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Sharkie Jul 2019
Running in the veins of every one of us
Without it, we perish.
But bleeding is bad
Never let someone know you have blood in you
Lest they faint
Remember, kid
You bleed because inside you is blood
But nobody’s looking for what’s on the inside
Organs are beautiful why do we fear them? You’re human, we all bleed. We’ve all fallen and scraped our knees. So why can so many of us not stand to look at the damage? “That’s supposed to stay on the inside, darling”
Sharkie Jul 2019
I’ve known little love
And I know my love very little
All I know is
When you held me
I had a home
When I looked in your eyes
I never wanted to stop
We stared for just a moment
Just a single second
But the world left us
I wanted you
I want all of you
Hold me like that again
And I’d accept any flaw
Does this even count as poetry? Idk, but I think I’m in love..
Sharkie Feb 2019
And of your eyes, begonia skies like a sleepyhead

There’s things I haven’t been open about. In truth there’s a lot. Some may know how I’ve gotten here, but I can’t say a single person knows why. I don’t completely know why myself. Wearing your heart on you’re sleeve is a good way to remind others you have one, and a better way to get it broken. I always say I’m an open book, and I like to believe I am to those who ask the right questions. How can I expect a question from somebody that doesn’t have any context? Why post something like this on a public wall?
Just maybe
Deep down
I want someone to ask me why.
The first line of from the song Sleepyhead by Passion Pit. The rest of the writing is mine.
Sharkie Jan 2019
I never did call you mine
I can't remember if I wanted to
or if that was another lie you told me
I haven't thought of you in a long time
today I read the poem you never thought id see
and it brought me back.
you cared about one person,
you said you loved me,
but it feels like an afterthought now
You loved her so deeply you bled
You stained the walls red with anger

but for me
you just closed the door
You didn't cry for me
so why should I

I never thought I'd find myself writing about you again.
found this one written down. 11/29/18
Sharkie Jan 2019
I spent a day without hearing you
Instead, I was serenaded
by a demon I've never met
with the lip of an angel

You seem distraught
You forced yourself in
You forced the world out
and yet I was the one slipping
I shook so violently

I disappeared
But only so I could be rid of it
I splashed myself in ice
and made myself invisible
When I returned
you didn't see me
and I wondered why

silly me.
to the boy with the seafoam eyes and the crooked smile, i love you
Sharkie Jan 2019
letters letters
letters on the page
we strained to find meaning
but all we found was pain
Sharkie Dec 2018
Talking to you is like talking to a grave
Part of me thinks it means something
Part of me knows what was there is gone
And that as much as I beg and plead
What I loved
Will not return

But your grave I cannot mourn
For I am the one who killed you
I watched your light leave you
And took it for my own

But you forgave me
I buried you alive
I let you rot
And you forgave me

What am I to say to a grave?
Do I apologize?
Though you’re already gone
I know this is better for you
But I want to keep you as my own

I didn’t have much before
You were my prize
My light
I loved you
And I killed you.
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