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if we are passing the time, are we moving?
are we keeping our minds or are we losing?
do the things that we seek make our hearts sing?
or does everything leave our Souls with nothing?
I can speak for myself, but I don’t want to
not right here or right now, I can’t help you
I would rather hear You speak of beginnings
than lead all my own thoughts to only endings
if we are moving with Time, It won’t pass us
we’ll be keeping our lives once we become dust
“Ибо Он знает состав наш, помнит, что мы — персть. Дни человека — как трава; как цвет полевой, так он цветет. Пройдет над ним ветер, и нет его, и место его уже не узнает его.”
‭‭Псалтирь‬ ‭102:14-16‬
I once believed your heart to be another beat of mine
the only other consciousness I ever could define
but sooner and not later I was tried ‘til I was blue
and suddenly my memory said, “anyone but you”
I recognized the cloud your eyes once begged of me to see
now all you’ve ever been before means nothingness to me
you comforted my body and you broke into my Soul
so I considered treason be the only path to go
I stopped myself halfway to nowhere
let all of my thoughts come undone
gave up every sense in my body
so I could be led by The Sun
I brought my own voice into stillness
and silently held out my hands
“I’m tired, I’m worn but I’m breathing!”
You breathed me back into Your Plans
Your Truth is as simple as Nature
the reap and the sow of a seed
hearing You say that You hear me
is The Truth I’d forgotten I need
“Надейся на Господа всем сердцем твоим, и не полагайся на разум твой. Во всех путях твоих познавай Его, и Он направит стези твои.”
‭‭Притчи Соломона‬ ‭3:5-6‬
consider the tone of your story  
rescind any anger at bay
lest treason become of your anchor
to make of your message, decay
you’ll only have blacked out the Sunrise
The Forever that lived in your heart  
a death premature by your choosing
to be one who’s not who you are

consider the tone of your story
invite every kindness to stay
for reason will make you a master
of Words you are destined to say
you’ll welcome the Sunrise in Spirit  
Forever the Beat of your Heart
a life made to keep by your person
to be who are - this is it!
“После того Иисус, зная, что уже все совершилось, да сбудется Писание, говорит: жажду. Тут стоял сосуд, полный уксуса. Воины, напоив уксусом губку и наложив на иссоп, поднесли к устам Его. Когда же Иисус вкусил уксуса, сказал: совершилось! И, преклонив главу, предал дух.”
‭‭От Иоанна‬ ‭19:28-30‬ ‭
I slept some three hours to midnight
then one come then two come then three
but Poetry woke me to tell you
there’s Someone we all need to meet  

His Name is the reason we’re living
He gives our each day to The Son
and while I’m alive, I confirm this
there’s Nobody Else like The One

He recognized all of my sadness
and put all my pain in His Hands
He told me I’m made up of madness
this world wants to poison and plant

my loyalty lies in My Savior
my roots found A Home in His Life
and nothing and no one can render
The Way I’ll be always defined
“What an admirable thing it is in the divine economy that the sacred literature of the world should have been entrusted to a people whose poetry, depending largely on parallelism, should remain poetry in any language you translate it into.”
C.S. Lewis. Letters, 16 July 1940.
I wish it would be easier to seek The Way, I Am
but Life has no intention of acknowledging your plan
the days you walk are numbered and the breaths you breathe are stored
in places you will never see unless you be reborn
your body’s made of ashes that will disappear in Time
your Soul is made of Fruit that hopes Forever stay Alive  
consider what you say and then consider what you do
are you the kind of human who would stand beside of you?
«И не войдет в него ничто нечистое и никто преданный мерзости и лжи, а только те, которые написаны у Агнца в книге жизни.»
Откровения 21:27
I watch your intention become you
and want to be perfectly clear
you’ll never be more than the people
you’ve stolen from over the years
I’ve learned to expose what you’re thinking
and it doesn’t sit well with me
so why don’t you take all your anger
and drown it out into The Sea?
Its Salt will recover your body
Its Waves will speak into your soul
lest anything you took for granted
saved face so your life could look whole
I don’t know you, who are you?
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