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Kissing giver,
   loving forgiver ...
   heartfelt singer!

Holding reacher,
   hugging preacher ...
   trustful beseecher!

Flailing drinker,
   eyeful leaker ...
   calmer seeker!

Unlike others,
   my kisser!
Dolly May 2
In a tragic of despair
that she could espy of something unseen
but what I know now in the nowhereness of triumph is the oblivion that’s long forsaken . My mother, the earth , has loved the truth of my words . My mother of memories, where my intricate roots embedded in her many wombs , with her,
my mother who is the mind to my soul, with her crystal teeth, puncturing the veins of my spirit, I am uncured from the illness of illusion.
with the love that is filled with the sickness of the cerebral ;
that every nerves, they only now yearn to forget, to erase, to delete,
what should never end , will ;
of those forward to ,
is like catching light,
my mother's arms, wrapping my dead body,
for that great freedom that ought demands
but now encountered swords that I see no farther onward impulse stirr'd,
from every dew-drop in this sequestered heart.
it inculpates the soul’s wigwam,
to love , that is unpure
powered of perception ;
for me , do so as what say I
the abyss will never know -- without noise, bad field of unfamiliarity, to create the creation of layers, layers of spectre, phantasm, apparition;
I exorcise & exterminate this being of nothingness, name that is uncelebrated ; & be merrily skipping in their long farewell,
you gave your face , I gave mine
& there shall be a bow of
hypothesis, musings, mirage

I inject, dementia
trying responsibly to digest over
my own ignis fatuus
there will be hanging gardens
the commotion of untendered bones
down beneath your cloaks,
knowing sympathy, to bully an empathy
death come, came & in repeat
through the lullaby of Antioch,
sorrow wholly unexpected, in scarcely discernable; but far descried
black winged demon vanished through the chested barrier of feelings, when justice lynchings in the centre of my core,

twixt vows, where from descended upon myself alone, indecent, in deep scrutiny —
Something complicated even to my own self --
Marina Apr 7
I'd hate to feel
the feeling, of being unwanted
Parishmita Jan 15
What's Amaranthine?
Those beautifully painted skies
blended with shades of pink, blue and purple
or your star like eyes
that dazzle at the gaze of mine.
What's Amaranthine?
The deep blue ocean blessed with marine salt
or your aesthetic and revered soul blessed with no faults.
What's amaranthine?
the splendor and magnificence of nature embellished with the flowers of spring, summer and winter
or your serenity,
which is as calm as a summer sea.
What's Amaranthine?
The immortal and unfading vigor of the universe
or the heart marred with scars,
craving for the undying and unconditional love of yours.
I see the magnificence of nature in him.
feebie Dec 2018
Flowers for the dead, red as the blood you spilled,
Roses so beautiful in their essence
Yes in this symbolic gesture, they ring end
Spelling the conclusion of life’s very meaning

Red mixed with white, making a soul cry out
Drops of tears run down my cheeks
Tears of mourning, tears of loss
The dark creeps into my soul, shattering pain rules my heart

I look down at your face, so peaceful, so serene
Contradicting what surrounds you
Tears begin flowing, unchecked, unstopped
Would you open your eyes one last time?

Would you tell me you love me, just this one more time?
Yet silence reins, your face a mask of peace
I lay a kiss on your cheek, and you are so cold
The coldness of your skin matching the coldness in my heart

I should never have bid you farewell in this manner
I should have remembered you the way you were
Vibrant, alive, full of life and promise
Yet, morbid need overwhelmed any rational thought

You lay there looking so small, so fragile
A shadow of who and what you were on this earth
Yet this is your shell, simply a vessel
Your soul floats, flying free, journeying and discovering

Ascending, moving through the halls of time
Echoing it's unique influence,
Singing it's lonely tune, surreal & sublime
You are missed, sorely, loved greatly still

Now & always
Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2018
Smile like a calm breeze
With the heart of flowers
Whoever you are

That is enough
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Blending beautiful smile with soulful heart
Rudra Pandya Sep 2018
Souls and fire
It’s time to introspect,
No one is ever perfect,
Yet when there is a desire to strive,
The fire in our souls remains alive.
We learn, we inspire, we create,
We fall, we fail, we negate,
Yet when there is a spark in our eyes,
The fire in our souls remain alive.
Loneliness and anxiety hit us hard,
Our hopes and dreams shatter to shards,
Yet when there is a will to thrive,
The fire in our souls remains alive.
Dogslinwriter Aug 2018
She asks me why do I want to die?
I can't tell her that
I've been trying to avoid this.
I can't tell her that
I lived two out of thirty days of the month
and the month before
and the month before that.
I can't tell her that
I've been sitting on the couch this whole time
and I've been staring at the TV
watching the shows I don't give a **** about.
She loves me.
She loves me so **** much it hurts.
And I am like the fluffy teddy bear
who gives her warmth and comfort
but can't love her back.

And when she asks me
"Why do you want to die?"
It's with a crack in her voice,
Teary eyes.
I don't have a reason because there are so many,
it's insane.
To see her hurting like
that is one of those.
But I can't tell her that.

She cuddles me like everything depends on it.
Like all the pain will melt away with a hug.
And poets have written about how
their pain goes away with the touch of their beloved.
Then why does it not work?

Why does it feel like winter when
its warmer than summer?
Why do I feel that I should run away
before she wakes up,
because then in the morning I won't have to say
"I can't do it anymore!"?

I have thought of a hundred ways to die,
but I don't want to think how
she will react when she hears it.
I can't stop thinking about her.
I can't tell her; I love her.
Because then she'll cry harder,
it'll hurt her!
I hurt her.
I've hurt her so many times,
I can't do it anymore.

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