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Jan 11 · 149
I am a hypocrite
Hlengiwe Jan 11
I'm a hypocrite
I can feel it running in my veins
Hypocrisy that is in my DNA
Making me lunatic
Hear me as I preach
Watch me as I oppose my words
Observe my actions
You'll see me stabbing your back
Then make you feel the guilt
As I am praised
Your trust becomes dust
Easly blown out of my life
By my duster in my control
I'll laugh with you
Never will I cry with you
Your tears mean nothing to me
But my success
should mean everything to you
I'm a chronic manipulator
Always playing the victim
You got played
A brief description
Dec 2019 · 39
Hlengiwe Dec 2019
I feel it
Swimming in my blood
Moving from neuron to neuron
Consuming my whole body
I blink to get it out
Tears roll down my cheek
Containing the products it produced
I shiver as my eyes dart
From one place to another
All my emotions are numb
Only it shows it's dominance
My **** touches the cold floor
As my back leans on the rough wall
Voices in my ear get louder
Second by second their pitch increase
My hands shield me from the noise
Now I can't hold my vigorous heart
That threatens to forcefully pop out
This feeling is worse than heartbreak
Because it completely takes
your heart
Guilt is deadly
Dec 2019 · 115
Hlengiwe Dec 2019
I fear the dark room
It has ghosts and truth
It makes my brain eats itself
It makes me turn my back on myself
But then I remember that fear is an emotion that is brought by ignorance
A smile appears
Dec 2019 · 64
Who am I?
Hlengiwe Dec 2019
In the body of this feminine Earth
Am I the antibody or the cancer that keeps on multiplying killing it slowly?
Am I her knight and shining armour or an unwanted version of ******?
Am I the reason behind her smile
Or am I a dead cell which will be washed away by her ocean tears?
Am I the fire that burns all her beauty or am I the sun that gives her warmth and joy?
In her life what purpose do I uphold?
In her eyes who am I?
Conserve Earth...
Dec 2019 · 47
I'm Back
Hlengiwe Dec 2019
I'm back
Back from being stapped behind by those I called my friends
I'm back
Back from being bullied my mental state is unstable it needs a walking stick.
I'm back
Back from being suffocated by prejudice my anxiety is kicking
I'm back
Back from the crowd that screamed their chatters, gossip ringing in my ear
I'm back
Back from my failed suicide attempts which reflect the failure I am
I'm back
Back from running into the mist hoping to find my long lost soul
I'm back
With my soul attached
I'm back.
Oct 2019 · 110
Hlengiwe Oct 2019
Comfort my dear friend please forsake me
Turn your back on me just like earth does to the sun
Free me from your hold and let me welcome a new dawn.
It's hard to leave your comfort zone, it would be much easier if it left you...
Sep 2019 · 119
Hlengiwe Sep 2019
Inspiration is the fire we need
To keep our inner candles burning
And our passion flowing
It is the one that motives us to act
Without shame being allowed to hover over us
With it all judgments turn into ashes
Live to inspire and aspire others
Sep 2019 · 146
Hlengiwe Sep 2019
Seeking fame
In the wrong lane
Results in shame
Making you insane
Sep 2019 · 139
Am I the bad guy?
Hlengiwe Sep 2019
Lies oozes out of you
Can't even hide it with make up
Even the lie detector goes wild
Might want to go for a check up
Because my doctor gave me anti lie pills
To shield me from your "I can explain" explosive
Looks like I'm the one with the corrosive motive
To drill the truth out until you feel ill
Don't worry about the medical bills Mr Gates
Because you failed to attend them just like those dinner dates
That showed me your fifty shades
Rhyme gone wrong
Sep 2019 · 94
The Rose
Hlengiwe Sep 2019
A mesmerizing red rose
So fragile with no guardians
Refuses to die, to give in
For it acknowledges the priceless history it possesses
Its petals ever so bright
Its redness blinds you
Ready to show the word the historians who shed their blood for it
For us all to rejoice and appreciate the little we have.
It's thorny stem growing strong showing the world all that it endured
Manifesting its strength.
For the rose is the heart of this land
Through it we shall all know what true beauty is
Preserving our history is our way of showing our love to the future generation.
Sep 2019 · 57
Hlengiwe Sep 2019
Sing to me my dear child.
Emit that lovely frequency that pleasures me.
Oh how I miss that tune
That comes so unexpectedly, so unpredictably
The one that makes the chirping birds jealous.
Oh yes my child
Let out that godly sound
The one that sparkle with your innocence
The one that reflects the truth, your truth
Share with me your tears
That brings heat to your face as your body dances uncontrollably to your music
Let me hear your story
As we eliminate the world from our cave of joyce
Yes my child
Take me on that journey of yours
and let's not turn into pillars of salt
by dwelling on our unpleasant history
Let's rewrite the rules
With the instrument of your tune
Sep 2019 · 75
Hlengiwe Sep 2019
Hallow and empty is my heart
A blank space that refuses to be filled grows
Craving the unknown to quieten the voices in my head
Words meant to heal me
Like the medication hidden under my bed
Laziness opened doors to apathy
My worst nightmare invading my reality
No words to reason what's going on in my head
Having everything appreciating nothing
Blackness covering my eyes
Unable to see the blessings in front of me
Gratitude is what's needed but no one is seeking it.
Don't worry about tomorrow for tomorrow has it's own problems to worry about so they say
Yet worrying about the past is what we specialise in
Gratitude is key...
Aug 2019 · 312
Hlengiwe Aug 2019
A face that is emotionless
Is more dangerous than a poisonous spider
For the spider knows not how to hide its intentions
But an emotionless face tells no story
It holds power over your mind,heart and action
It also knows ******* you
Slowly and painfully.
Two faced....
Aug 2019 · 204
The Fiend
Hlengiwe Aug 2019
It walks around with a mirror
Showing the reflection of your soul
Tricking you into believing it's his personality
Making you fall in love with it
Filtered with friendship traits
Luring you to its kingdom
******* from you your blood and soul
Turning you against yourself
Making you your own enemy
With it success is foreign
And no outside things are allowed in its castle
It makes you toxic with its diabolical nature
And blinds you from reality
It controls you till it becomes you
Soon when you look into the mirror
Your soul wont be reflected
The only thing you will see is
The fiend
Malignant it is indeed....
Jul 2019 · 491
My dear melanin
Hlengiwe Jul 2019
In Africa is where you built your  home.
Giving life to everything you touch
Making every African a proud offspring of the soil
Your beautiful is so spellbinding no one can turn a blind eye to
Perfection is what you deal with you know no mistake
Everyone wants to have you, everyone wants to own you.
You're so precious not even money can buy you

