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Isabelle Apr 2016
My mind is wandering
Going to places I've never been
Trying to acquire wisdom
But all I've got is boredom

Procrastination is my enemy
And laziness is envy
I am chasing a dream
Should I wake up now or stay asleep??
Keely Anne Dec 2012
what i said:
"you sound rough this morning."

what i meant:
"your voice is lavender and honey and tea time and supernovas colliding with gentle breezes and if i could wake up to it, just once, cocooned in a tangle of your arms and couch cushions and that blanket you keep in the back of your car, i swear by the stars in my eyes no one on this godforsaken planet would be out of earshot of my singing

i hope that tonight when i dream of you--it is no longer a matter of uncertainty, but anticipation--you speak like you've just overslept your alarm and frantically motored yourself to where i am, like is the case today.

i wish you had chosen me but if i could only listen to you speak to me, about anything--rivers or math homework or football or belonging or music or even your girlfriend--i promise i would listen with the beating urgency of a swimmer in a frozen stream, i would savor each word from your lips, like they were the spring and i was the underground daisy waiting for your kiss.

and in precisely three days i will have an essay to compose about a beautiful topic that would consume me thoroughly were it not for the memory of your groggy morning voice, so full of raspy complacency i can't breathe but instead of fulfilling my obligations i will be hashing out halfway comprehensible poetry about you and crying about how i cannot recreate the sound of your voice with any combination of hollowly clicking keys.

you are so beautiful that i could spend the remainder of my life with a five-subject notebook, scrawling 'your eyes. your smile. your hands. your voice' over and over endlessly and die feeling as though i had lived a thousand years of quiet adventure.

you are so much and too much for me and i have no idea why you see as much in me as you do but i will not question it, for fear that if i were to come too close to you, to run my fingers along the marvel of your face you would shrivel and unfurl into nonexistence, like the leaf in the fire."

and also:
"why can't your voice always sound like this?"

and finally:
"******* you're attractive"
JK Cabresos Jan 2015
As I lay me down to sleep,
I can't get you
out of my head.

Come run with me
to forever,
I'll hold your hands
till we grow older.

Smile when my eyes
are frozen,
because they're all frozen
for you.

Kisses might be far too soon,
but I'll be waiting,
our hopes and dreams
are ever in our destiny.

Let me take you
to the edge of all heartaches,
and show you
how beautiful it is
to be with.

Take this love of mine
wherever you go,
no, I don't even call it love,
I call it Geronimo.
Hers Aug 2014
I love
Pushing your hair back

I love
Kissing your cheek
And locking lips with you
In dark theater halls

I love
Telling you that you're

I love
Telling you little secrets
About me and my little world

I love
Explaining how the world works
To you
In all of its intricate details

I love
When I see you
It feels like it's been centuries ago
Since I saw you under the moon's glow
I love holding your hand
And wrapping my fingers around
While you accept me as your one
Wrapping your around me

I love
Knowing by the sweat on your hand
That the first time we held hands
You really didn't want to let go
I could tell
You were trying to mesmerize me
Every inch of my soul

I love
Pushing You against a wall
And being rough as I like

I love
You don't just let me hold you
You also hold me

I love
That you take joy in touching me
Not ashamed of my flaws and features

I love
How your hair smells
When I get to hold you so tight
That it hurts

I love
How funny you are
How you take all my jokes
With a warm heart

I love
You stay up with me
Way well pass dark

I love
How your eyes glow
And shine in any light
And make me speechless every time

I love
Your eyes are burned into my mind
Calming me down when I remember
My traumas daily

I love
That you protect my heart
No matter where I am

I love
How you stick up for me
And tell me thing's will be alright

I love
How you breath
Gentle and soft
While we're laying in bed

I love
How sweet you are
And loving
And kind

I love
How cute your nose is
And want to kiss is over and over
While you blush as red as roses

I love
How you kiss me
Without caring who's around

I love
How you help me
Find out who I am

I love
When you stare at words
And somehow make them not bland

I love
How you sing for me
And play me a lullaby on the guitar

I love
That you kiss my head
Helping me feel cared for

I love
Knowing that you are mine and no one else's
Your hands, your waist, your lovely ice-blue eyes, your curves,
Your shapes, your edges, your perfect imperfections

I love
How you snore at night
Sometimes while we sleep
I find it so cute and adorable
That I always kiss you on the cheek ^_^

I love
How soft your bed is
How warm and welcoming it feels
How soft pillows
Warm covers
Keep us warm
In our lovers' den

I love
How your voice rang
The first time I met you
Like an Angel who came from heaven
And became my dream Valentine

I love
How your voice still rings
Calms me and makes me feel strong
You have no idea how powerful your voice is
Even it your speech made no sense at all!

