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Matterhorn Nov 2018
Graphite looks nice in the light,
Like stars in a pitch black night,
Words popping like popcorn...

I’m torn;
Why do the girls over there laugh at me?
Am I like some comedy act—but free?
Perhaps it’s my face
Or the way I like to trace
These words on this table,
These little meaningless fables
Flowing straight from my mind,
Only to be left behind
On this starry night sky,
Installed by some guy
That nobody knows
Or remembers when he goes...
© Ethan M. Pfahning 2018
Rose Who Knows Oct 2018
Broken hands
Broken hearts
Oh, how I come apart
Your presence so sweet

I ache for you
I cry out Your name
"Why is it so hard?"

Among all the clanging
I hear your call
even in the chaos of space
I hear your call
through different voices
I hear you calling me back
"I will provide"
Come back home my sweet daughter

Let me love you
put your faith in me
lean on me

You are known
You are heard
Tonight I felt a deep stirring within my soul and itched to start writing out God's message for me.
jh Feb 2018
I pour it into the cup
And take a long sip
the mix of regret and hope fill into my stomach as I drink the last bit down to the bottom,
I eagerly shake the cup and act like if I shake it any longer and harder, it will shake the feeling of my love back into nothing.
Nothing is what I wish I would feel when I hold the cup with every inch of my soul and the strength of my tiny weak hand,
I cannot stand why you left me with the inches of fear getting to me,
I walk down the path of regret and I drink from the fountain of shame as I stand before the thing I’ve always hated the most about you,
your love.
It was the same love that made me believe that nothing turned into something so beautiful,
even the heavens are jealous of how much it shines,
the thing is our love for each other shines brighter than any hope in the sky.
After awhile the hope left and so did you
and I’m not surprised if you don’t show up ever again,
You see I’m still trying to shake the thought of you coming back like I’m shaking the cup,
and harder
I shake and shake and cry until I cannot feel anything anymore,
I grab the bottle of memories but accidentally spill the regret,
the same regret I wear on my sleeve whenever your around.
It’s not like this is the first time though, drinking the remembrance of our love until I throw up, no sweetheart, it’s only the beginning.
- I still miss you highkeyy
Marcus Belcher Dec 2016
I've felt anger for too long
So I called cousel with the Ancients
Asked them for some help
They taught me the art of patience

Mixed with gravity
Rooted in reality
Changed my mentality
So I won't become another causality

So hear me now
Learn to love each soul so bold
Fill you with the fire
Keep away the inner cold

Threatens to steal your life
Admist all the strife
Please head this warning
Hope to see you in the morning.
This new J.Cole album got my creative juices flowing
Just Melz Feb 2016
I just want him to reach within my soul
and try to grasp all the pieces that make me whole.
Memories Soul Dec 2015
I love to share my soul with someone nice
I love to said the poems under my soul
I love to say to the grey sky
I love to see the grey clouds alone
I love to hear sounds of souls
I love to remember everything around me
I love to write poems to you
I love the sound of quietness
I love the memories in the mist place
I love the darkness in the ocean blue
I love to open eyes under the black sea
I love to close my eyes when I hear your soul.

My poems is slow dance with your words; My words is dancing in the blue moon under my soul.
Jose Valdovinos Sep 2014
I pass right by u and catch ur sent.
That sweet aroma that make me forget.
Dont know what it is,but is just so pleasent.
For that brief second made my day.
Back to the real wrold,where all my strugles
But cant wait for the day again where u pass by,
Once again I catch ur sent and it takes me
Amour de Monet May 2014
your light is beautiful
and mine is glum
in your eyes i find
sensations my estranged blood
has never felt
to touch, to love ...a soul unselfishly
for no other reason than to love

i want to place my frostbit hands
upon your beating chest
and ****** you away
or might I chain your hands
and take you with me

i could pull you into my gale
a hostage of my lonely curiosity
but I'm afraid, so afraid that your light
will fill the empty gaping blackness
and your gentle breaths
will calm my feral winds
you alone will effortlessly transpose
the thunder of my bones and
i will assent that only your nearness
can bring the calm to the eye
of my storm

but what follows when you
tire of breaking my weathers
when your chains rust into reddish ash
and i can no longer keep you, my love
i can’t imagine this place will ever be
as fair as it was with you
and i can only foresee that
which will become of me

for when the day does break
and I find myself alone
when the silence of your absent
lungs deafens my troubled mind
my storm will surge again

and as the black clouds surround
i will bring my withered hands
before me and remove the foolish eyes
that once lost themselves in you
so there are two sunken holes
inside my skull
i will cut through my sternum and
rip my dour heart from my chest
i will undress from my flesh and
pull the nerves you once caressed
and my naked soul will dig a grave
and settle into the dark
i am tired.... and i am a mess... and i am all things love and darkness at the moment. something has left me cold. i should rewrite this one day... when i'm more mind and less exhaustion.
Amour de Monet May 2014
I will find my heart
where you left it

I will rinse it clean
sew it back into my chest

I will buff the scars
and watch as it inhales

I will be fully alive

I will detach it from my veins
and lay with you again
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