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Marcus Belcher Oct 2020
Hey you
Yeah you
Are you contemplating?
What do you see?
In your eye
I see me
Looking better
Then what I could be
This feeling
Sure is nice
Looked in the other eye
So I could feel it twice
An old draft I never finished its finished lol
Jack Ghaven Feb 2016
I can't feel my face
Do I know this place?
I've been here before
I can't take any more
I'll fall off the ******* map
Pick up and go and never look back
Afraid to say most wouldn't notice
It took awhile but trust me I know this
Everyone wants you to try so **** hard
But God forbid you expect an inch when you give a yard
Than again how much could I possibly comprehend?
I'm just slouched at the keys, sketched out, at wit's end
This is just a poor excuse for a freestyle
Stream of consciousness once in awhile
I'm so close to ending my effort to care about others
I've had family had friends had lovers
But never found my mutual muse
So I'm stuck with these things I abuse
Mary Jane and John Jameson are good company
Though they tend to lead to a different me
I've come to be scared of my mirrors
No matter how I stare I can't see clear

— The End —