I love
How you kiss me
Tongues wrapped and all
How you refuse to not touch me
And give me your all

I love
That you always want to explore me

I love
How pretty you are
Especially when you cover up your face so well

I love
When you smile
Right before I kiss you back

I love
How my whole body tingles
While you kiss me

I love
How our eyes shut
Right as we kiss

I love
Our first dance together
Right in the little school hall

I love
How you wrapped your arms
Around me
God, only me

I love
That I'm your first
No matter what you've done
Or seen

I love
How you forgive
Even after how jealous I got

I love
That you were patient with me
Despite how I don't deserve it

I love
How your accent sounds
Even when you hate it
It makes me wanna kiss your more
I could never hate it!

I love
How much
You love my various accents
From around the world
Loving each Darlin'
More than the last

I love
How I can make you laugh
At the "small stuff"

I love
How lovely you are
Looking in your wedding gown

I love
How you snuggle up our Buster
In blankets and jackets
How much you play with his feet
And watch him play wiggle wiggle beep beep

I love
How you love our Baby Girl
Going to tea parties
And teasing her sweets

I love
How your body's shaped
Easy for me to grab
And touch
And love

I love
How you make me
The words
I Love You

I love
How you look at me
And regret nothing
You've done for me

I love
How you inspire me
To write and release emotion

I love
When you pull your hair back
And smile so shyly

I love
How we kiss and moan
Especially if we're alone

I love
How you press up
Against me completely

I love
That you enjoy how
Big and Strong
I am

I love
How I can tickle
You all over
And you never get mad
At me

I love
That you care for me
More than anyone else

I love
How you rub my nose
With yours
And let me
Be kissed all over

I love
How you let me
Hold your cheeks
And kiss you
With my all

I love
Sleepy you get
Out of nowhere at all

I love
How you even pickup the phone
To answer a telephone call

I love
How you had back pockets
(You know what I'd say ;P )

I love
How you have me
By any means necessary

I love
How we can talk about our future
And not become scared

I love
How honest we are
To one another

I love
How you loved me
Last time
By giving me something special

I love
How we sneak away
To break everyone's sight
To kiss on paths away
To wrap ourselves so tight

I love
How devoted
And loyal
You are to me

I love
How you'd "**** a *****"
In case they'd try to hit on me

I love
How special
You think I am
To You

I love
All the cute names
You've given to me

I love
That you were my Valentine
And will be mine next year

I love
How we care for each other
Even when life is tough

I love
How you make my heart
Want to write all these endless tales

I love
That by reading this whole "poem"
I've made you
And love me again
After one whole year

Happy Anniversary

I hope you love this
In lieu of what I can get you
Hopefully someday
I can give you more
Than just words
*My Schatzi Baby
Now kiss me god ******!
^_^ I NEED SOME LOVE!!! ^_^

For you

Oh and I pronounce Maryland
Like "Merryland"

