018 · 2.3k
Marcus Belcher Oct 2018
That raw
Simple, unspoken
I can see your thoughts
In your eyes
Fall into the essence
That lies beneath your skin
Merging with your spirit
Then lie still in your presence
Quietly enjoying your existence
Grateful for your creation
Kind of love


I want that

But only if she is ok with me

So I asked....
Lust with truth and a purpose if you must. That's just my 2 cents
Sep 2018 · 266
My Duality
Marcus Belcher Sep 2018
I made a vow
Under a hazy intention
Lifestyle selection
We got to make it work

Yin ain't been cool
With Yang for a while
Probably the last time I smiled
We were but a child
Hopefully the beginning of something new.
Sep 2018 · 187
Welcome back
Marcus Belcher Sep 2018
Once again we have arrived
This same beautiful moment
Feeling the universe alter in my presence
Allowing me to
Amongst the starry night of my mind
Where new horizons await
It's good to back again
Feb 2018 · 198
Marcus Belcher Feb 2018
I've seen people spit
With a verbal velocity
To describe these atrocities
That claim our youth

Don't step in this booth
If you can't accept the truth
We speak in rhythm and pain
When our people are slain

Use that same s*
To claim power and fame
It's lame
Don't wanna play that game

So please my people heed these words
In the way that I say
Stay focused on the process
It'll be ok

Struggle is magnified
When you near the light
Fatigue says "Quit!"
When you need to fight

I've been rambling on and on
Need to chill
Save the rest for my favorite songs
Just expressing myself
Jan 2018 · 237
Just A Thought
Marcus Belcher Jan 2018
Just like
Is self sustaining
Remember that
Just saying...
Nov 2017 · 488
What They'll Say
Marcus Belcher Nov 2017
I wanna talk to people
How they make it?
Tell me what's real
I will take it
It takes more than
How you make it?

I can see patterns
Rhythms and tones
You pretty girl
Feeling the bone
In that zone
I am home

Talk to people
Pour em a beer
Next moment I see clear
No fear
Right here

I'm gonna make it
All good
Ain't gonna fake it
I'll suffer
Till make people make it

Just wanna be that boy
Please baby
I implore
Feel the rythm
Even the score
I'm ready for war

Pay the dues that are owed
I'm no toad sage
But I understand heart
I know rage
Gonna evolve
Flip the next page
You'll see me in the next phase
In the moment
Jul 2017 · 165
Marcus Belcher Jul 2017
There's no promise for you
My black man
Feels like my life is ****
Through black sand

Undirected and unprotected
Yet selected
I feel rythm through words
Sending my song up high through birds

You see the sensation
Yea my proclamation
To give you information
Stop wasting in the basin

Listen girl
I don't wanna stress you
I just wanna learn
And undress you

So know that this is tangible
Giving you time that's mangable
Jul 2017 · 175
Marcus Belcher Jul 2017
I was born with no block
Born inside the wind
Knew well the losing
Had to learn to win

For you I do this
You know just who you are
You took me from blackness
Turn me into a star

For you my love
I grew into a man
For you precious
I do the best I can

So believe when I say
For you I stay the same
You see the calmness
But you don't want the flames

I'm buzzin.....
Jul 2017 · 259
Not Sure
Marcus Belcher Jul 2017
I'm afraid of being sober
I'm afraid of being over
I see the right path
But I give it the cold shoulder

Mama said you doing right
Yet it feels so wrong
I can't speak it in words
But I can spit it in song

From the day the Lord makes me
To the day the Lord takes me
No feat on Earth
Will bend but not break me

So go ahead and forsaken
It will not take me
My hands and my word
I will make thee

True in all forms
Feel the whole planet
I see the cure and curse
Be like "******"
May 2017 · 180
Marcus Belcher May 2017
My heart is fluid
I know my composition
I throw rhymes down
I call it an affliction

My soul is water
I can hold any position
The words that I spit
You know is ****


The minds that I rip
The time that I grip
Kendrick got me going....
Apr 2017 · 239
Be Vigilant
Marcus Belcher Apr 2017
When people don't know
Remember that
Just a little food for thought
Apr 2017 · 221
Marcus Belcher Apr 2017
Between right and wrong
Left of what's right
Ultimately subjective
Reasons are your own
Reasons are my own
Yet you wonder why we fight
Think about it
Mar 2017 · 431
Late Night
Marcus Belcher Mar 2017
Peel back the layers
You will find
Based on truth
Or a piece of mind

Proclamations and demonstrations
Intensity to get it done
Concentration and activation
Do it while having fun

The piece that I lease
Will leave you done and gone
No blood is needed
This is done in song
I love prophetic stories of freedom
Jan 2017 · 206
Marcus Belcher Jan 2017
I feel the pain of today
To see the light of tomorrow
That's why I feel the shine
In the time that borrowed

Yes I know sorrow
Like you learn these lines
If we connect
Then I know your mind
Jan 2017 · 383
What I Have
Marcus Belcher Jan 2017
Taken for granted the raw planet
Is asking for change
All we need is a target
We're not asking for range

Though it might seem strange
To be one with the rock
But the next day
See me on the dock in the bay

Watching the cloud roll on in
Roll on in
Under cover of their presence
You might learn then


My words don't need to climb charts
I don't like those arts
Maybe I miss the feeling
I don't like those hearts

With you glitzy glitzy
And your shiny shine
All I need from mine
Is mouth and mind

