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East Wind Aug 2018
I'm new to town
I don't know how
to hold my head sideways
you flash a smile
your pearly whites
but they disappear like lightning
I'm learning fast
to be a fraud
how to counterfeit my laugh lines
the time will come
when this faux attire
will be worn like my coat of arms.
Wearing a fake smile can become a difficult task and a hard habit to break.
Matthew A Cain Nov 2017
If love is a drug than I don't want it.
cause I got a gypsy soul for leaving
and a mothers heart for scars in need of healing

If love is a drug than I don't want it.
Because I got no self control,
An addict mind and habits ages old
Love has always been an intoxicating idea. I recognize that I find corrosive people to satisfy my temporary state of mind. When midnight comes calling and I'm all alone I seek out relationships to keep me high. I seek love but find a cheep substitute drug in the form of infatuation and lust. Most times I can't tell when it's the substitute and when it's the real thing so I simply try and never take the plunge in the first place never take the first hit. I keep everyone at arms distance because I'll never be addicted to the fake thing if I never take a hit. consequently I'll never get that real high and so I die with my extroverted mind driving me insane as I look for connection but can't let anyone in.
Cat Lynn Sep 2017
How can we, so small
Expect to win it all
Our minds so full of us
Blind our eyes to the one and only Jesus
Remove our deceptive comfort
That we cling like a favorite toy
The sudden pain of life's adversities carries away our counterfeit joy
For the lies of deceptive comfort only seek to **destroy.
Written by someone close to me...Thank you
Lizzie May 2017
When you start something
And you never quit
When you set a goal
And you work towards it
When you have a dream
But it’s counterfeit

When you try so hard
And you still fall down
When you get back up
And you look around
So you then realize
You’re in the background

When your eyes open
And you see the lie
When you feel so hurt
And you want to cry
When you be yourself
You suddenly fly!

Who cares if they hate
So filled with critique
You make no mistakes
Because you’re unique
I wrote this about a year ago. Originally it was supposed to be a song. Probably one of my best poems so far, though my english teacher had /nothing/ good to say about it.
Light House Feb 2017
Reality can often feel counterfeit or imaginary,
as fantasy can often seem be
ancestrally bound to life.
Just words.
Spenser Bennett Feb 2016
I am afraid
I am only a counterfeit
And I am over it.
mrmonst3r Nov 2014
You spare me a minute.
Some words,
Casual sentiment with hooks.
***'s marking my demise —
Buried in self-pity and hope.
Who believes those sappy love flicks?
Heartthrob, tragedy and love saves the day!
Beginning, middle, end.


Love bleeds,
Dying on the vine.
In truth, there are no happy endings.
Just endings.
Got bitter? Yup.

— The End —