And I thought applause was pronounced
Apple sauce

I ain't dancing with nobody else
I'd rather wait for you

Now I challenge you guys to do something like this!
Damaré M Nov 2012
Last night I had a blast
It was just me and her the entire 8 hours
From 1am 'til 9 something this morning
I cannot remember when we exactly departed
Thanks to that stupid muscle car outside I had no chance to say goodbye
I remember a glimpse of me saying hello
Everything seemed to happen so fast
Though the scene grew slow
We were in a setting that I saw before
But it didn't really make sense to me
However I felt every little detail
Our mind is Amazing
One's thoughts can contradict a lot
Do our actions always have to oppose the freedom of our mind?
We were holding hands tighter than we've ever done before
We got the chance to laugh about things that usually would have resulted in bitterness
Never before have we collaborated with such tenderness
Last night was the first time in a long time that we came together w/o domestic belligerence
A few people was present to witness
But they're not gonna remember this like I will
Not even her...
I loved her
I hugged her
I didn't bug her
I didn't shove her
I kissed her
I miss her
Even though she's just up the way in her dorm
Everything changed within an alarm
I may not ever get to see her smile like she did
We weren't irresponsible
Although it wasn't planned
However we had kids
...Little princesses
I'm trying to remember where we lived
We might have been living without sin
Because she had a ring on her finger that had a Rose-goldish blend
Around 10a.m I got up and checked my jeans to see if she gave it back to me
I may go early tonight to see if I can finish with what I've started
Hope I can somehow make her believe
Hope one day I can treat her like my Queen
Just the way I did in my dream
Rado Ram Feb 2015
Goodnight Mermaid of the deep ocean blue,
May your colourful dreams all come true.
And when you awake to our warm sun yellow,
May you think first of this darling ol' fellow!
Hers Sep 2014
Borrowed and Amy Feb 2014
This world causes my sadness
Such suffering I cannot bear
Yet I drove her to her madness
And then I left her there

Close the world, shut out the sky
Allow this day to pass and die
‘Til the dreamer drifts to sleep
Take it now this soul you seek

Your eyes ask the questions why
My shame has no answer
She haunts me late at night
The tiny little dancer

So far from being whole
My parts are growing cold
Won’t be long until the reap
Now the dreamer drifts to sleep
mark john junor Jan 2014
its a daily bread
wolf it down with your daily grin and bear it softdrink
talk out the night till  you are a sleepyhead
and you mix and match your yawns with frowns
you carve it all out in your journal
little doodles illustrate the page
stick figure men battle
stick figure women try to look ****
and the bird flys free on a paper sky
the bird flys free
like the hopes that this will someway be you
in some incarnation of your
ever changing life spectacle
your ever changing detox from her poison pen tongue
be a bird who flys free on a paper sky
high above the noisesome stickmen
and such dire devils of nervous hands
twitch and fumble through compulsive motions
draw to keep the hand from being idle
draw to keep the mind flowing
and the bird breaks free
of the paper sky
and floats free in a realistic appearing world
in your sleepyhead dreams
paper birds deserve to be free too
just like you and i
Austin Heath Nov 2016
"Try to shoot me down?
You wish you were as fearless
as I am right now,

and if that heart beats
I'll **** it into pieces.
I'd throw it away.

I'm not an artist,
I am death incarnate but
warmer than you thought.

Aim for my bad side,
you make it look cliche and
I make it easy.

No one could stop me;
remind me who ***** with me?",
Princess Sleepyhead.
JAC Jun 2017
Mornings are unparalleled
When you didn't expect
To wake up
From the night before.
JP Apr 2016
A pyjama worn
you come along
together with my yawn.
Uhh Who Mar 2013
up and down the east coast
in a cheap used Honda
sunshine, clear sky
fuzzy AM radio
windows down, cool breeze
no sense of direction
road signs and carelessness
take place of a gps
no contact with the rest of the world
empty highway
scenery all around
an adventure?
nothing matters but this moment anyhow
not the next minute
nor the next hour
nor tomorrow
we're not in New York anymore
"Are we there yet?"
there is no "there", yet
no pictures
only memories
make it last
Rest up sleepyhead
You'll need it
when I wrote this it was basically based off a daydream I had where I am taking a roadtrip with someone else
when I finished I realized I made no reference to the person in question.
Emma Livry Sep 2014
Don't you think that it is a little strange?
Everything I do is just a waste of time.
Possibly a never ending cycle of nothingness.
Restlessness stays with me in my sleep.
Every night I am in unrest. 
Speak to me with words of encouragement.
Sing sweet melodies to me while you hold me.
I will sleep then.
Only to be awoken by terror.
Netherworlds do exist.
Sarina May 2013
A pair of identical twins, a pair of ******* –
I wonder if we shall stay as similar when I become an adult
or if December 29th, 2013, I am to be a sleepyhead
no more. I wake up early and go to work and come back home
without needing you, broad man, to prop up my bones.

I wonder if adolescence is merely acting as a canvas
perhaps off-white, but not intricate,
expecting, waiting for an artist to sculpt from the material:
mine mine mine a man of twenty-five, small feet
big fingers soft toes a heart that bleeds paint clumsily.

