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East Wind Dec 2020
Life is but chance and a few rain drops
granulated what if's and why -
knots us in a circuitous march.
With trumpet sounds that blur the lines
between ups and downs and lefts and -
writes no formula to sojourn by.
Jun 2020 · 180
East Wind Jun 2020
Thrown off the beaten path,
I'm slowly surrendering to lull of
insouciance that slithered into my limbs.
Heart palpitates, then settles
dampened by the trickle of rain outside;
time still runs like she does.
Always forward never back:
to do, to be, to say, to sweat, to grind,
to chase,
to chase,
to chase...
To what end?
Until we run out of breath?
Or we can sit, and wait, and ponder...
to what end?
Until we run out of breath!
I'm always asking why, but now I'm asking "to what end?"
Feb 2020 · 194
Right Now,
East Wind Feb 2020
Everything seems urgent but it's not.
East Wind Dec 2019
I thought that I could keep changing my name
until I found the one that fits.
    The name that will make me stand tall,
     be bold. Not fold...
Aha, but...that power doesn't rest in the name
I have to garner it from within.
Nov 2019 · 161
Venture On
East Wind Nov 2019
Life gives opportune moments to be taken
regardless of the fortunes left unattended.
Leaving behind unassuming faces
to be faced with the hunting of oasis.
Taken from a poem I'm working on … Leaving what you know is hard, daring to go is even harder.
East Wind Sep 2019
Believing it won't happen again
I planned to paint myself in the corner.
The little girl that could was no longer visible.
In her place is me,
too afraid to say no, too afraid to be alone.
No poetic way to say,
I run away even from my own shadow.
I Decided,
You will become my security blanket.
Relentless, unapologetic, and just conniving enough
to stay until you go.
Warm at first, then sung, then sleepless nights ensue
until it feels like I'm nestled in a straitjacket.
It will be of my own making, I'm afraid
that I'll wake up with no wiggle room.
Too afraid to say no, Too afraid to be alone.

The little girl that could, where did she go?
The little girl that could, where did she go?
Sep 2019 · 194
Melancholy Tuesday
East Wind Sep 2019
Melancholy Tuesday
Please comeback on Friday,
This weekly march
is somewhat fraught
with tempestuous waters
that make it hard
to surface from -
   The lake of blah-ness
   The sea of staleness
   The nights of - no word sadness
I call it, Melancholy Tuesday
I’ll ask you to please...
     Don’t leave me yet today.
Aug 2019 · 340
East Wind Aug 2019
Absence came and hid the cracks.  
Wasn't she suppose to make the heart long?
she said fonder, bolder, tighter, closer...
She lied. She formed habits designed to hide.
Aug 2019 · 285
Lonely Freedom part.2
East Wind Aug 2019
I thought I wanted this
but most birds don't fly
without their flocks.
I am taking off.
I'm journeying to mountain tops.
I say my dears, I'll be back
When I find the shell
that hides my prize,
only to wonder why I am lost
caging myself from  
passing life.
Aug 2019 · 286
Try (Jump)
East Wind Aug 2019
Give it a shot
Why not?
In time, you’ll feel it
If you just let go
Go mad
Let love
Get married
Have children
I’ll be proud
As your maker
Your raiser
I say when,
You should just jump

But I can’t
I doubted my self
Far too often
But now I know not
I forgot what it was
But my memory
Flooded back
Thank God
I know what it’s like
To look deep in the eyes
And just know
Without having to try
That I like him
And I am willing to
Give love a shot or maybe not...regardless, don't let the pressure you to just give it a try.
I guess that one person was right, "You'll know when you know because it will bite you in the ***."
Jun 2019 · 639
Lonely Freedom
East Wind Jun 2019
All I want is to roam
The skies like the hummingbirds birds do
    What’s out there that
     I want it more than
     I want you?
However lonely, Freedom.
May 2019 · 175
East Wind May 2019
The wheels may never
start turning,
nor the stars aligning,
or the winds whispering,
to guide me to where I need to be.
But may I be able to
gather the courage
to dust off my boots and
bandage my wounds to keep trekking,
clearing the trail that I should lead.

