JAC 1h

I tried to kill myself again
you said into the subway window

clickety-clack said the train
in December said your reflection

I know I said but I didn't really
I didn't really know anything

you should probably stop
trying that I mean I stammered

I know

I had nothing else to say
you had nothing else to do

we sat in broken silence
until the train found my stop

it whispered to me.

JAC 1h

I saw
my reflection
in grandfather's
   old whiskey glass

                            when I
                                was not

JAC 4d

"It's cold out here,"
he told me.
"I'm cold.
Coffee will make me warm.

"It's what cold people drink to be warm,
but it doesn't warm them up.
Because they don't feel the cold,
they are the cold.

"I meet a lot of cold people out here."
He grinned, coughed,
and held out a coffee cup.

The man outside the coffee shop
was always right.

JAC Jan 11

There is a song called "Gina"
that is banished from my headphones

but sometimes it returns, feeble
hidden away until I think it is gone

then I am in the sun
my retinas, tear ducts alight

the song is over too quickly
and there is silence again.

The close of the trilogy, for Gina.
JAC Jan 8

The mind is clay
but body and feelings
are the many, many layers
you must be careful not to break
on the way to soothe and mold the mind.

JAC Jan 7

We let it
get too easy

to slip and fall
into the sun.

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