I became him somehow, and the opposite of him, too.
The body language, stepping chest-first,
it appears so similar as if we were ghosts of each other but it
nevertheless feels that he and I are never in a same room
watching separate films on TV with the same words.

To be careless, I wonder if that is adult
because if the contrary is true I have been there forever
and the train I made him venture did not have that destination.
I wonder if being a lady is different than being
a man. I wonder if we can be identical when I turn 18.
I TELL them where the wind comes from,
Where the music goes when the fiddle is in the box.
Kids-I saw one with a proud chin, a sleepyhead,
And the moonline creeping white on her pillow.
  I have seen their heads in the starlight
  And their proud chins marching in a mist of stars.
They are the only people I never lie to.
  I give them honest answers,
Answers shrewd as the circles of white on brown chestnuts.
Traveler May 2018
This world can causes such sadness
Such suffering I cannot bear
Yet I drove her to her madness
And then I left her there

Close the world, shut out the sky
Allow this day to pass and die
‘Til the dreamer drifts to sleep
Take it now this soul you seek

Your eyes ask the questions why
My shame has no answer
She haunts me late at nights
The tiny little dancer

So far from being whole
Now my days are growing cold
Won’t be long until the reap
Now the dreamer drifts to sleep
Traveler Tim

Written 2001
Julia P Aug 2012
Beside the Hudson River sleeps the homeless.
He hums the water's song.
Strident and loud, unclear and deaf.
The suits did pass him prejudice.
The mute wanted to sing.
The blind to see the blue.
The deaf to hear the scream.
The sleepyhead awoke to stare the moon.
The moon just laughed. "The fool. "
He stared along her way,
She blushed and went away.
The light was flickering the hills.
The stars got tired and went to die.
The imbecile- he fell between the lines.
The smoker watched his breath and waited-
For then, when time will come to go to dust.
© JP.
Sharkie Feb 2019
And of your eyes, begonia skies like a sleepyhead

There’s things I haven’t been open about. In truth there’s a lot. Some may know how I’ve gotten here, but I can’t say a single person knows why. I don’t completely know why myself. Wearing your heart on you’re sleeve is a good way to remind others you have one, and a better way to get it broken. I always say I’m an open book, and I like to believe I am to those who ask the right questions. How can I expect a question from somebody that doesn’t have any context? Why post something like this on a public wall?
Just maybe
Deep down
I want someone to ask me why.
The first line of from the song Sleepyhead by Passion Pit. The rest of the writing is mine.
Inga Aug 2016
            Break times
                     over the window
               watching the
along the hymn
of the wind
                                              to slowly drop
                                                  wishing to
                                                   doze off
                                                 trying to reach
                                        the night's dream
                                    moments ago
                              hoping that the continuation of the story
                       is just
              a blink
a w a y
Should I hang with my friend who I haven't seen in a year or go meet this tinder girl?
Someone New - Hozier

I just can't put my finger on it.
something about her is goregous.
Baby Got Back - Jonathon Coulton

You're right. It's totally her ***.
Ugly Faces - Watsky

Shh, spotify, be nice. It's not her fault.
Do Better - Say Anything

Okay okay, you're right. I'll bring her home.
All Time Low - Jon Bellion

Oh c'mon, She's not that bad...
Proove Me Wrong - Dub FX

Well like... her personality is pretty cute.
Some Girls Are Crazy - Echo Movement

I can't beleive I just had *** in my backseat.
Glad You Came - The Wanted

Yikes. All the girls dropped from this party. it's just gonna be me and my three dude friends.
To Many ***** On The Dancefloor - Flight Of The Concords

I completely agree. Should i go or just come up with a ****** excuse to leave?
You Don't Have To Be A ******* - Flight Of The Concords

You're right i'll leave. What should i tell them?
Working - I Fight Dragons

No i already told them i got the day off. That wouldn't work.
My Buddy's Back - Big D and The Kids Table

Oh perfect!
Sleepyhead - Passion Pit

Yeah I should go to bed.
Let me finish this poem first.
Go To Bed - Ookla The Mok

I'm stuck on this line.
What's a good word to describe Port Veritas? Like... one word?
Home - Phillip Phillips.