May 2019 · 264
Fleeting Pleasures
East Wind May 2019
....Fleeting pleasures hunt me to destroy the contentment I have built thus far.
May 2019 · 284
You can Snort
East Wind May 2019
If they tell you,
Make it pretty
Make it nice
Be subtle and precise  
Shiny but not too bright
Smile then laugh, but don’t snort -
Not ladylike
One more thing... don’t cry,
Black streaks will ruin your attire.
You can tell them,
I can make it pretty and loud
Assertive and proud
Ladylike if I like  
Be boisterous if I must
I can dress it up, dress it down
Twirl and dance around  
Show my tears to the crowd
And then laugh because that’s life
          I can snort, that’s allowed!
Apr 2019 · 179
Only you.
East Wind Apr 2019
“Always see the glass as half full”
said the Lady to the kid
And the kid replied,  
“But life is a draining thing.”
The Lady, not taken aback
Looked at the kid and smiled
“Always see the glass half full,
Because you’re the only you.
What happens today will shape the
Future you- And you...,
You are going to change the world.

So the kid grew up, moving home to home
Could’ve been a sad tale forgotten, unknown
But a voice echoed “you are going to change the world.”
And although the kid never saw the Lady again,
    She lived, and loved, and learned
Because she knew, somewhere out there
Lived someone who believed in her.
You are the only you. 5e-9.
Apr 2019 · 112
East Wind Apr 2019
I was writing about a river
then the pictures I run over
crossed my mind like a hangover
the hesitation ever so clearer
but it helps to start over
a side of aspirin the answer
to hurdles I need to crossover
to put my life back together again!
Errrr,  Just thought I should mention, I luck concentration, hence this poem.
Apr 2019 · 369
You Make Life Better
East Wind Apr 2019
Life, although hard and fraught with a series of conflicts,
you make living it better.
Dedicated to Mr. Bryan C.
Mar 2019 · 275
Here is to spring.
East Wind Mar 2019
It was raining
light shower drops
falling away.
The leafless trees
with open arms,
welcomed the drizzle
until midnight.
I stayed awake
because I could;
The soothing sound
told me I should -
write to you
one last goodbye
till I see you
Next winter time.
"After winter, must come spring" - Everything is Everything by Lauren Hill.
Mar 2019 · 13.3k
Bad poetry
East Wind Mar 2019
Collections of my disorderly thoughts
gathered together with knots
of my ample desire
to make sense of my everyday life.
I write poetry, however bad they might be, to help me analyze my feelings.
Feb 2019 · 315
about Love...
East Wind Feb 2019
Question: How can Love be extremely simple yet severely complicated?
Feb 2019 · 825
To the Song of Cicadas.
East Wind Feb 2019
Mist is in the air
seeping through my pores;
I look for you,
bathed in the cold.

Time and time again,
I hear eerie tones.
like the song of cicadas,
under Shumard oak.

Debated where you were
mystery unsolved.
The story of old,
Me vs. my own mind.

Afternoon fades off
still, debated unsolved.
to the song of cicadas,
to face each other once more.
Feb 2019 · 308
To you, the travler
East Wind Feb 2019
Lost in your thoughts
and dreams
heading somewhere
that never seems to be reached...
     Write to me when you make it there,
       so that I know it's possible.
Jan 2019 · 315
The Trees Talk.
East Wind Jan 2019
How do I find it?
the way home seems so hard.
walk over mountains,
hope the mountains won't collapse.
what day is today?
the day I meet my chance...
the chances are, I don't know how
far I can walk

I know the trees talk
              the trees talk
they call my name so clear and proud
what do they say when I'm not around?

Find me a willow tree
so I can rest my head
when the morning breaks
hope to find my bed instead
what day is today?
the day I find my place
but the chances are, I don't know how far
I can walk

