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'Is everything ok?'

What is ok?

'Haven't killed myself yet, have I?'
bradlynn Nov 2017
Have you ever
crumpled beneath
the weight of
your own hands?

have you felt your
skin crawl
at the thought
of your own

as if things
like this do not happen
to people like you

as if
the burden laid not
on your own shoulders.
yet the diaphragm
of those who tell you
"it will be okay"
Bisaal Jun 2017
I'm shutting everyone out
soon I'll be gone, no doubt
cause I'm falling apart,
I'm breaking down
and I'm exasperated from wearing this fake crown.

I can't take this any longer,
not ever do I get any stronger
I'm tired of being lonely,
tired of feeling this way
and I'm exasperated from my life always being grey.
It's the exasperation I float on
the way I take a deep breath in
through flared nostrils
after a tiresome sigh
as the sour and almost
sweaty air fills my lungs
I am lifted
head above the water
barely staying afloat
day after day
week after week
year after year
maybe it's time I went under
I stare at the ceiling
A heavy sigh escapes
Maybe i'll take a rest
And remove my capes
I already did my best
I'll let some of my thoughts escape
and let them cool for a while
They're all already in a pile

Once I come back
I hope I can fill what you lack
but maybe it's all just about acceptance
and not about changing appearance

I also need to clear my mind
my eyes have always been blind
when it comes to my own mistakes
because I don't have what it takes
to be somebody they want me to be
So till then, we'll see

Goodbye for now
Good luck, somehow
We all need a peace of mind at some point, don't we?

— The End —