That's adorable... you're so right.
See You Again - Wiz Kahlifa

******* spotify that was super uncalled for. Now i'm bummed out.
Get Over It - Ok Go

Dude. That's like super insensitive
Ungrateful - Streetlight Manifesto

No i'm not ungrateful. I love you, you just don't need to make me cry when i'm down in the dumps like that.
Lean Into The Fall - Mona

I guess you're right. Fine. Thank you.
All The Stars In Texas - Ludo

That's the nicest thing that anyones ever said to me. I like when you do that.
Like or Like Like - Miniature Tigers

Uhh, i guess like like. You're pretty much my favorite app.
R U Mine? - Arctic Monleys.

I think maybe you're moving a little fast spotify... i don't think I'm ready for that kind of commitment.
I Wanna Be Yours - Arctic Monkeys

This is getting weird. I'm going to bed.
I Will Follow You Into The Dark - Death Cab For Cutie

Okay no, seriously i'm turning you off.
*Don't Unplug Me - All Caps.
dj Nov 2012
"a mecha bug
impossibly small
beady compound eye
cute little botfl  y  antennae
recording Me

as I lay down
in my bed
embedding its little body
in my dreamcloud that's
above my head
in my   bed

all my prayers + wishes
all my luck gifts from God
the robo-pede
uploads it's buzz code

And the scheiße repeats
tonight then tomorrow,
1 then 2,
2night then 2morrow
one then two
i'm trying to explain my **** luck..
Sadie K Sep 2013
Hoobler Hobbler:
He brings only fatigue.
He is but just annoying,
He rarely does intrigue.

Even my brothers are
Extremely irritated so,
For they cannot do anything
Since he really cannot go

For even a strongman like old Mal
He cannot move this hefty tonne,
Both Adsel and Luke alike
Their words like an empty gun

Frank cannot do anything,
He just perches there to watch;
Mike and Blake hide in their hole
And Rooney's but a blotch

Oh this fascinating team
For once they really can't control;
This heavy weighted sleepyhead
Has just worsened this hellhole

Hoobler Hobbler:
It's not just the fatigue,
He also brings along chaos
But still doesn't intrigue
Destroying from the inside...
Come quarter to ten,
sleepyhead, time for bed
with brother close by,
what awaits you up there
at the top of the stairs?

As night unfurls
each step groans
like an old gentleman,
you ask what will greet us
when we’ve scaled this mountain?

A monster, a ghoul
or nothing at all?
Something he says
different from the rest,
a sight quite like no other.

Before the clock strikes bedtime
a marvel for you two
that won't be forgotten,
the oddest thing you've ever seen;
the feast, the beast and one jelly-bean.
Written: September 2013.
Explanation: Another potential third-year dissertation poem for university, focusing on Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes. This Sylvia piece relates to a childhood event - along with her brother Warren, come night-time when the two of them were young, they would imagine what would greet them at the top of the stairs. One evening when Plath asked what they would find, Warren stated 'a feast, and a beast ,and a jelly-bean!' They both laughed at this, and the saying stayed among her family for years. The saying is also mentioned in Sylvia's journals.
Austin Heath Jan 2016
Princess sleepyhead;
secretly death, from below.
His hand is fast like

how planets may spin.
You sit on a projectile,
unable to see

anger and fury.
A tiger yawning before
it may **** it's prey.

/impossible to predict.
Quicker than a thought.
Late night coffee shop buzzed on caffeine,
in tune with the buzz of electric appliances,
acutely aware of the young child sound asleep
on the arm sleeve of the man's coat
wrapped around him in ways that
his mother's arms are not,
her arms holding papers
like a poker hand,
the intonation of her Spanish by phone
easily understood as a night at the office,
telemarketing, swaying the buyer,
as Mr. Sleepyhead, opens bright eyes
wobblyturns to me to
feel out the audience.
Chris Jul 2015

Say good morning to the day
shining bright, a wondrous view
Open up your weary eyes
to these perfect skies of blue

The coffees on, it’s almost done
I’ll pour a cup your favorite brew
Come on, wake up, sleepyhead
*my day can’t start till I’m with you
Good morning Beautiful
I. (The Gone).
They have gone.
Why does it bother me so?
A truth,
only a handful of gems
stay bright,
all others
like pencil on paper
until a faint mark remains,
what was, what now is.
Names in conversation,
a drive down the alphabet
then and now,
clotted recollections
breaking apart
each time, stalled
in silent traffic.
A few, needles I suppose,
a shot in the arm
again, again,
I cannot believe
how many times
their voices
painted everything,
but long gone,
no abrasion or impact
to consider, to revise.
On occasion,
a stretch into fog,
icy melancholies
but not always
a echo,
moments to inform
me they can return
if they wish.