Envying you they took you abroad
Forced you to settle in an unknown place
Ripping away the confidence you've engraved in the hearts of your children.
They tried to make you surrender
They taught your children to hate and destroy you in order for them to use your tears to build their empire

Yet you still remain calm and majestic
You claim your throne and rule with passion
You don't hate nor do you discriminate
You make sure your presence is known and respected by the world
My dear melanin.
The beauty of melanin is embraced
Jul 2019 · 124
Stage of mind
Hlengiwe Jul 2019
My train of thoughts collided with reality
Shifting my beliefs and ambition
The memories all swim separately as if running away from each other
Making it hard to reminisce
Time seems to hate me
As it is continuously denying me access to be it's friend...
Incomplete....words just faded and disappeared
Jul 2019 · 213
Hlengiwe Jul 2019
Welcome to the happy side
Here we bury our pain
And let our childish side flourish.
Here we grow
Under the sun absorbing it's rays.
Here we sing, dance, laugh and make plenty mistakes.
We feed the earth our joy,
We give it it's brightness,
We appreciate the little we have.
We walk together in the journey of life
Because a long trip is enjoyed
When you have your friends with you
Jul 2019 · 59
I Fooled Myself
Hlengiwe Jul 2019
You left me
In the cold dark world
Told me to be kind and compassionate
Deceived me with your sweet melodic voice
Told me to treat others the way I too desire to be treated
You held my hand with your warmth radiating around me
I thought I'd never know the cold
It turned out that I fooled myself
I played myself...
Jul 2019 · 49
I guess
Hlengiwe Jul 2019
I guess it was never meant to be
I guess it was not meant for us
For the wise man said
the key to a successful relationship is communication

How can we?
When you fear to listen
And I fear to talk
Jul 2019 · 208
They don't care
Hlengiwe Jul 2019
This world is crual
This world is evil
They don't really care about you
They only care about themselves
When hard times knock at their door
When they feel alone
You take your time to comfort them,
they act like they love you
Like they appreciate you
But when you're stuck in a hole
They pretend to be blind
When you shout for help
They hide their ears
When you drown in your tears
They develop aquaphobia
And when you give them love
They take it and never return it.
They never really did care...
Jul 2019 · 155
Hlengiwe Jul 2019
I was willing
To do everything for you
I was willing to sacrifice my happiness for you
But your selfishness clouded your appreciation
It pushed me away
And I'm allowing it to.
I'm torn the same way you are...
Jul 2019 · 87
Hlengiwe Jul 2019
Words make us
Words destroy us
Whether you die in your hidden sorrow
Or you shout to the top of your voice
Releasing your misery for the world to examine.

We are all still living beings
Swimming in the pool of confusionĀ  and mystery.
Words are...
Jul 2019 · 926
I want
Hlengiwe Jul 2019
I want to know myself
I want to explore myself
I want to search my heart
Exploring every curve,
invading every room's privacy
I want answers to unasked questions
I want accurate answers to rhetorical questions
I want to have conversations about topics that are ignored and hidden
I want to drink coffee with the Lord
and let him fill my empty mind
with wisdom to understand life.
I want to know what is pain, hate, depression, and discrimination.
I want to understand their origin
I want to fight bad guys
I want to succeed
But how can I
when fear is all that I know.
I want...
Jul 2019 · 396
Hlengiwe Jul 2019
You can let your afro flourish
Straighten it to ease the effort
Curl it or cut it
Your hair is the frame that surrounds your beauty
It is the majestic crown you were born with
It allows your beauty to spellbind us
Through it your artistry is recognised
And your personality is advertised
Hair is...
Jul 2019 · 144
Miss you
Hlengiwe Jul 2019
The sun shone brighter day by day
The beauty of Earth was appreciated
Now that you're gone the only thing I know is misery
All the memories that were tucked in my mind fade like the morning mist
Your scent roams around making your presence be remembered.

Eyes are soaked from all the pain that took shelter in my mourning heart
How could a human being possess such power even from underground ?
Your laughter fills the room
Is this the sound of torture or are the angels singing a melodic tune?

You've created a black hole in my heart
No time can heal, no words can heal
Only your presence can heal me
But how can you when you're already dancing with legends
To those we miss

— The End —