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All my twisted dreams started to break
When you told me you just don't care~
I always remember the worst
I keep on forgetting that I could just walk away from you
Don't bury yourself in sadness.
It will eat you alive.
I don't want to regret
I no longer want to forget
So I shall accept
That I'd want you to collect
These feelings that I want you to protect

I hope this third time around
No harm would be bound
No intruders shall be found
No obstacles we can't pound*

I want you to be mine
And me to be yours
So forever shall be ours
For 15 years of your existence
I have never known the whole you
yet I know some of your blues
I know you miss Gabby's presence
and I do too
but I want to make you happy
so tell me how to do so
cause I am running out of things to show
and you kept on giving me an unamused face
Maybe you have a special place
and that is where you find your inner grace
therefore I must scour this whole place
just to take you there

Allow me to be your crying shoulder
when you need help in carrying a boulder
I don't want to see you fall apart
cause it is precious, your heart
What exactly is weirdness?
It is just something out of the ordinary
People think it's funny
But the truth is,
It ain't

Why does everybody even want to fit in?
Because they don't want to be alone
The truth is,
they won't be alone
It takes time for the right people
to show up at your door.

Be happy of who you are
You aren't an error
You have a creator
And He creates such *beauty

If someone tells you that you are weird,
tell them thanks
Being weird is being unique

You are one heck of a special person
Not meant to be like the others...
Meep... for those who have low self esteem... May this poem give enlightenment to those people being called "different", "weird", "ugly", "idiot" and other mean stuff.
You and I*
was dated back long ago
But I still cant help but think    

That what you gave me
Were one of my best memories  
You gained a place in my heart
And you're already a part
As our eyes meet again
For the first time    
My heart leaps out of my chest

Thoughts of you rushes in
It makes me happy as I have been
Your looks can never narrate who you are

Your actions speak louder than words

But words express what the mouth cannot pronounce
They usually told me to grow up,
to stop running in the streets,
stop giving out childish antics,
quit watching cartoons
and start acting responsible,
start being like a lady,
to open my eyes and take interest
in what adults or teens like to read.

Maybe I still don't want to let go of my childish self
cause it has been a long time since I've enjoyed myself.
I like fantasies that have a different twist, children who are out of the ordinary, stories that come from another land.
They never cease to excite me and make me think that this thing called reality is just a part of a dream, that my real world exists somewhere in another realm or in another portal where in even though you are already having a nightmare it still seems like a dream.
They might've long grown up but I don't think I will any time soon.

This kid inside me is wild and still wants me to imagine wide as if there ain't no boundaries.

*I believe that the only way out of reality is through a fantasy.
Don't try to ask me why
   just think of it as my final goodbye

It means you are no longer needed
    you did your part
    and I think you did great
It's sad for you to go away
I'll miss the times we play
From morning till noon everyday

The things we talk about
It goes in a roundabout
They never stop and run out

Your jokes that make me laugh
That sometimes comes with tears
But I wont forget
The day you comforted me from my fears

I guess
My dear friend

But it won't be forever
It'll just be for now or never

"Cause distance makes the heart grow fonder"
As they always say
*We will still be together
I hereby declare
That you shall not have a fare
Towards this land of beauty and fair
For you have put me in despair
Never have I been so clear
To put you out of here
Mehehehehe ... A little piece I made while procrastinating... :3
Ako'y may problemang pag-ibig
Puso nya'y di ko maantig-antig
ano ba ang magpapatibok
Sa puso **** di ko matarok tarok
Nais kong isigaw ang aking himig
At ipadama lahat ng aking ibig
Tanging ang aking bibig
Ang makapagsasalaysay
Ng mga isinulat ko sa sanaysay
Na naglalarawan sa iyo
Pagkat ikaw ang pinaka maginoo
Hahaha again, I am not in love but this is simply how I interpreted how people of my generation react to love and all those cheesy stuff because... I may have a crush but... meh... ain't this dramatic over a guy...
I only wanted to reach out
but how am I suppose to melt those metallic
walls of yours when you even put up
thousands of locks on it?
If there is anyone who understands you
most, it is me but you can't see.
The fact that I am very different from before
than now makes you think that I can never
understand you when the truth is that you
were those who changed me.
I want you to see your own reflection in me.
I want to bring out the best in you.

But I guess I have tried and I failed.
I don't know what to do for you anymore for I
have done my job and failed shamelessly...

I am sorry for even trying...
It was indeed a big mistake...