II. (The Bare Feet).
So, it is night.
Whorls of cream
came through the door,
sleepyhead next to me,
ragged, tired,
out of juice.
I can only say
‘I knew you would.’
This is not your home
but we’re not far away.
Lipstick less rosy,
sound of drums
still throbs in our ears
but it was worth it,
for confetti,
flecks of gold
whirling around
you, the crowd.
Peachy lights
spray across
your face,
piano black eyes,
warm bare feet.
It is not real
but we can touch,
we can speak.
On our knees,
we look at each other,
I hold you,
the minutes
stutter past
and for a moment
only silence,
silence is all
we need for our words
are used too much.

III. (The Next.)
It took
over a year
but we saw
each other again.
Since the end
of a grey June day,
two years
forty miles the difference.
He quit,
the right choice
he tells me
as we reminisce,
that’s what it is
these days,
now he looks
for the next stage
and soon
it will be me
who must fully
step into adulthood,
like a foot plunged
into a bath,
too hot, too cold.
Did we expect this?
If we could see
next year
would we smile
or scowl?
Tell ourselves
it’s just the way
things go,
on, on, on.
Now, as I look
out my window,
the faintest tinge
of orange
I know, he knows
we don’t know
what comes next.
Written: May 2013.
The fourth in a continuing series of poems, following on from 'The Current’, 'The Recent' and ‘The Present.’ (It would be greatly appreciated if you were to read those in your own time.) Each poem is separated into three parts describing various aspects of my life - things happening at ‘the moment.’ Part one concerns the notion of growing up and friends departing, part two deals with a recurring dream involving a singer recently in the media spotlight and part three focuses on a recent meet-up with an old friend of mine. The second part of this also falls into my on-going series of poems written with specific females in mind, either those I know of but do not count as a friend, those I see merely in passing, or those I have never met but are well-known. The last of these was ‘Red Day, Blue Night (Part 4).’
Azrael-Always Dec 2014
I wouldn't worry;
There's a forest full of trees
Between all the sheets of our dreams
Not just space but time
Extra dimensions keeping their distance
A subartificial particle circling
Like a sleepyhead nodding off for certain
A lazy orbit tilting tenuously
Perched above the sea of apathy
Pitching forward slowly
To our averted eyes intentionally wandering
Wondering if we even care what's happenin
Philia Nov 2016
Have you talked to the moon recently?
Don't listen to her,
because I told her everything about us recently.

I told her,
how much I love you,
and how much I adore you.

I told her,
that you are snoring in your sleep,
and you such a sleepyhead.

I told her,
that I'm so lucky to have you.
and I would never want to trade you for anything.

Don't ask her,
*I wanna tell you myself.
Alya Adzkia Jul 2018
it was such a cold night with the frosty air kissed my skin and left it trembled. I was staring at the stars and whispered them how much I adore your mesmerizing smile as they promised me to take care of yourself,
"he is the Sirius, we know."
"he is," I giggled "so keep him safe."

then I danced under the moonlight with our playlist as the soundtrack. the moon giggled and shaked its head,
"it's getting late, you better go to bed than dance like an idiot."
"but, will you promise me to give him a goodnight kiss with your light?"
"anything you want, princess."

the city lights kindly guided me and my unicorn home safely without getting lost, although I closed my eyes along the road because I am a sleepyhead.

"goodnight, my Sirius."

