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Aug 2015
I remember when I first looked at you
The sky was once blue
till dusk came and it was pitch black
I was at a nearby shack
I learned about you on a Monday
since then, I waited for you everyday

As my eyes ponder upon your luminosity
and at your breath taking beauty
the moment of epiphany came
telling me you wont forever be aflame
you'll one day be a supernova
and be prettier than a mariposa
Then you'll slowly fade into darkness
leaving me here, helpless

I wonder why must you go
why must you're entirety blow
Does everything that glow
put on such a mesmerizing show
that'll end sooner than you've ever known

You came crashing down to me
as beautiful as you can be
but they once told me
you're already dead
so now I lie in bed
crying more tears than I've ever shed
:( Stars make me sad... They're all too pretty to die... and only a few actually gazes upon the sky and actually wonders where they went... Cause it's too hard to see stars at night these days because of the pollution... The air is no longer clear.... You need to go to a mountain to actually gain a full experience on admiring their beauty...
Marshie The Mellow
Written by
Marshie The Mellow  along the cosmos~♡
(along the cosmos~♡)   
       ---, Marshie The Mellow and kizzia
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