So please pardon me
While I step away
Hold on to my soul and throw my rep away
Writing to a smooth Slum Village instrumental
Jan 2017 · 341
Marcus Belcher Jan 2017
You could never tear me asunder
I feel like the 10th Wonder
I am the Lightning
And the Thunder
Prepare for a hot summer
It feels like it
Dec 2016 · 563
Yes ma'am (10w)
Marcus Belcher Dec 2016
I will be true
If this lust
Ever finds you
To the best of my abilities
Dec 2016 · 452
Marcus Belcher Dec 2016
I've felt anger for too long
So I called cousel with the Ancients
Asked them for some help
They taught me the art of patience

Mixed with gravity
Rooted in reality
Changed my mentality
So I won't become another causality

So hear me now
Learn to love each soul so bold
Fill you with the fire
Keep away the inner cold

Threatens to steal your life
Admist all the strife
Please head this warning
Hope to see you in the morning.
This new J.Cole album got my creative juices flowing
Dec 2016 · 429
Fun Times
Marcus Belcher Dec 2016
I love ABC simple
Rhyming people
To think they
Could could be my equal

See the sequel

I don't wanna bust guns
But the flames I must
Turn you to
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust

I don't rust

But I need a couple runs
Gotta get it right
In tune
With the light
Say goodnight

I don't fight

I wanna feel the love
But I missed that
Couldn't see above

Holy water in the basin
I feel so soaked
Killin it in the basement
Footprints in pavement
Something right after work and a beer
Nov 2016 · 749
Hey You
Marcus Belcher Nov 2016
You **** lady
I'm sweating
And feeling butterflies
Inside those thighs

The things that I feel
Ain't inside these guys
I seek to earn
They learn to buy

So in that moment
I can look you in the eye
Know what I know
Let these things by
Oct 2016 · 244
For you
Marcus Belcher Oct 2016
I hope it's love you
Like the feeling
Of gifts on Christmas eve
Oct 2016 · 392
Oh....I get it!
Marcus Belcher Oct 2016
Most girls don't want you
To be
They just want you
To try
With every fiber of
Your being
Sep 2016 · 320
I Can't Do It
Marcus Belcher Sep 2016
I'm bubbling
Not enough vents
To release the pressure
I don't trust this world
False and Hidden are the ways
So I remain in the Tao
The Nothingness comforts me
No sight
No sound
No taste
No feeling
No smell
Looking through the prism
of all creation
From my bubble
Created from myself
Where has my desire gone?
Why am I not motivated to move beyond myself?
Why do I feel so detached....
Sep 2016 · 289
In the AM
Marcus Belcher Sep 2016
I know it drives you crazy
But when I have a baby
It's the one thing
That keeps me from the lazy

I see you in your feeling
So just be who you be
Know the sensation
Learn how to be free

So please be familiar
With places and all the stones
You'll need the all the info
When you caught up in those zones

This is a celebration
You are who you are
Hittin' for under par
Lady you are a star
Song lyrics
Sep 2016 · 648
A Struggle
Marcus Belcher Sep 2016
The problem with being
A genius
Is if learing
Is the line between
Life and Death
The path
Is too clear
Spur of the moment
Sep 2016 · 479
The Reason
Marcus Belcher Sep 2016
I practice martial arts
The goal is
Never to use it
Aug 2016 · 243
Watch Me
Marcus Belcher Aug 2016
My hands
My hands are capable
Of anything
I feel them surge

It is fire
That does not burn
But excites
The vision is bright

Using them to expand
Beyond limits of normal man
I seek a new sphere
Conquer the fear

Intelligent reflected
Harmony and Song
I am the balance
Right and the Wrong
Aug 2016 · 297
Who I am
Marcus Belcher Aug 2016
I understand that
I can't please all of you
all the time
So all I can ask you is this...
If your gonna hate me
Hate me for the truth
That I am
Not the lies
That I might be
If my existence bothers you
Aug 2016 · 283
Marcus Belcher Aug 2016
All I did was get high
Then watch the world turn
Baby it's real
I felt my soul burn
Just something in the moment
Aug 2016 · 349
Super Jiggy
Marcus Belcher Aug 2016
I'm like M.L.K
With the Iron Fists
Willing to battle
Anyone who wants to f* with this

These thoughts
Are real old
They speak the real
Baby your still gold

Those legends
They mean well
I see the rawness
I've seen Hell

So promise me
That your thoughts
Will never slide
I need you here
Right by my side

Can we talk awhile?
Rhymes after listening to a few songs
Aug 2016 · 341
Round for Round
Marcus Belcher Aug 2016
It's all real
It's no spoof
Hence why I call it the truth

I spit heart
I spit mic sound
I'm real deep
I'm profound

Just learn how to get down

I feel the people's life
From the fiber down
I'm going for the crown
Never backing down
A little taste of rhythm
Jul 2016 · 277
Old and New
Marcus Belcher Jul 2016
I want the type of fame
That's everlastin'
A dope rhyme
Feel the rhythm and passion


Do you mind
If I feel you anytime of day
Running on my thoughts
Every kind of way


To inform these people
Let me form the word
Life is more than
The old script and the paper
Jul 2016 · 348
Marcus Belcher Jul 2016
Trying to face facts
I have ignored
For a long while
These are the thoughts
Of a man
With his own style
Refusing to be owned
By things this or that
Keeping me taught
Trying to cut some slack
To the feeling of where we at
But I'm a natural born star
I'm in the distance
Knowing I have to go far
After work play time
Jul 2016 · 224
Marcus Belcher Jul 2016
That thing
We all feel
But can't explain
I believe in that
It's that simple
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