— baby I'm living on my own fantasy,
will you still take me as I am?
Diya Feb 2019
I was walking through the blissful forest,
Chasing the phoenix....
It was so bright and graceful!
Suddenly, the dark clouds assembled ..
And I was blinded
I lost my way and also the enigmatic bird!
My world shattered as I saw just a black canvas all around..
I hate darkness, it reminds me of the times depression poisoned my veins.
Then I heard a voice...
My mind, who's been a traitor, devastating my life, tried to help me!
I didn't listened to it cause I know it is expert in wizardry and black magic..
Yet,again ,I became its slave chained to the handcuffs of thoughts!
I started to think..
" What on earth is my brain doing?
Heart is making me weak
Mind dethroned me and snatched my power....
But the Sleepyhead brain didn't wake up to save never does
I felt helpless"
I was unaware of the aroma around me, drenched in the thoughts that populated my mind!
Hopefully, awareness rang the doorbell and I unlocked the door to reality!
A reality that I hate but this time
Darkness was gone , not from my life but from the sky !
I had a breathe of relief , maybe a fake one just like my smile... :(:
My legs stopped as my eyes saw ashes
That transformed itself to a bird
I was chasing, The phoenix!
I didn't  had a chance to touch it..
As my sleep escaped, leaving me behind..
With reality!
A chaotic poem expressing my deep emotions in a metaphorical way...
Thanks for reading...!
Sometimes, things you want won't be's hard to accept!
Nicole M Grubbs Dec 2011
I've never been in love before
So if you please, I'd like to settle the score
O the material things of course you can have them back
They are of no use to me now
As all I have left of you is a book bound with some beautiful words and paper inside
And my insides
Well they tell almost the same drunken romantic story, just like how Bukowski planned it
And we both liked it that way
But you sir
It's time to settle the score
Can I get back the constant beat of racing hearts? And that walk through the woods?
You led me and I followed you through and through
Into the dark I will always follow you
Never mind that, time to settle the score
So in turn with these debts of karmic lives past and present
You have some things I gave away that I wasn't quite ready to lose yet
A thousand stares in to your eyes when you bid me all those goodbyes
And the millions of tears ****** back but ended up finding their way out the pockets of the holes to my Soul
And they would not subside, they will not subside
To settle the score even deeper let's talk about flesh
O this is a sore subject for most, and I haven't even gotten to the good parts yet
As skin and bones and meat and muscles and things and your hand slid to that small of my back
Well they all seemed to melt into each other, like the language of love learned fluently, as if we became attached
And your mouth would part open just a bit as you took your other hand and drowned me and I washed you in
And you knew the way and I could feel it too
And never not once had to tell you how to touch
It was like our bodies were crafted for each other, just as such
And all the time in the world didn't seem enough and I was always the last one to fall asleep
And sometimes during the night I would awake and look and you were still there by my side
And you were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen with these swollen eyes
Not moon in the night nor sun in the day could compare to that sleepyhead and his face
And the mornings when we would rise together at the same time and give praise to the long gone night
In thanks of another new day to begin with you
I guess I can't settle the score
Never have never will
I love you so much
Come back to me
Come Home
Nicole M Grubbs Mar 2012
She always sighed looked to the clouds and said,
"I can no longer pretend. Cuz its times like these that drive me to envy the dead."
A little lighter but still in remorse, she continued,
"And I don't mean to pry but those hues in your face, the colors of your eyes.
Well I wanted to take them and mix em with my every day visions.
Cuz its one shade I never want to forget and cease to exist silly revisions."
She always continued.
" & In the late years mist and molding leaves melting back to the earth again.
It reminded us of a simpler time we'd said.
The kind when we were able to feel alive even if we were still stuck in the womb of the town from where we came
and faulty attempts to look a little less dead."
Her eyes laughed. "Atleast on the inside anyway. I saw it in a few passing glimpses before."
But silly girls always question: "Shall I wonder to ever view those soul windows once more?"
A tattered chapter. A rememberance of melancholic place.
A word never spoke too soon so it has no mouth to try and escape.
A heart to sew on her sleeve but no instead to rip the seam apart,
string it along telephone wires signaling the urgent call
while all the neighbors nostrals flare in disgust at what some gossiped as only an electrical fire after all.
And laying in gently crippled memories of all the moments you clench your jaw and grit your teeth
and hold your breath, whether its out of anger and an upset or a loves ***** pleasure in bed.
Timeless is of the essence and I lived in the moment now.
Where tick tocks pay no wake to my sleepyhead
and my earthbound vessel can finally seek rest once the sunset decides to ***** something sweet all over the sky.
"And there." She pointed to the moon, smiling shyly, slitting from the up above beyond and wide.
"Thats where I find the colors. The ones lost from your eyes.
That crafted, ensnared and mystified all who became into existence; past, present and future combined."
And with that she disinegrated, disappeared into the space above.
A myth. A legend. It has been done.
Never to return again and visit the earthly plane she so dearly loved.

— The End —