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Damaré M Jun 2019
The sun is so close

The Fahrenheit is
The energy is
The growth  between you and I both

The synergy is
The emptiness is no kin to me

I feel the space quite sensually
I appreciate the life that’s lent to me

I wasn’t giving the discipline to live a abstinence history

Without damper; look what the rain did to me.

Happy camper

Kinetic sampler

The Sol is adjacent to the soul

Is there a dome?
Is the light in or beside the body of the globe?

The opposing solstice
Where’s the sun? It’s so cold

The elements are so loud

All of my tears are in those clouds

My outbursts are disguised as thunderous sounds.

The sun is still young.
All fights starts of you.
Damaré M May 2019
I love me enough for the both of us, while maybe loving you too much,

apparently my feelings is strong enough to chauffeur us. But every other month you slam on the brakes like you don’t give a ****.

I guess things are normal to you only when it’s commotion huh**

Backing all of this traffic up
As I pay attention to the signs
You appear to hate me more than a *******...
but nah see...

You can’t change what God see
The future
Me and you were meant to be
I say that without humor
You remember when you told me to stay woke without the rooster.

Well our hearts used to beat the same rhythm, now it’s more like acoustic.
**** acapella if we let you tell it.

We was high speeding
What made you take your foot off the pedal?  
I guess you just needed a break
You cut me off to get into my lane
It wasn’t on accident so you didn’t need Allstate.
I guess for me slowing down was a mistake.
We shoulda just hit and run.
Damaré M Oct 2018
All that you’ve been through what am I suppose to do ?
Now you’re living your halftime
Seeing all these other guys trying to win the prize.
Shooting their shot.
What about mines ?
Do it **** being so fine?
      I’m stuck between being abrupt and sublime.
I know you just want a ***** to listen to you sometimes.
Hopefully I can show you something different.
But in reality I’m just like every ***** in the lunch line.
Hands out, pants down!
And hate being asked after we **** about where do we stand now.
      I aim to never bring you pain
My finger on the trigger but ima stand down.
      Bump into you months later
I see you still ****** wit a skater.
It appears to the world that I’ve found my savior.
You tell me “oh you playing now”!
Damaré M Oct 2018
I want everything that is priceless. Not because I’m cheap; however, everyone genuine cannot be traded and the most special moments will not repeat.
Damaré M Oct 2018
Your love life should resemble a fruitful garden brought to you by one pair of green thumbs...while that same connoisseur nurseryman who gets nourishment solely from his harvest... both of you sustain a symbiotic interconnection ... season ... after... season.

Reproduction in your flower bed night after night.
To me its so important smell in life
A fragence tells me all I need to know
If a meal smells good it tastes good
Some flowers I like others just not so

I can even smell the oncoming rain
I love the smell of first drop dry ground
I love my personal after shave deodorant
A smell talks volumes without a sound

Some womens perfume stops me dead
I love the smell of scones freshly made
I love the smell of natural countryside
The oceans salty oxygen of highest grade

I can always tell if my mothers about
Besides the fact shes been dead for years
Her Lilly Of The Valley how it lingers
My fathers tobacco same deal same tears

Smells are to me everything I need to know
Mostly good plus a few somewhat bad
I don't need to see as long as I can smell
They make me happy sometimes sad

terrence michael sutton
copyright 2018
Damaré M Jul 2018
My apologies Tasmanian Tiger, for the brute carelessness of the Hominid settlers. I was quite aware of you being one of the few marsupials... yes the sworn to be ascendant earthlings are out of pocket. Well I never got to meet you personally but I’m sure you was charged with great energy. Thank you for serving a purpose here on our heavenly body.
                                  P.S. maybe one day you’ll arrive again, and maybe us homosapiens will be expunged from this orb.
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