I know the trees talk
              the trees talk
I wonder if they'll answer if I ask
Don't leave here
fruits may be poison
don't leave me here
the way home is what I seek
    Find me a house with the lights on
                                  with the food warm
                                  with the bed firm
    Find me a house with the clock on
                                  compass north
               So I can find my way home.
Jan 2019 · 200
Feeling: Hazy
East Wind Jan 2019
droopy eyelids
lazy smile
slowed down thoughts
words... I can't find!
East Wind Jan 2019
I took a plane and a train to come find you.
you said "take a nap, we've got time"
and I said, "no thank you I'll stay awake,
lets take a walk instead."
six miles we went.
I, trying to avoid the jet lag
but really just scared that if I shut my eyes,
days will disappear like stars when night gives way to the day sky or
like warm cookies from a cookie jar.
You, laughing because you missed my laugh.
Later on,
As I sat in the metro
in a city I didn't know
trying to find my way back to your house
I wished I had the power to stretch a second into an hour
an hour into a day and a day into forever there with you!
Dec 2018 · 130
East Wind Dec 2018
I did not appreciate you
when I had you close
now you're everything
I can't recall.
Like, was it blue or was it turquoise?
when we hanged around the river til the sun rose.
And roses were red, yellow, and pink,
we were warned not to touch them for we might bleed.
But we didn't care covered in dust
we held the world in our palms,
and we drew on them with sticks we found
in the neighbors yard.

I did not appreciate you
when I had you close
now the scenery is everything
I can't afford.
Like, willow birds and fast paced steeds
grass evergreen and trees that could sing.
Hiding from the moon that was trailing us
in search for treasures,  gold and bronze
So we can trade them for paper ships
to sail across the the rain oceans...

Now as I am glancing back
at my fractured past history ,
I wished I captured your essences
to last as lifelong memory.
To the days of playing with pebbles and tin cans,
mud houses and sling shots...
Dec 2018 · 127
On Earth Again.
East Wind Dec 2018
To the moon and back you said -
I guess you've landed on earth again.
Nov 2018 · 275
East Wind Nov 2018
"You made it this far" you said.
Yes! I made it this far...
it was the first time
I heard it said out loud by someone else.
and Oh what solace it was to hear
that I'm still alive
and able to thrive.
Yes! I made this Far!
Nov 2018 · 412
Live for Today
East Wind Nov 2018
I wish to never worry about tomorrow
Never worry about the someday
Take the joy with the sorrow
And just live for today.
Oct 2018 · 468
With You.
East Wind Oct 2018
I wish I can turn a day into
forever there with you.
Time moves fast when you're having fun...and also when you get older.
East Wind Oct 2018
Why you?
Why now?
Was it the dark, the lack of light?
Well, there was the moon glow through the the window!
So it has to be what was on my mind.
Was it the ***?
Cursed truth serum
That burned my mind with the Polaroids of my insecure past?
When I had doubts of not good enough
When I lied more than I told the truth
Changing my name from town to town
Changing my face from friend to friend
Whatever the reason must’ve been fleeting
I don’t remember now or am I repressing?
Only time will tell if I start admitting
that I have problems that might need fixing.
Admitting you have a problem might be the first step but it's still very hard!
Oct 2018 · 564
completley crazy.
East Wind Oct 2018
Sometimes I think the only way someone can madly love me
is if they're completely crazy.
The Problem with Romantics is...
Oct 2018 · 376
One Sided
East Wind Oct 2018
I like that you like me
I hate that I don't see
How good you are for me
So I doubt what this could be
and I embrace my lonely.
Why can't I just like you back?
Oct 2018 · 277
Alma’s Song
East Wind Oct 2018
For a cough,
Breathe in the Sea air.
For a headache,
Breathe in the Ocean.
For life,
Breathe in Oxygen.
East Wind Oct 2018
You can sell me your lies
I’ll bite,
I will let you take me down your path of
Yellow daisy flowers and red bright roses
Even though I find out-
too little too late,
They’ve all been painted
to deceitfully entice and trap me behind
The facade you call love.
Oct 2018 · 5.7k
Permission to Fail
East Wind Oct 2018
The old man said:
The key to contentment is to find yourself
deep within yourself until you can learn to drown out the voices of the world.
For so long, I was confused about what he was trying to say. Now I think I understand. It's all about believing in our own capability to handle life as it comes. Other people's validation may seem nice and sometimes it is but it is never to be our main source of motivation or strength. What other people think about us does not determine our ability to be sufficient. We have to understand who we are and be comfortable with ourselves; our hopes, dreams, strengths, and failures too. Because when we understand all of the beautiful, ugly, dark, and beautifully dark parts that live within us and learn to accept them, we can lovingly work to better ourselves. I read a quote today, "Wherever we're trying to go, we do not bully ourselves there. We believe ourselves there."-Leeana T. When we love our own self enough to stop listening to the chatters of world, we can finally let go of our self-loathing and take a step forward to being content.
East Wind Oct 2018
crystal clear like the springs
Pouring in downward motion
salty like the ocean...
I want to go up and away
anywhere from today
I feel sadness echoing  
    my thoughts trolling
      my sprit crawling  
I am back with the sad songs again
     dancing with my demons again
        whirling through emotions therein
I think life is,
twisting me up like a chord and
minor chords keep playing in my soul.
I probably can't use therein there but oh well...Here is to the dreary times when all we do is sit, sip, and cry.
Oct 2018 · 128
It’s okay.
East Wind Oct 2018
You’re human
You falter
It’s Okay!
East Wind Sep 2018
Rejection my kryptonite
Keeps me from reaching for your hands.
Sep 2018 · 330
Broken Kite.
East Wind Sep 2018
I saw a girl playing alone
many of her toys scattered around
there was only one she bothered to pick up.

