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Nov 2015 · 179
Caged inside unwanted thoughts
Like a helpless dove that can't show it's meaning
*to be free
Sabi mo sa akin tumingala ako sa langit
At tingnan ang mga talang kaakit akit
Nang ako'y tumingin sa kalangitan
Ni isang ningning ay wala akong namataan
Nasan ang sinasabi mo?
Bakit ang labo mo?

Sabi sa isang dyaryong aking nadampot
Ang mundo'y puno na ng poot
Simoy ng hangi'y hindi na presko
Pagsasa walang bahala, eto ang epekto

Puro nalang kasi AKO AKO AKO
Wala manlang SILA SILA SILA
Paano na nga ba ang iba?
Parati nalang sila ang taya
Kelan ba sila makakalaya
Tila ang tadhana'y maramot at madaya

Mga walang kamalay malay
parati nalang nadadamay
sa mga bagay bagay na tayo ang may gawa
Tila hindi na nagsawa
Sa ilang ulit nang pagmamaka awa

Sila ang nagbigay,
and nagpalago
sa ating ekonomiyang nagduduwal ng daan daang salapi
at nagbibigay sa atin ng gatas na naiiwan pa sa ating mga labi

Tayo? Kelan kaya tayo makapagbibigay?
Kanilang pangangailangan
parati nalang "mamaya na yan"
Kung kelan huli na ang lahat
Kung kelan tayo na'y salat
Saka lang mapapansin
na malapit na tayong mag dildil ng asin

Hindi ba pwedeng baliktarin?
Baliktarin ang pamamaraan natin
Sila naman ang pagbigyan
Uhaw na sila sa kalayaan
Nov 2015 · 368
Unexplainably amazing
This unspeakable sudden grin upon my face
as your name pops up in my head

It's a cryptic occurrence that I can't decode
Just like you
But it makes my face light up brighter than the moon above
and makes my heart feel as free as a dove
Nov 2015 · 179
I remember...
You once told me how great the sky is.
I remember you mentioning how each star brings such a wonderful bliss.
I wonder when you'll see me shining brighter than them?
When will you notice how much i'm trying to stand out?
I badly wanted to be a shooting star that'll make your eyes shimmer with glee as you see me pass by while you make a wish but at the same time I want you to wish for me.

But all these are just my hallucinations because I know for a fact that you're too far for me to reach yet you're already bright enough for me to see.
Is it possible to fall in love with transformation, this wondrous thing called evolution?
The way the sunset becomes a dark sky covered with a blanket of stars.
The way flower buds blossom in the spring.
Could this be now my new thing?
Yet how come people can't understand it?
A mariposa's beautiful wings as it comes out of its cocoon.
The vibrant colors of a peacock that shows as it grows.
How come people fell in love with different shades of gray?
Have humanity become color blind?
Have they lost sight of the colors of freedom?
Why must they destroy the ecology for money making buildings?
Have they lost their sanity?
Where is this so-called "Human" in HUMANITY?
Time to invade another planet... this place is starting to become trash...
Nov 2015 · 680
Left to right
Up and down
I can see faces frown
inside the four corners of this town
Only fear can be sensed
Wild beasts suddenly erupting from the dark
slaying innocent living beings
such cruelty
they know no mercy
They must've descended from a hellish place
that doesn't know how to handle such a major case

A date has been set
That date when they said our peace we've already met
and yet, we still came to this
beings - I no longer distinguish as humans, who cant be pleased
If they'll mark this as the end of the world
and the start of an undeniably despicable realm
is humanity now destined to perish?
The world has already scared me since I was a kid... been realizing a lot since before... But now, I no longer understand humans. They are becoming even more complicated each day I grow. The world scared me even more....
I don't know if this tight feeling in my chest is called jealousy
I honestly don't like that word
But every time I see her approaching you, it makes my breathing come to a halt...
Maybe I'm just getting too fond of this sick love game that everyone's playing that my "own" thoughts and feelings got caught up in the vines
please, leave me out of the game because I still don't want to participate in such a foolish thing
I know for a fact that mine is still too young to understand what everything else is...
Oct 2015 · 185
Patience please
Tell me where to look
Tell me when to stop
Cause as of now
This is all I know of what to do
But I think maybe it's hurting you

