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Alya Adzkia May 3
there's still a grey line
between we lost us
and we found ourself

despite all the pain,
and mental traumas..

there was also butterflies,
beautiful things,
and fluttery feelings.
i don't regret meeting you,
it was incredible.
Alya Adzkia Apr 9
it might took me a little while
to realize
my self worth
my self value
and how you took me for granted.
it's your loss, not mine.
Alya Adzkia Apr 6
i'm sorry
i'm so sorry that
i haven't love you enough
i've been forcing you too hard

i'm sorry
i've been mean to you
i haven't been making you as a priority

i'm sorry
i should've recognize your worth
i shouldn't have taken you for granted

i'm sorry,
dear myself.
i promise i will put you first.
Alya Adzkia Apr 3
does it ever cross your mind
that one thing
o n e
s i n g l e
t h i n g
can break us apart?

our souls fell in love,
but your ego broke us up.
everything that we've been dreaming of,
disappeared in one blink.
Alya Adzkia Jan 26
it was hard for me
to love a reflection in the mirror
to embrace myself in the light

it was easier for me
to stop looking in the mirror
to keep the light off

but i don't understand
how could you be more confident
with my self,
with my body
more than i do?
thank you.
Alya Adzkia Jan 26
who knows that
i can hold a hand
made of ice
for years?

you might
make me feel

but i don't mind
holding you
than i should.
we are completely different,
yet we work so well.
Alya Adzkia Dec 2020
you were out of line
thought it was gonna be easy
for me to forgive

but no,
this time
i choose myself.
as i should.
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