You can never really persuade others to believe
when too much lies are already circling around them, can't you?
This may seem kinda weird
But when I arrived
It felt like I've been there
As if I have met you there
Like, I have felt this before
I have encountered this before
I don't know why
I don't know when
I don't know how
But one thing's for sure

*It was very nostalgic
Meh..  went to a friend's house... it felt like I've seen the village before and have actually been there... ughhh so weird... I dunno why...
Dearest Mother like no other
You always make me wonder
I don't know where I'd be without thee
Cause obviously without you, there'd be no me
Despite our different tastes and views
You always know what to choose
Irresponsible, stubborn or childish as I may seem
At the end of the day, a smile you'd beam
Melting away all my mistakes
Telling me it's part of what it takes
I know you're struggling a lot
Yet I'm too weak (maybe even too stupid) to give it a shot
To try to help you out
Sometimes I'd like to shout
To the wind, hoping it'll answer
All I can do is include you in my prayers
A simple act of gratitude wont suffice
For everything you've sacrificed
Someday I'll repay all your efforts
But for now I can be the one you can go to for comfort
Thank you for your unconditional love
You're the closest to an angel that we have
Late post... A piece dedicated to my mother ♡ HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL THE MOTHERS OUT THERE... :)
I guess you were nothing special,
not even a heartthrob,
not really a smart kid,
not even this smooth
guy who gets the ladies
but I wonder how
you started looking
like an angel to me.
I was lost within the wonders of the world
But I looked above and the greatest story was told
Your light that guided my lost soul
into the depths of the galaxy
where no one has ever gotten a hold of
I wonder when we'll meet by the black hole
where time stops
and everything comes to a halt
just to bear witness the infinite
Now this is what you call a Sirius poem... heuheuheuheueheu too corny... I know... but welp... aint got anything nice... ._.
In you, I trust
but leave you, I must
this is all just too much
you left me with my heart to clutch
My insides tumble
your name, I mumble
You left me like a wreck
and got me like what the heck?
Expectations, *expectations
, expectations
You were supposed to be my inspiration
but all you ever was my expectation
Now leave you, I must
In you, I no longer trust
You broke it with your own hands
for you only show up with demands
I was never a friend to you
because you're only here when YOU feel blue
You kept trying to convince me that it's true
that you actually care
but here I am saying "It's not fair."
because I can't say no to that look on your face
You always change the pace
I guess it's time
I no longer believe that this will ever sublime

Leave you, I must
*In you, I no longer trust
My poems breathe for
another soul
another being
another living flesh

*They exist for a reason
I need a secret place
for whenever I need silence and a tender embrace
From there, I shall gaze upon the stars
and no noise shall be heard even from the cars
just the sound of silence and the forest
If you want to join me, please be my guest
I want to make this a quest
There we shall camp
Whenever our eyes feel damp
Tell stories of our journey and worries
Eat mallows and chocolate dipped strawberries
Let our thoughts wander around
And for a moment feel *safe and sound
Apollo, Apollo
The God of poetry
I'd also like to learn archery
And a song or two
On the lyre from you
XD lawl...
I'm sorry if you're currently in pain
My trust you can't even gain

I don't know if you really want me
As a friend or how you'd want to see

But all I can say is
Your love, care, understanding and friendship
I cant feel it
Although they sometimes appear from you
Most of the time I can't

All I could sense was your selfishness
Your huge ego seeping through your veins
The lack of thankfulness in your voice
Appreciation to what I've given and done for you wasn't always there

And now

You come back crawling to me like a helpless child...

I gave you a chance to open up to me
To tell me all your pain and sorrows
Yet you never did
Now you're telling me that I left you?
What I did was because of YOU.
I kind of felt like I was a tool...
As if you're just using me
I never felt like you're happy to have me as a friend
So I left

Searched and scoured the mountain tops and plains to seek for people who'd understand and take care of me
I don't know if i'd still give you a chance
But all I know is your time is up
Random drama... hehehe
With you as my inspiration
nothing's unreachable.
With you as my guide
nothing's too far away.

**But with you by my side
our destination
is at the most beautiful
It was fascinating
Very helpful and enchanting

Yet all else is limited
Or should I say limitless

For they are capable of things we aren't
A lot says it was for the better

As if it was the best
Simpleton, if I were to label all those who proclaims

But they have not opened their eyes
Or maybe something was covering it

Evil was seeping and overtaking
Those weren't being used for JUSTICE

They were far from what we call Human
Just because we DESIRE for the eternal
Doesn't mean we need to make careless decisions
Don't be blinded by those shiny golden bricks we call GOLD or those green papers with faces of deceased people

We must think thoroughly
For this creation might go to EXTINCTION
Let's peel off our masks
All of those covering the windows of our soul

These aren't completely helping
They're making the case worse
DESTRUCTIVE if I may say so
Those people who are ****** by the desire for power, their ****** reputations and craving for even more money... those bunch of pigs... I hate their guts...
It was only a pretend
Never have I thought that you'd mend
this broken heart of mine
that has never felt fine
for a very long time
I have a lot that I've been meaning to tell
I want to tell you bout that one time in hell
Where I met the craziest sorts of people
I want to tell you so bad bout that one time I heard a bird chime with rhymes
and reminisce all our good ol' times
You were more than a reflection
more than just a twin
you are like me in so many ways
You lent me an ear during my gloomy days
I hope you are doing more than okay
I may forget a lot of things
but I will always remember
all the laughter that your jokes brings

Aside from that, I want to greet you the happiest birthday and thank you for coming into my book of wonder... You are one of my most treasured people of all times...