Please bear with me for a little more time
I will explain once everything sublimes
For the meantime, just put your faith in me
I'll come back and laugh along with you
with such glee
Oct 2015 · 250
A tragedy?
Come here my sweet pea
Sit right beside me
I'll make your day bubbly

I gestured my hand towards you
But I dont know if you're just shy
You just shrugged it off and said "goodbye"
Dont you know how that makes me feel blue?
But I guess you never had a clue

This stingy feeling that I cant bear
and my feelings welling up that I cant wait for you to hear

all the things printed on my face
is just like the design on a flower vase
But just like a flower vase
im as fragile as I look
this is a mask I was made to wear
for I am vulnerable
But i'm willing to let my walls down for you
Because I have trust in you

You'll see me cry
and feel me when I feel like i'm gonna die
You'll see me weak
and the way I look when i'm freaked
You'll see all my flaws
and all my downfalls

I think it's better for me to hide
I guess I was right
You're the bad apple that I've mistaken for a sweet one...

But i'll never forget
how you once made me
smile with so much glee
that I can't even explain

It was like magic
a magic that has made my life a lil' tragic
I needed to find myself in this vast ocean of different faces from different places
I beg to differ from the people who are entitled to the same opinion
I want to stand out from the rest
I seek to find the voice that I lost deep along the recesses of my brain
For I once read in a poem from a poet who's dead
That one can find *bliss in solitude
Credits to the poem of William Wordsworth entitled "I wandered lonely as a cloud" for giving me an inspiration... :3
I know it seems absurd
It seems so unrealistic
It is hard to believe
But please have a little faith in me
That you're the only ones that bring me glee
I'm not that expressive
Words are my voice
I dont have that much of a choice
Right now I just needed some time alone
To organize some things that are caught out of hand

I already promised to myself that you'll be my infinity, my love to the moon and back, the ones I know who'll always come back
and love me despite what I lack

When in fact... you guys are already my fate... :)
Oct 2015 · 553
My poisonous favorite
"Do you like looking at the stars?"

I guess. Maybe.

Yes of course. I have ever since.

"What color is your favorite?"

Not quite sure. Rainbow??

Blue! Definitely blue.

"Do you like pizza?"


Yes!  Yes!

You weren't aware
how I was never sure
til' you came but never cared
I've long been searching for a cure
For my uncertainty in life
and cowardice
But you slashed all of those with a knife
And made them all worse
when I thought you had the antidote
never knew I read the wrong note

Now from my faves
they started to become my dislikes
from my midnight craves
now I start to say "yikes"

And that is the summary of your impact
throughout my life~
Come and let's play hide and seek
I will hide and you will seek
to the end of the hallway
to the upper left of the corridor
I see you by the entryway
and then you bust opened the door

I heard the floorboard creak
and then you let a deafening shriek
I leap out of my hiding place
and saw you with a ****** face

I rushed to the gate
as my both hands began to shake

My name's Dorothy and I was left asleep
they've been searching for me since dawn
but they didn't see me creep
and now they're all gone~
Hmmm... Wouldn't say i'm in love with this horror rpg game I've been playing but... it's my first time to play one... yay! Hihihihihi... :3 this horror rpg game maker called Hide and seek was from where I took my inspiration for this poem :3
Oct 2015 · 239
How long is that never?
I wonder when will everything feel right
When you're not out of my sight
I saw you today
as you passed by my way
All I can do is glance
I'm stuck in an endless trance
but I guess half of me is afraid
afraid to take the risk again
For I remember when
I took a leap of faith
and let myself feel what I wanted to create

My huge jump left me in pieces
gave my arms and legs numerous bruises
"Never again"

But will never last forever?
~nyehe... the last line doe...
Sep 2015 · 288
Hidden stella
You're like a lost child who keeps on wandering off
Me on the other hand keeps on finding you no matter where, when or even how...

