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To the one

In you
I have found
All the colors
All the vibes
What the soul
Truly seeks

And always
Genre: Almost Romantic
Theme: Appreciate
Note: Everything that nourishes the soul is love.
Like tulips of the spring,
burns ornate pores of my dark.
An array of greys and black
to disguise flesh as rainbow smudged by the scars.

Your accidental touch,
my aloof heart,
set up the incantation.
Will you tell?
How do you dissolve smidgens of spill over my skin.
Kairosclere Jun 2020
No one
Should leave
This house of mine
With a heavy heart
Let me
Fill your soul
With the radiant
That mine can muster
Even if it
Withers down
To its roots.
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
Dog Daze
by Michael R. Burch

Sweet Oz is a soulful snuggler;
he really is one of the best.
Sometimes in bed
he snuggles my head,
though mostly he plops on my chest.

I think Oz was made to love
from the first ray of light to the dark,
but his great love for me
is exceeded (oh gee!)
by his Truly Great Passion: to Bark.

Keywords/Tags: dog, soul, soulful, snuggle, snuggles, love, bark, barks, barking, passion
For the rainbows that are birthed from the heavy storms, hurricanes and the floods we endure in our lives are beautiful scars
that serve as a reminder that we were created for a greater purpose,
and that the pain from our torn and bleeding hearts
is what makes us triumphant and worthy.

The scorched, the damaged, the wounded, and the broken are indeed the most purest of souls.
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