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Emma Livry Feb 2018
I hope to be your
Sunshine, but if you are my
Sun, than what am I?
Emma Livry Dec 2017
I know that you don't want
Anything long term
Or serious right now
And I am completely fine
With being the smoke that
Fills your lungs
Even if just for a moment
And then as you exhale
And let me go
I'll be fine as I watch you
Extinguish the remaining glow
From the short cigarette
Of our relationship.
Emma Livry Dec 2017
You are three hours away.
It's not that far
But still I have to say,

I miss you more than you know
I'll try my best
To let that go.

I just might go insane
With only an image
Of you in my brain.

And I just want to be alright
So I'll have to settle by
Listening to your voice every night.
Emma Livry Dec 2017
Every message I write,
I write with the impression that
No one will actually respond,
But you did.
What do I do now?
Emma Livry Dec 2017
The moon doesn't even create its own light
It's fake.
It reflects the sun.
Maybe that's why we're all
Okay with being rude
When the fake light is in the sky.
Emma Livry Nov 2017
Don't date a boy
With a common name.
If (when) things go wrong
You'll hear his name everywhere.
Boys with common names
Are commonly the ones
Who'll break your heart.
Emma Livry Oct 2017
We may not be finishing each other's sentences, but we are saying the same things, and completing each other's thoughts.

You are more than enough for me and you do not need to try to do anything to be good enough for me because you are more than perfect for me.

I don't like having to leave sometimes.

I guess you should do some jaw exercises or something because-- yes we kiss quite a bit, but it's not excessive. You shouldn't be in pain from kissing me, and if you are, I'll kiss it and make it better.

It's okay to pull away from a kiss because then I get to see your perfect face.

Well you aren't alone in feeling dumb. I thought I had a decent grasp on the human language but then I met you. I can't put my feelings for you into words. Nothing makes sense-- it isn't right, it isn't enough.

I wish I met you so much earlier in my life, but honestly I think that things would be so different if that were the case. What happened in our pasts is what makes us who we are. And we love each other as we are now.

Time flies when I'm with you. I can spend an entire day with you and feel like only minutes went by. It is never enough time. I will always want more.

I always say I need more time in my life, but I would rather feel like days are minutes with you than minutes are days when I'm alone.
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