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Marcus Belcher Oct 2020
I know of the world
But I do not exist in it
Floating in inky black
Enveloping her edges
Devoid of bright
Darker than night
It was my home
To the ends I roamed
Until into that flight
I found a light
Just right
For me.....
Going through some personal changes and just reflecting on how far I've come
MJ Sep 2015
It’s been a month,
Feels like a new life,
Hopes and dreams await.
There are things that I want, things I feel,
Things that I still don’t know.

A new place,
A new home,
Exciting new things await.
What lies ahead I do not know,
I hope it's worth the wait.

Still afraid,
A little bit unsure,
Many a day I feel insecure.
Seek comfort in all that you find familiar they say,
But that’s not what this move was for.

I will still try,
I will not fail,
Determination is what I seek.
A new phase, a new life,
Is what I would like to achieve.

— The End —