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kiran goswami Apr 13
And I looked inside that well today,
I saw a hologram of water.
Beneath which I heard the deafening silence.
The silence, which screamed too loudly to be heard.
I looked around and I saw,
Scarlet Gangas flowing from every body that was thrashed.
I saw a mother, holding her son,
Tight enough to suffocate him,
Strong enough to let no bullet touch him.
I saw tiny hands shielding their father,
Just maybe,
They could save him.
I saw two hands entangled,
Even death applauded for love before wrapping it.
I saw them covering each other
Just maybe,
Someone could save them.
But their Gods were sleeping,
And now they are.
I looked inside that well again,
And I saw nothing but opaque water,
Beneath which I heard nothing but the deafening silence.
I looked around and I saw,
Flower bed on the soil,
Paying tribute to the mourning place.
A tribute to the jallianwala Bagh massacre
Shofi Ahmed Mar 15
Tomorrow New Zealand's
beautiful sunrise won't see
some forty plus lives that they too
never expected to miss.

The rose will flower for them too
brimming with brightest hues
to colour the wind.
So are the nightingales have the lyrics
for them to sing.

Not to mention like yesterday
people around of all walks and colours  
expected to greet them good morning!

Alas, it won't happen tomorrow
one openly fired at the peaceful setting.
Killed them all in one go
loved by all the humankind around
and naturally nurtured by reality!
Because we have an enemy within.
Guns for fun
No escape
Blazing fire
A bath and body
Of blood

Hear her scream
Watch him fall
Drink in hand
Smoke residue

Text help
Hit the locked door
Break glass
Trapped inside
Free from life
Max Feb 7
Memories trying to survive.

But you know what?
I don't need them no more.
People left me, and now I do the same with the memories I had with them. I leave them to rot.
Sylph Feb 4
Please no more what ifs
They are leaking into my mind
As a Massacre of my faith

Creating Nothing but doubts
A knife stabbing into whats left of Me
Murdering My Soul
My spirit
My hopes
My dreams
My Desires

They are going to be nothing to me soon
Unless i can rid of these
Ghastly What ifs
To be honest..All these "What ifs" And doubts might be the death of me
Its killing everything i have and that i hold dear
My Relationship
My Friends
My Family
i want to live
Not to keep dreading over these What ifs
What if this
What if that
WHAT IF all the what ifs went away
would we be left with a unorganized society and mind? Or maybe a more hopeful and living one
Jaden Rivera Oct 2018
You can ****** your whole mind just by using it too much.
A total genocide of anything good in your head.

You don't need any bullets and guns, bayonets, or bombs.

Your thoughts have that covered.

A Civil War everyday, always the same loss.

Just remember that all wars start with conflict.
So maybe it's time to surrender.

There's only a disagreement if you let there be.

Be who you are, and agree to accept it.
End your civil war.
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