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Dog Daze
by Michael R. Burch

Sweet Oz is a soulful snuggler;
he really is one of the best.
Sometimes in bed
he snuggles my head,
though mostly he plops on my chest.

I think Oz was made to love
from the first ray of light to the dark,
but his great love for me
is exceeded (oh gee!)
by his Truly Great Passion: to Bark.

Keywords/Tags: dog, soul, soulful, snuggle, snuggles, love, bark, barks, barking, passion
For the rainbows that are birthed from the heavy storms, hurricanes and the floods we endure in our lives are beautiful scars
that serve as a reminder that we were created for a greater purpose,
and that the pain from our torn and bleeding hearts
is what makes us triumphant and worthy.

The scorched, the damaged, the wounded, and the broken are indeed the most purest of souls.
Kezz Apr 4
When my mind is full
I watch my thoughts
I realise crosses
are really the same as noughts.

I watch my breath
fill up space in my chest
and pacify my ego's need to protest.

Control is not a prerequisite
of a happy soul.
The same way your 'other half'
is not a prerequisite to your whole.

So once in a while let it all go
receive yourself,
the highs and lows.

Don't 'empty' your mind
in attempts to unbind
unwind, rewind, or realign
for how can you?
When you've no idea
what you've just declined.

So when your mind is full
and paints your heart grey,
become mindful of the fact
your thoughts make you that way.
I've recently started meditating.
We have a bond
You feed me energy
When at my lowest

You’re someone whom
I speak to when I need

We are connected
In a beautiful pattern
And together

You and I
Shine brighter than the sun
You are transparent
I can see
Through you
Inside out
I hope everyone sees
What I see in you
An amusing

I wish to get inspired
Rest of the life
With a faith
Never give up

Without regret
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Inspiring Vibes
Nupur Jan 3
The young me
with my old friend
looking at far away
to see the new trend

Hope is i can look for
with a more close look
eyes on my goal
waiting for my new chapter in my book

I and my friend are happy with each other
can sense the whole world
just by sitting together
Smile and i feel happy
at least we are with each other in a this world which is so shady

An era of adventure is about to begin
we are ready to have some thrill and fun
wait world! here we come!
to show you the side that can make you shun!

We arent naughty just being ourselves
this is us and proud of being with my self
no fakeness and nothing to hide
Get along with us on this fun filled ride!
Kevin Oscar Liou Dec 2019
Your arrival was expected, in an unwelcome and fitful fashion,
Those around you, arose and wept in fits of fury and passion.
They came and swept into the main atrium, into your chambers and surrounded you,
Then pulling back their arrows, they released their bolts through and through.
Your lifeless body fell through the floor,
into the depths of the abyss unknown to the core.
your soul
traveled to a newer destination,
one that exceeds and inspires imagination.
This destination, 2.0,
goes beyond the mind, and back to the life flow.
So sit back and enjoy this show,
as you step out from darkness, back into the glow.
Written in a stoic time in my life.
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2019

Genre: Micro Verse || Observational
Theme: Voice of the soul
Author’s Note: I am healing while you're a healer. You are healing while I'm a healer. Life in a balance.
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