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WC Wrights Oct 24
on the walls
of your mind,

waiting for you,
Can you hear me,
Is anyone out there?
It is hard to hear,
The trees whistle too loud here.
Austin Heath Jan 2016
Princess sleepyhead;
secretly death, from below.
His hand is fast like

how planets may spin.
You sit on a projectile,
unable to see

anger and fury.
A tiger yawning before
it may **** it's prey.

/impossible to predict.
Quicker than a thought.
AavelinaJaden May 2014
I'm good at tying up loose ends;
i spend my free time fastening nooses from the intestines of bad memories.
Brooke Davis Mar 2014
nothing compares
to the burning desire
brought by his stare

— The End —