Maybe we shall have more adventures in the future
And when the day comes when you're already very pure...

Enjoy your days and when you're sad, I'll try to be the cure :)
I don't have a sister but you were the first one whom I could consider as one... :D
For them,
She was their happiness
She was the sunshine
Smiling through and through
Happily skipping each day
Laughing with glee
Her wide grins
Always intact

But on the other side of that grin
Is a lost little child
Who can't even see the sun
Even its rays she cannot reach
Her skin so frail
Her bones so weak
She can't walk towards the door
The door of happiness

She felt so **ALONE
Give me some coffee
Talk to me at Three
Lend me a pen and a paper
Let me write all about it in a letter
It's something to make me feel better
Make my heart explode
Make my thoughts wander wondrously
Like i'm losing myself in a fantasy
I'll lose it all and explode my thoughts like ink on a paper
writing all about my wildest dreams and imaginative travels,
all my irrational thoughts, my greatest memories, the habits of mine, the things that remind me of you and the stars that I've seen each night too
Just let me write about all of it including you
I always wondered how amazing it was that I could tell how you feel...
But I knew you can never say the same
I always wondered how you were
But I knew you wont ask the same...
I always knew you needed me
But I also knew you never knew...
You're like an open book who's trying hard to be encrypted yet i'm an experienced cryptographer
With just one look through your eyes, I could already tell but you refuse to spill the beans

I knew it was a mistake...
I knew you won't be there if I needed a shoulder...
I knew it...

Yet I thought you'd let go...
Why are you making things hard for me?
I was giving you a trustworthy ally but you never showed you can be one as well
Now im leaving for hell
Then you'll ring the bell
Asking me to come back
It's gonna be hard to go back
I hope you actually realized what you lack
And drop your cowardly act

I just hope i'm not talking to thin air
This is so hard to bear...

*If only you could open your eyes and see the truth that lies within
Ugh... you're too weird... never honest... and is also too numb... I forgive you but your trust wont be given back without a price... You have to work hard to earn it back... But I think you'll still be stupid as heck...
Come here my sweet pea
Sit right beside me
I'll make your day bubbly

I gestured my hand towards you
But I dont know if you're just shy
You just shrugged it off and said "goodbye"
Dont you know how that makes me feel blue?
But I guess you never had a clue

This stingy feeling that I cant bear
and my feelings welling up that I cant wait for you to hear

all the things printed on my face
is just like the design on a flower vase
But just like a flower vase
im as fragile as I look
this is a mask I was made to wear
for I am vulnerable
But i'm willing to let my walls down for you
Because I have trust in you

You'll see me cry
and feel me when I feel like i'm gonna die
You'll see me weak
and the way I look when i'm freaked
You'll see all my flaws
and all my downfalls

I think it's better for me to hide
I guess I was right
You're the bad apple that I've mistaken for a sweet one...

But i'll never forget
how you once made me
smile with so much glee
that I can't even explain

It was like magic
a magic that has made my life a lil' tragic
I feel sorry* for those people worried more about their grades than their lives

I feel sorry for those people who worry more about the answers rather than the beauty of those unanswered questions of life

I feel sorry for those people who gives more self worth than appreciating the beauty of caring for welfare of others

I feel sorry for those people who cant enjoy life cause they are too worried about the future and are stressing about their past rather than living today

I feel sorry* for those who cant control themselves and give in to anger, pain, guilt and sadness than feel free by forgiving, being happy and be kind

Yes, I feel sorry for myself sometimes
There's this thick border that separates you from them
but I can never explain what it is
all I can say is that I feel it inside of my heart that
you stand out from the rest
and for me you are the best!
They said, stars shine brighter when they're further away from you.
I guess that's the most logical reason to what we are now.
I'm just a star gazer who can never gaze upon your bright lit up face from such a short distance.
Just promise me
You'll never forget
The stitches I've sewn over you bare chest
Because I was the only one who knew
I was the only one who saw
That void you were hiding underneath your white shirt
All they ever saw was the false reflection upon your face
All I ever saw in you was your shattered entirety whom dreams to float along the clouds
And so there I was
Trying to mend your broken wings
But I never thought I'd get broken in the process
Why can't I say no to that look on your face?
I just stayed
I was at my worst
It felt like I wanted to burst
But let me tell you first
How he quenched my thirst