A star lost in a wide ocean of other heavenly bodies
Yet I could still find you for you shine the brightest
But you shine not for me
Your light is destined for another
That's why they ask "Why bother?"
It's cause I wont ask for any other
You're the only lost star worth looking for
Sep 2015 · 14.4k
Pusong ipinagbebenta
Sabi nga ni sir, wag mo na pisil pisilin
Lalo na kung hindi mo din bibilhin
Kasi mahirap na kung ito'y iyong sisirain
At kung wala ka ding balak na mahalin

Title: Heart for sale
"Just like sir said, don't pinch it anymore
Specially if you're not even planning on buying it
Because it's gonna be hard if you'll end up breaking it
And if you don't even plan on loving it"
Dahil sa malupet na poem ni sir... nakagawa tuloy ako ng ganto... hahaha

"Because of what our English teacher said, I got to make a poem that goes something like this... hahaha"
Sep 2015 · 458
You're weird
You're pretty weird ain't cha'
we were close and I could barely end the day without talking to you
But you seemed like I was nothing to ya
now you're talking like it was nothing, what's it with you?
Sep 2015 · 302
How do I mend thee?
How do I mend thee? You’re going to need some stitches
I can’t count those numerous scratches
Give me a needle and thread
I’m going to stitch you up from your toes to your head

As time goes by, you’ll soon be patchy
Yet you’ll still look elegant to me
An abstract of a human soul
You’re already broken yet still whole

You refuse to receive what I want to give
But all I want is for you to live
Nothing more, nothing less
I just want to offer you my best

These may be just shards of a broken glass
But let me fit them with yours and it shall shine with class
Sep 2015 · 538
How do I unravel thee?
How do I unravel thee? I shall figure you out
Whenever I see you, I just pout
You’re the numbers I can’t decipher
Your music’s similar to a pied piper

Thy voice lures me in unconsciously
A sweet sound of serendipity
That’s composed in an ancient writing
Written on a papyrus that’s so inviting

A puzzle with an abstract image
Even more complicated than a broken page
I focus on solving your deep logic
Wishing that I have such magic

They say you’re unfathomable
Because I am the only one who’ll be able
How do I sing a lullaby to thee?
You were the pied piper with music so alluring it lulled me
I was sent away into a deep sleep
I saw you as you slowly creep

I sat and played my favorite broken consort
Thy soul beats like it has come to its last resort
You follow the sound of my harp
As I dance to the rhythm of thy heart

Let each chord be the voice and it will speak
As I strum and let you hear what’s on the peak
I shall sneak a glance
To see if you’re already stuck in a trance

I pour my heart out in this little piece of devotion
Each note of my song is filled with so much emotion
Sep 2015 · 780
How do I get to know thee?
How do I get to know thee?
You’re even more confusing as you can be
An ancient writing on a papyrus
Hard to decipher yet so clamorous

You’re a puzzling piece of picture
Yet so interesting to venture
Deception is who you are as you say
but you’re still you in every way

A logical dude
Who could most of the time be rude
A ******* gamer
Who has no interest in being a painter

A general, leader, commander
Who can sometimes be a disaster
Yet you are indeed a great person
Whom we could surely count on
You've been caressing this pain for almost a year
Up to how much could you bear?

I haven't seen it before for you were guarded
yet you let me take a peek
and now I know everything
I know your whole being

Till now, I'm still skeptic
to whether or not should I mend
those numerous holes on your heart
cause I could sense you falling apart

I refuse to do so
without knowing you'd want me to
Now I'm all puzzled as to
what I'm supposed to do

