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I’m going to bed,
Yes, I’m going to bed.
I’m putting down my phone,
I’m putting down my head.

I’m going to sleep,
I’m going to bed.
No I won’t stay up longer,
I’m thinking ahead.

Enough is enough,
I’m just going to bed.
I’ll see you tomorrow,
We can hang out then instead.

Goodbye, goodnight,
Good day tomorrow too.
So I’m going to bed, sleeping,
And awaking refreshed and anew.
Sweet dreams!
Sõfiyyargggh Apr 23
This is not the end
Maybe a start

Keep on breathing
Get out of your blanket

Put on something pretty
Make the world smile again
Faryal Apr 5
a place for a lemon to make lemonade
Maybe add all this sugar
it’s cheat day today
and it’s your birthday

Sweet tooth to being smooth
Just speak the truth
and you’ll be cool
nobody likes liars

lets talk about what’s required
Lemons are just a mock to limes
how actors are a mock to mimes
but that’s off topic lets get back to limes

limes are chill
and they’re not like that bitter person you see on the street
it’s like a treat
lime water is fresh
but here’s the twist to this whole poem
you know what actually sounds better?
a watermelo
sometimes life takes good things away
so you can focus on greater things coming
just life’s way of refreshing and refocusing
Wolf Jan 3
Tears shed by my eyes
Capture sorrow and hopelessness
In a wailing sob

Tears shed by the sky
Pour from the heavens to nourish
All who live below

Why can't I
Cry like the sky?

Leaving not a salty burn
But the scent of petrichor
Micaela Nov 2018
frightened about addictions--
mine feel far less dark
because they blaze from a white

lower the brightness. i can't
bear to feel my eyes
dissolving like my dull white
Denise Uy Sep 2018
I'm not great like the ancient Greeks.
My door is tattered, unoiled, and it creaks.
The glass coffee table now in pieces,
mirroring thousands of broken perspectives.
The clothes on the floor, reflecting the messy
internal view of my life.

But I can fix it, can't I?
I could oil the hinges of my door,
brand new like it was before.
I could buy a stronger table,
no longer dysfunctional
and unable.
As for my clothes, I'll just fold them back.
It's really not a daunting task.
Some parts are easy, some are pretty tricky
and repair takes time but go on
and fix your life.
Note to self: Start changing your life.
stopdoopy Aug 2018
Wishy Washy.


Between high and low,

Hot and cold.

Am I delicate like the load of whites? do I need to refresh my color with a strong drink- bleach?

Or am I tough and resistant like denim? toss me in for an hour, shove soap down my throat, and I'll come out like new?

Maybe I'm a mixed load, balancing between the two; teeter-tottering from feeling to feeling.
The day I wrote this I had dreamt of someone who used to be very dear to me who I am having to forget, to better myself. She hurt me bad and I'd been having the same dream of us repairing our relationship for a few months now, and I've felt like a washing machine with my guts twisting and pulling with my emotions going from one end of the spectrum to the next; low in morning, high in the middle of the day, unknown at night. I've had amazing friends, Trixie, Luigi, Houk, Rin, Cait-Cait, and many others who've helped me through these past months who I can't thank enough for their continued support. Whenever I have these dreams and feel this way it feels like a step backwards and I end up feeling guilty for no reason just because I have them, and so I'm hoping that by writing this out it's a step in the right direction. Feeling like this is normal after you've spent some great times with someone you've cared about- weather it's months or years, it hurts and it's okay. I know time will heal these wounds eventually, so for now here's a Band-Aid.

Dedicated to everyone who's been hurt and felt this way or similar, and to my amazing friends;  I hope we all find what we need and can better ourselves, and be happy.
Janna Aug 2018
I feel like a snake

Shedding its old skin

Shaking and snaking

Out of the old

And remaking and refreshing

What is new

What is to come

What it can transform into

Shiny, new, smooth

No longer hanging on to the old

Not safe keeping it

Simply shedding it

Leaving it behind

I’m snaking away into

A new place

I have not forgotten the old

I’ve just simply grown new skin

Tougher and sharper

Better than before

I remember the old

Like it was just yesterday

And older still

Are the ones before

I’ve left them in various places

In remembrance

Of the good times

And the bad

All to learn

Something new

To grow into my new skin.

- soulwriterj
Matia James Jun 2018
Have you ever felt like you just need to re-start your life? Like you've ****** up so bad that the only way to fix it is to start over. Imagine your life being a video game that when you hit a part you can't beat you can re-start the game and try again. Well I feel like life has a re-start button and it's comes when you stop feeling sorry for yourself and pick yourself up off the ground. I hit the re-start button a few times....relationships, friendships, even on myself.
There's nothing wrong with wanting a fresh start at this thing called life. Especially when you feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. Re-starting your life is not giving up, it's striving to do better, to be better, and to not make the same mistakes again. I pressed the re-start button on my life and now I start school in the fall and still have time to give my son my all. See a re-start can be beneficial if you use it to your advantage. Don't waste your second chance because you don't wanna continue to waste valuable time pressing your re-start button back to are for when you need them most not when you don't wanna continue after you just started over 5 minutes ago. That button is powerful so use it well. You don't get many re-starts in life especially as you continue to get older.
Everyone needs a re-start button but don't abuse the power of starting over. Use it wisely and to your advantage. Be smart.
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