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East Wind May 2023
Don't be scared to try because you're scared of falling;
Scrapes heal and life happens anyway.
East Wind May 2023
The sweat
The tapping
The squeeze
The timing
The breath
The holding
  then comes -
The inward mapping
Draw in, breath out
Pull in, jump out
A chance, a dream
A dance... a resolution-
A rose, purple or violet, followed by a trumpet
that says- good, not perfect.
Here is to for all the good things and not overthinking...but also thinking just not overthinking.
East Wind Dec 2020
Life is but chance and a few rain drops
granulated what if's and why -
knots us in a circuitous march.
With trumpet sounds that blur the lines
between ups and downs and lefts and -
writes no formula to sojourn by.
East Wind Jun 2020
Thrown off the beaten path,
I'm slowly surrendering to lull of
insouciance that slithered into my limbs.
Heart palpitates, then settles
dampened by the trickle of rain outside;
time still runs like she does.
Always forward never back:
to do, to be, to say, to sweat, to grind,
to chase,
to chase,
to chase...
To what end?
Until we run out of breath?
Or we can sit, and wait, and ponder...
to what end?
Until we run out of breath!
I'm always asking why, but now I'm asking "to what end?"
East Wind Feb 2020
Everything seems urgent but it's not.
East Wind Dec 2019
I thought that I could keep changing my name
until I found the one that fits.
    The name that will make me stand tall,
     be bold. Not fold...
Aha, but...that power doesn't rest in the name
I have to garner it from within.
East Wind Nov 2019
Life gives opportune moments to be taken
regardless of the fortunes left unattended.
Leaving behind unassuming faces
to be faced with the hunting of oasis.
Taken from a poem I'm working on … Leaving what you know is hard, daring to go is even harder.
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