But I guess I'd still be here to accept you
and give you a hug
and a warm hot chocolate mug
while we sit on a rug
enjoying what life could offer
Best Friends are complicated ain't they? I dunno how to fix your frown my dear...
Sep 2015 · 602
Just. Dont.
Don't ever make me think that I made the wrong choice by sticking with you through thick and thin because I might just leave one day and that'll leave you into thinking "why?"
and you'll never know the reason because you never did the effort to make me stay....
Sep 2015 · 20.7k
Ako'y may problema
Ako'y may problemang pag-ibig
Puso nya'y di ko maantig-antig
ano ba ang magpapatibok
Sa puso **** di ko matarok tarok
Nais kong isigaw ang aking himig
At ipadama lahat ng aking ibig
Tanging ang aking bibig
Ang makapagsasalaysay
Ng mga isinulat ko sa sanaysay
Na naglalarawan sa iyo
Pagkat ikaw ang pinaka maginoo
Hahaha again, I am not in love but this is simply how I interpreted how people of my generation react to love and all those cheesy stuff because... I may have a crush but... meh... ain't this dramatic over a guy...
Sep 2015 · 569
Let me be
I can't explain
How it turned into an excruciating pain
I was just standing on a plain
Now I feel like rolling down from a mountain
Please take me on a train
And set free my tired brain
I stare at the ceiling
A heavy sigh escapes
Maybe i'll take a rest
And remove my capes
I already did my best
I'll let some of my thoughts escape
and let them cool for a while
They're all already in a pile

Once I come back
I hope I can fill what you lack
but maybe it's all just about acceptance
and not about changing appearance

I also need to clear my mind
my eyes have always been blind
when it comes to my own mistakes
because I don't have what it takes
to be somebody they want me to be
So till then, we'll see

Goodbye for now
Good luck, somehow
We all need a peace of mind at some point, don't we?
Sep 2015 · 249
I don't know anymore
I've done my part
Gave you some pieces of my also broken heart
But I guess you're the only one who can fix yourself
Pick up your story up from the shelf
And put an end
To the suffering you've been through
Cause I no longer know what to do

Try to find yourself first, I guess
Cause we can't even get a grasp of your arm
as we delve in deeper into your soul of a dark abyss
Aug 2015 · 1.3k
Outshined my whole galaxy
I remember when I first looked at you
The sky was once blue
till dusk came and it was pitch black
I was at a nearby shack
I learned about you on a Monday
since then, I waited for you everyday

As my eyes ponder upon your luminosity
and at your breath taking beauty
the moment of epiphany came
telling me you wont forever be aflame
you'll one day be a supernova
and be prettier than a mariposa
Then you'll slowly fade into darkness
leaving me here, helpless

I wonder why must you go
why must you're entirety blow
Does everything that glow
put on such a mesmerizing show
that'll end sooner than you've ever known

You came crashing down to me
as beautiful as you can be
but they once told me
you're already dead
so now I lie in bed
crying more tears than I've ever shed
:( Stars make me sad... They're all too pretty to die... and only a few actually gazes upon the sky and actually wonders where they went... Cause it's too hard to see stars at night these days because of the pollution... The air is no longer clear.... You need to go to a mountain to actually gain a full experience on admiring their beauty...
Aug 2015 · 187
Dead pretty stars
You were so pretty
I got so curious
I went to you
I got ****** into you dark realm
Not knowing that you were a black hole
You engulfed my entirety
And left me with nothing
Aug 2015 · 355
Your luminosity
You're a billion light years away from me
none have discovered you yet
I'm the only one who noticed your luminosity
perhaps I was looking out in the distance
and was searching for something no one has ever appreciated yet
But you're too far for me to reach
all I ever will be is a star gazer
who can view your lit up face from a distance
Aug 2015 · 315
Torn into pieces
I loved you to the moon and back
Gave you the stars and the sky
Only to know that you'll soon fly
You didn't just walk out of my life
you also stabbed my very precious heart
It hurts for us to part
but knowing of what you did killed me
Inspired by Julius Caesar's story...
Sometimes I don't know what to do
when it comes to you
because I know
you don't like telling the truth
I want you to trust me
and just tell me what you want to talk about
It's the only way
I know how to make your day
Or if you don't want to
maybe we could just sway
to the song I've put on replay