It was something I couldn't bear
I felt fear
Before the forest became clear

There I saw you
Thinking that you have seen me too

In the deep forest you sheltered
The way you live was altered

From then on, you lead the way
I saw beautiful trees sway
Deeper we go as we play
Since that day
Every time we part, I only wish to stay

Each summer i'd come back
To the same place I lost track

Each summer you'd wait for me
We'd be as happy as we can be

The mask covering up your face
I ponder it's purpose on that place

Days went by
Sometimes a kite would fly
Or we'll just go fishing nearby

Yet one summer night stood out
This hasn't just made me pout

We went to a festival
Also kinda like a carnival
Fireworks and all

It was supposed to be my happiest
But it also became my saddest

I wasn't ready to hear your final goodbye
Didn't think i'd cry
It seems like it was just yesterday
     when I heard your first "Hi"

It was tragic indeed
For you made my heart and soul bleed
It may sound like greed
But I never wanted you to leave
My inspiration was Hotarubi no mori e... So sad... Why did Gin have to leave... :'( Huhuhuhu... I think this was my first long poem... mehehe or maybe not... not sure though...
You make me unstable
These feelings, uncontrollable
I have always been afraid to tell, to show, to feel and to express

I can only communicate through unspoken words, written calligraphy, and endless encryption that no one would ever understand

But I hope that one day,
would happen to notice the pain, hurt, suffering and torture that I've been keeping at bay....
It's very unlikely
Could be deadly

How those paper with faces of the dead
Could manipulate or fill us with dread
Pffftt... the reality *****... I wonder why some people love to keep money for themselves wayyyyy to much up to the point where it's just so unreasonable.
I was silently typing
till I noticed that I was already smiling
Maybe you must have pressed your E
for you have charmed me
I hear the children's laughter
I feel like my emotions are about to falter
it reminds me of my lonely days
when i'd usually be with myself
locked inside
as if my skin wont ever be kissed by the sun
till' I remember the countless stars I've gazed upon,
those numerous gashes and wounds that are now scars,
the number of times I've played outside,
those multiple of friends I played with and to whom I shared some of my stories,
those beads of sweat that form on my forehead whenever we run under the gazing sun,
the sweet laughter coming from our lips,

Yes, I had a good run.
I don't want to forget but
I guess I have to move on and accept what's ahead.
It hurts my brain
Oh what a pain!
Soon I might need a crane
my back hurts like hell!
If only I could hide inside a shell
and block everything for a little while
cause everything's in a huge pile
When everything came in like a storm...
As the school year
draws near,
I could already smell my greatest fears.
I could already taste those upcoming
salty tears.
I stare at the ceiling
A heavy sigh escapes
Maybe i'll take a rest
And remove my capes
I already did my best
I'll let some of my thoughts escape
and let them cool for a while
They're all already in a pile

Once I come back
I hope I can fill what you lack
but maybe it's all just about acceptance
and not about changing appearance

I also need to clear my mind
my eyes have always been blind
when it comes to my own mistakes
because I don't have what it takes
to be somebody they want me to be
So till then, we'll see

Goodbye for now
Good luck, somehow
We all need a peace of mind at some point, don't we?
You* are the center of my solar system
You brighten up my whole galaxy
You* shine the brightest among the stars

Oh darling why wont you study *astronomy
with me

So you'd know how much my heart aches for you
I wonder for how long are you going to dwell on that heart ache
I guess you need to accept things the way they are
you need to make amends with the past to move on in life
You think I'm blinded by your loud laughter and happy-go-lucky self
I've seen different faces
I've met different people
I've observed more than enough
I'm not that numb not to even see your very thin barrier
Everybody else is just isn't looking closely
that's why you think that you got us fooled
Life's a two way mirror.
I see you, you see me.
I've given up the desire to make you
I'll try to just be
It's time for me to play the cupid
I've had enough looking so stupid

I guess it'll be alright
If it means I'll see you smile so bright
Watched a new series anime and got an inspiration from that... :)
I guess knowing what your problem is isn't  important
but what matters most is that I gave you a spark of hope
and at some point
made you smile brighter than the rays
of a sunlight
Di ko alam kung tama ba na ika'y ipaglaban
Kasi di pa kita nakikilala ng husto
At sa ngayo'y di ko pa masasabi na parehas tayo ng pinagdaanan
Marami pa akong dapat malaman
Para masabi kong ikaw at ako'y iisa lamang

Pero di pa kita susukuuan kasi alam kong ang panahong to'y di pa sapat
Marami pang mga oras na bubunuin
Para matanto ang sagot sa mga tanong  na aking tatanungin

Sana nga mahanap ko ang aking gustong matarok
upang di masayang tong di ko pag tulog at nagpatongpatong na sobrang antok
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