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To the world that was once nothing to me,
How and when will I ever see
Who or what you are meant to be?
Is this some kind of special deception?
Some special intervention
To some unknown connection
Why do you have an innocent face?
That seems to put up an act of not knowing your place
A naivete not knowing how to act with grace
I thought I already knew everything by now
Yet you left me with my mouth agape asking "How?"
Now I'm thinking you have lesser thinking capacity than a cow
Stuck between two worlds
I've ran out of audible words
I'm speechless . . . . . . .
All I remember is being caressed
By someone important to me
But I can no longer see
Indeed, there's no black or white
All that there is is a reason to fight
Be it, a lover or a mother
All I could say is "We're not different from one another."
Our diet is different
Our status is different
Our way of living is different
Yet you're just being indifferent
Because you failed to see how alike we are
We also have emotions that you can see from afar
But this harsh reality can never be altered
There's always someone who'll say "I've faltered."
It's just how the chain goes
We have no power to control how a river flows
*So, what choice do I have?
This piece was inspired by Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul. Inspirations can really come from anywhere cant they?
Shoutout to the unsung heroes!
Whose noble swords still rise higher and higher
In this world where broken shields are dire
We disregard our weapons of steel. Oh,
And bards who sing of loot and money
Gems, precious stones, and gold a-plenty
Perhaps if I sing of these unheard vigilantes
The world would be so very jaunty!

Fame, loot, tales and territories;
Unsung heroes have never earned any of these
Despite all efforts to bring about justice,
Despite dispelling all forms of avarice…
Alas, no recognition to lay up front!
No form of appreciation, only gaunt…
Gaunt expressions, an unwelcome chanting of desolation
That's what an unsung hero faces - tribulations.

But look at the bright side!
The future isn't dark, nor no grim eventide
I will sing of these unsung heroes
In short, sweet verses as mementos
For that fleeting moment in time
When they took up the courage to halt crime.
So again, I'm calling out to all the unsung heroes!
Who rose from the bottom the others called zero.
Just thought I'd make this one for all of those people who were never given recognition for their humble actions. Nothing special :^)
Dearest Mother like no other
You always make me wonder
I don't know where I'd be without thee
Cause obviously without you, there'd be no me
Despite our different tastes and views
You always know what to choose
Irresponsible, stubborn or childish as I may seem
At the end of the day, a smile you'd beam
Melting away all my mistakes
Telling me it's part of what it takes
I know you're struggling a lot
Yet I'm too weak (maybe even too stupid) to give it a shot
To try to help you out
Sometimes I'd like to shout
To the wind, hoping it'll answer
All I can do is include you in my prayers
A simple act of gratitude wont suffice
For everything you've sacrificed
Someday I'll repay all your efforts
But for now I can be the one you can go to for comfort
Thank you for your unconditional love
You're the closest to an angel that we have
Late post... A piece dedicated to my mother ♡ HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL THE MOTHERS OUT THERE... :)
The pressure keeps building.
And although I've never failed them,
they keep going and going,
Pressuring me until I'm at wits' end.

Ashamed, rejected, revoked, repressed,
like a whale distinct from the others
by its own, unique tone,
I'm forced to wander alone
in this vast, ocean of people cold as stone.

Indeed, I'm at my wits' end
The pent up emotions of which I cannot contain
are all about to burst, but still, I refrain
because who likes to be pressured
under certain circumstances so mundane?
So mundane, that in fact they can never, EVER
Weigh as much as I can contain.

I'm a bomb. And indeed, I'm about to blow up
the fuse within me is already lit up
in a minute or so, the culprits who had set me up
Will be blown away by my sudden rage.
But if only they had the courage to douse me
with their water of forgiveness,
then perhaps in a few seconds or less,
My fuse would cease in its track.

Still, they were careless, careless in my handling
It seems my fuse will still keep on going
Once I explode, they will be loathing.

The pressure keeps building.
And although I've never failed them...

...they WILL keep on going and going.
as I get a whiff
a sense of relief
overwhelms my entirety
and calms my body
I've always loved the rain... <3
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