You've done more than enough to brighten up mine
I'd also like to be the reason of your widest genuine smile
and get rid of your horrible painful thoughts that are in a pile
I'll come to your soul's darkest part
and shine
Aug 2015 · 627
You are...
When it comes to thy self
Doubt has never left
But to me, thou art the brightest
Thee has come to believe
that thy ability is the best nevertheless
Shakespeare wanna be...
There's just one goal I want to meet
But what I always see is defeat
In order to be a champion
We must have cooperation and determination
All I ever hear is neglect and regret
but I must put on a big bet
Got to endure the risks
and hope for the best
To you, I shall leave the rest
Aug 2015 · 256
Let it all out
There's no need for deep words
and rhyming schemes
Just pour your soul out into this world
and let it do what it's told

*To express your sober thoughts
Aug 2015 · 366
Want to find infinity?
Let me take you to the black hole where time stops and where our forever shall never come to a halt.
Aug 2015 · 188
I always remember the worst
I keep on forgetting that I could just walk away from you
Aug 2015 · 355
Everyday I grow more and more tired
Tired of living in reality
I fall for my dreams and fantasies

I wonder when I'd live to wake up more
and be happy genuinely right to the core
maybe it's when the memory of me broken gets torn
Aug 2015 · 263
Brightest stellar being
They said, stars shine brighter when they're further away from you.
I guess that's the most logical reason to what we are now.
I'm just a star gazer who can never gaze upon your bright lit up face from such a short distance.
Aug 2015 · 230
ION Oblivion
I thought your name was Oblivion
*How come you're no where near there when it comes to her?
I know for sure that i'm just sleep deprived but yours is a different case... I know you're trying to question me as well but yours is different. Try hiding it yet I could still see it clearly...
Aug 2015 · 579
Not at all
Not all those at the top are the best

Not all those at the bottom are the worst

**Some things are just the other way around
Aug 2015 · 246
If there was eternity
I keep on coming back to those days with you
Those moments I wish I could freeze and relive again
There was no regrets
Only an eternal bliss
Aug 2015 · 266
Secrets of you
Until now, they can't decipher
that you're the one I was talking about.
Maybe they can never really know it's you
because i'm the only one who sees what's true
Would you care to give me a tour into your breath taking and undeniably fascinating galaxy that is visible from the way your eyes glisten and the way your face light up brighter than the sun up above?
All these love poems are inspired by my friends whom have fallen in love, currently in love and has fallen out of love... hahahaha but there are some stuff inspired by only one person... heuheuheu... XD
Aug 2015 · 594
Love guru? No.
I wonder for how long are you going to dwell on that heart ache
I guess you need to accept things the way they are
you need to make amends with the past to move on in life
You think I'm blinded by your loud laughter and happy-go-lucky self
I've seen different faces
I've met different people
I've observed more than enough
I'm not that numb not to even see your very thin barrier
Everybody else is just isn't looking closely
that's why you think that you got us fooled
I could smell lies
more than I could smell freshly baked pies
You hide every bit of pain
and leave yourself in shame
You're not even up for the fame
and not even you I could blame
I guess it's okay to hide
but remember that I could hear your side
I wont let anyone do the same to you
because I've already felt it too
But I guess it's up to you
If you'll leave the thorns inside your deeply wounded soul
Aug 2015 · 978
Soulfully defined poetry
~ You're the living breathing soul of my every word ~ ♡
:3 ♡
Don't you ever get tired of seeing the same stuff each day?
I see everything everyday
they stay the same way
But I don't get tired questioning
how I never saw you coming

They said "He's always been there. He never left since the beginning. Why?"

Neither could I explain
how things went from plain
to a sweet candy cane

So, how come I didn't see you coming
if you've been there *
**since the beginning?
Aug 2015 · 419
Patchy you
You said that you're worn out
yet you don't want to mend those
huge gaping holes

Do you really prefer to be broken?
Cause I no longer know what else to do
and I've used up all my tokens
wishing by the well
I've tried to ring the bell
across the hell
but not a single soul there
knows how to make you more miserable
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