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I ruined a good day.
My stupid brain caught on fire
and it burned down everything
around me.
 Nov 2017 Marcus Belcher
We live in a world full of everything
we have the happy
we have the sad
we have the angry
we have the glad
we have food
we have houses
we have feuds
we have spouses
we have the glowing
we have defeat
we have the outgoing
we have those who retreat

As we go through life
with our eyes pressed forward
we never stop to look at the ones who "don't have"
those who are hurting
those who are sad
those who are crying
those who are mad
those who have no houses
those who have no food
those who have no spouses
those who live in a constant fued
those who are covered in strife
those who are broke
those who are done with life
and willing to choke

So my challenge to you is next time you walk outside
next time you start to ignore
instead of worrying of only yourself
help someone through the door
stop putting them on the shelf
help them off the floor
and think of something other than yourself
a lot more
I hope that when you hear a cry for help, you do.
Whether you're tight on money or not.
We can always afford to do something even a little.
Whether that's a conversation, food, shelter, money, or love.
When someone is crying out, ask yourself this.

What's stopping me?
The fourth of July
Is not my independence day
Because my ancestors
Waited an extra
100 years
For the Emancipation Proclamation
To free them
And then another
100 years
Before Dr. King
Fought for our civil rights
But even today
As African-Americans
We are sub-American
Taught to keep our heads low
Around white police officers
And not raise our fists
When they call us *******
So tell me
What freedom truly means
And what it is to you
Because freedom to me
Is the day
I can look my brothers
And sisters
In the eye
And tell them
That we have finally received
 May 2017 Marcus Belcher
 May 2017 Marcus Belcher
i wrote a lot of great poetry when i was in love
i wrote even better poetry when i was in pain
i wrote the best poetry when i realized that the two emotions were actually the same.
"If you want to know,
what an Irishman thinks...
you best wait until,
-that Irishman drinks."

The 5:55 never came
what the hell happend
to that underground train?

We're just commuters
they boot us
from pillar to post
and the least I expect is
the most that they give.

The cost is
my time lost

no explanation given
TFL have driven me
to the point of
no return

but not on the 5:55.
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