A paper kite that was broken
with edges folded and pieces fallen
she tried to fly it but it was for nothing.

I didn't see how long she tried to fly it
but I prayed she won't become crestfallen
when most things in the world seem broken.
Sep 2018 · 151
Sticky Note Poetry 3: Blue
East Wind Sep 2018
Color Blue is my best friend
I'll keep him with me until the end
We'll walk down the streets hand in hand
I'll tell them all it's what I want.
I want the sadness and the pain
The pensive looks that we share
The sweet sorrow, the jazzy blues
All that comes with being Blue's.
Hey Blue...? I say once or twice a day,
You're my armor, my dark knight
Your lullabies drown out life...but
you're all I know Don't leave me behind.
Sep 2018 · 244
Word of the Day: Frazzled
East Wind Sep 2018
Hands on my head, panicked.
Heart rhythm indicates:
East Wind Sep 2018
Being pulled wistfully, by
the invisible hands
of fractured
Sep 2018 · 111
Why do the good suffer?
East Wind Sep 2018
It seems the ones that profit the most
never pay the price.
I hate that.
And I hate hate because it lurks behind
everybody's heart.
Sep 2018 · 156
Sad Flowers Bloom.
East Wind Sep 2018
Sad flowers bloom in the night
You wonder how you’ve come this far
You stay up late till the dawn
To watch the sun rise.
Loose change behind the cracks
You pick them up, rinse them off
Don’t give up now you’ve come this far
******* tight and take a flight.
  Emotionally depleated-
  Anything goes in this town
  But like clockwork you repeat it
  And tears fall from your eyes like waterfalls to the river...
Sad flowers bloom in the night
I know your kind the classic type
You walk around head in the clouds
You chase your dreams
Till they become
The driving force
That wake you up.
Sep 2018 · 361
East Wind Sep 2018
Are my words as dark as a stormy day's cloud?
Even gray clouds have feelings and emotions they hide
until they let loose and let it all pour out.
But I seem to be as blank as a white page...No. Better yet,
As a leaf caught underneath a rock with no escape
With a weight on my chest that can't be explained!
Aug 2018 · 624
Of substance.
East Wind Aug 2018
Are you eating anything else besides bubblegum?
Because you matter!
Greatly valued.
Aug 2018 · 168
East Wind Aug 2018
I'm new to town
I don't know how
to hold my head sideways
you flash a smile
your pearly whites
but they disappear like lightning
I'm learning fast
to be a fraud
how to counterfeit my laugh lines
the time will come
when this faux attire
will be worn like my coat of arms.
Wearing a fake smile can become a difficult task and a hard habit to break.
East Wind Aug 2018
The secret of life
Is simple and nice
She said I’ll tell it to you twice
Just so you know it ain’t a lie
     The upward battle
     The downward tumble
     The fight to finish
     The race you started
And days maybe getting darker
Time maybe ticking faster
Love maybe turning bitter
And sweet maybe turning sour
But life always has a controller.
     To hopeful travelers
     There is a road to take
     So baby don’t you cry
     There’s hope for you yet
And life maybe getting harder
Days maybe getting shorter
you keep waiting, waiting longer
Your heart beating, beating faster
But life always has a controller.
     So baby don’t you cry
     There’s hope for you yet
     The secret of life
     Is underneath your chest!
Life and her secrets.
Aug 2018 · 1.5k
My Ten Words Today
East Wind Aug 2018
Love unites us.
Hate poisons us.
And Time carries us.
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