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jas Sep 2019
can you imagine
me without you
because I know I cant
my heart would break in two

i'd be on my death bed saying ' I still love you"

I'm hopeless
I can't say goodbye
not when there's tomorrow
give me one more night

one more night
is all I need
to convince you to stay with me

please, baby

I know you've been traumatized
left alone to die
well baby so have i

that's why we need to stick together
you and me,
we'll last forever
could you just do me this favor
of giving me one more night

one more night
post malone instrumental - goodbye
via youtube
jas Aug 2019
buried beneath the doubt
it's so hard to find a way out
digging myself out of despair
when all I ever wanted was to disappear

it's painless to descend into the aftermath

at times I could convert to a sociopath

but here I breathe
trying to discover what I need...

if ever I fall again
it's catch and release
because I can't bear the glance on your face
all I'm reminded of is a big disgrace

existing is my last chance
looking back at my past

for just a second I can't escape
but something is telling me
there's another way

if I go down this path

what will that do for me?

who am I to question?
when the answer is inevitable

so I keep chasing
until I run out of breath
until then...
*breaking benjamin - give me a sign- instrumental verse*
written off of what I felt went with the song

*** screams***

another half of beats came from --
jas Jul 2019
i can still feel your breathe on me
i can still your heartbeat
i can feel the sound of your voice traveling underneath
my skin

can you imagine
if you werent here because i cant
i cant
can you imagine
me without you
oh i cant
i cant

its too much
its too late
the stars have already written their fate

the way that your skin brushed across mine
i'll never forget

never be forgotten
the actions that you did
lost in paridise-  evanescense
jas Mar 2019
wo oh-oh-oh

hey ey yeah yeah

he said he would change
I guess he couldn't make
a difference
in this life

if its the end
than it's the beginning of
a different reality

oh, and he swears he's gonna change
swear to god by black bear instrumental
jas Jan 2019
don’t worry bout me
just worry bout yourself
i know you seen me with somebody else
right by my side
wishing you were mine
but boy you know it’s past your time

it’s sad to say
karma got in your way
who can you blame
but yourself

you’re the reason i moved on
your the reason i found the right one

he ain’t you

treats me better than i deserve
loves me harder
like i’m worth
more than enough
to be his girl
this world i’m living is a fairytale
i don’t know
what i did
to deserve a man like this
an angel sent from heaven
i guess god heard my prayers


memories scarred in my brain
it’s getting easier to erase
the memory of you
and how i was made the fool
i was too young and naive
what i faced
i couldn’t believe
to be continued...  
inspired by instrumental of boogie with a hoodie , look back at it on youtube.
Maude Laurent Oct 2018
Waves crashing,
Over my head
Over my head...

Am I sinking?
Am I sinking fast
Am I dead?
Am I dead...?

No, there is
No, there is a heart
Is it beating?
Is it beating...?

Slowly, but
Slowly, but softly
Will I be ok?
Will I be ok...?

I hear waves
I hear waves crashing...
I know,
I know it will be ok...

The water is my friend...
Sinking into the soft music... Silience-Toonorth
Colm Apr 2018
When they curse you
And they blame you
When they passively
Or in all other ways
Attempt to shame you
Into fleeing as if
You have nothing to be
And no reason to exist
Or to write such things
As these and this
When they try
And try
And YOU find yourself
Your world
Suddenly spinning
On brand a new axis
It is then
In that moment
Of parry and precaution
That you must decide
How it is best to be
How you currently see
And can share such things
Beneficial to those
Who WILL always stray
When you hoped they'd stay
But as for me and my house
We will ardently seek
And oftenly pray
To show kindness to those
Who cannot
For the truth of them
Or the life of them
Or for the anger they store inside of them
BEGIN to see
The ways in which
That the sacrificial lamb
Has blessed us all
With this
This my friends
Is why I say
Be strong in this
And we'll walk that way
Because of him. I'm always encourage to pray in place of hate. To love in place of disgust and distrust. To protect myself and my family, yes. But to also be an ambassador for goodness and truth in this world. As I will ever be as long as I'm here. *nod*

Marcus Belcher Nov 2017
I wanna talk to people
How they make it?
Tell me what's real
I will take it
It takes more than
How you make it?

I can see patterns
Rhythms and tones
You pretty girl
Feeling the bone
In that zone
I am home

Talk to people
Pour em a beer
Next moment I see clear
No fear
Right here

I'm gonna make it
All good
Ain't gonna fake it
I'll suffer
Till make people make it

Just wanna be that boy
Please baby
I implore
Feel the rythm
Even the score
I'm ready for war

Pay the dues that are owed
I'm no toad sage
But I understand heart
I know rage
Gonna evolve
Flip the next page
You'll see me in the next phase
In the moment
Zero Nine Oct 2017
Shoot. Loot. Shoot.
Loot and shoot.

It's like half past ten PM
While it's true I've never been
the bread winner
I still wake and bake at dawn

Although, I'm losing sleep
They can see a tired person
hurting from existing as an
addictive personality

Although I'm losing sleep,
I'm positive this is the first
time I've felt fulfilled
since the last time

Believe me, my instruments are mine
when i'm the instrument - ally
conditioned queen
Believe me, my work is justified
when all it is, is time ill spent
in the end

Shoot. Loot. Shoot.
Loot and shoot.

Look at the
roll in

Oh yes, oh
yes, oh
yes, oh

Blue, purple,
and gold,
my goal


Shoot. Loot. Shoot.
Loot and shoot.

Oh joy, oh
joy, oh
joy, oh

How come in the meaning I'm promised new?
When you're my sole believer, what can I do?
What can I do but shoot and loot
til I become your monument?
Yeah yeah yeah.
-- but I just got to 275!
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