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18/M/Metro Manila, Philippines    I'm a random dode. (Not really) new at this poem thing, but I assure you, I can squeeze 'em outta my brain when need be ...
its gonna make sense
24/Two-Spirit/Philippines    doesn't make any sense/ trying hard to be a poet/ in between- madness and sanity, reality and fantasy. /Twitter, IG & Wattpad : @IGMSOfficial/ Tiktok ...
Philippines!    Just a normal teen living in a world where pain and depression are the ones that motivates me to do poetry and other stuffs.. You ...
alternate reality    In this imaginary world where we can escape from reality. I am the ruler of my own kingdom. Who ever reads my pieces lives through ...
Kachi Sawagu
Philippines    This is me being completely honest: hindi ko na alam.
philippines    “write with you heart, edit with your mind”
Manila    I may look scary on the outside but take time to look what's inside of me that I am not really that scary , I'm ...
Dornish Bastard
Just a nobody with a limited vocabulary. I write to express, and not very often. If other people don't like my stuff, it's alright; I ...
CDO, Philippines    I am WillyamPax from the Philippines. If you want to know me, all my poetry are mere reflections of my past & present self.
nicole smith
florida    overthinking since '99 photographer & writer
Paramount Pawn
I feel like I'll explode in front of him and tell him that I like him someday.
In someone's bed    thanks to poetry for i am still alive
Philippines MNL    introvert / newbie
Forgotten Diary
Over the Rainbow    Just some anonymous student who apparently forgot where she put her diary
Tolani Agoro
21/F/Lagos    A young maybe bipolar woman failing at trying to figure out the world, herself and love
Philippines    Batman!
people cry because they've been strong for too long;
semi hiatus. finding my love for writing.
infinitely unknown
we ignite both art and flaws
On Earth   
p a r a d i s e.    I understand people; and that is my gift.
Marinela Abarca
MNL    twitter - @marineluh

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