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I woke up by the waters where my yesterdays were you
and watched as both our bodies turned to every shade of blue
our breaths were getting shorter and our hearts were beating fast
until the Sun appeared and cast its shadow on our backs
more beautiful a metaphor I couldn’t hope to dream
to wake up by the waters, let my yesterdays to be
to wake up and walk.
I lean into a rhythm when I write a single phrase
find meaning in the beating, let each Word to make its way
my body always follows and my soul surrenders too
and suddenly The Sun has a horizon made of You
I revel in the warmth and choose to share it with the world
to give as much as possible to few or many more
my poetry is nothing but a measure I received
I offer it to anyone and everyone in peace
“Мир оставляю вам, мир Мой даю вам; не так, как мир дает, Я даю вам. || Да не смущается сердце ваше и да не устрашается.”
‭‭От Иоанна‬ ‭14:27‬ ‭
if there is a point to my writing
it never involves me at all
the best I can do is be mindful
of keeping These Words from withdrawal
my tongue has been some kind of a vessel
a pen that has ink, so to say  
it speaks out in every direction
of places I want to remain
I thought I could pass for a poet
but all I’ve been given is Yours
so here I am being a person
admitting I am nothing more
«Ибо хотя я ничего не знаю за собою, но тем не оправдываюсь; судия же мне Господь. Посему не суди́те никак прежде времени, пока не придет Господь, Который и осветит скрытое во мраке и обнаружит сердечные намерения, и тогда каждому будет похвала от Бога.»
‭‭Первое послание к Коринфянам‬ ‭4:4-5‬
if I were a ***** to desire
I’d till every person I grow
I’d wrap myself up in a secret
and make it sound like one to know
I’d hide any signs of my sadness
and mask every burden I bind
you’d think I was being transparent
but I’d be deceiving your mind


desire has some way of turning
the people it torments - to graves
but even the bones have a story
and it is what keeps you awake
the rest in your body is smothered
The Truth has no place in your heart
and now that you’re being transparent  
you’re actually falling apart
«Посему для народа Божия еще остается субботство. Ибо кто вошел в покой Его, тот и сам успокоился от дел своих, как и Бог от Своих. Итак, постараемся войти в покой оный, чтобы кто по тому же примеру не впал в непокорность.»
‭‭Послание к Евреям‬ ‭4:9-11
there’re so many phrases belonging to Time
yet somehow the ages defile their rhyme
defining them new ways and challenging Truth
as if it were possible even to do
a meaning created by One and for all
can never be threatened or made to be false
we’ll only be crippled in every way
by trying to change what the Maker has made
so let us be humbled and yield to the Words
that wake up our human and sing with the birds
«Взгляните на птиц небесных: они ни сеют, ни жнут, ни собирают в житницы; и Отец ваш Небесный питает их. Вы не гораздо ли лучше их? Да и кто из вас, заботясь, может прибавить себе росту хотя на один локоть?»
‭‭От Матфея святое благовествование‬ ‭6:26-27‬
see, there is a place where the clock doesn’t count
on every second The Time’s giving out
where Always is final yet tends to be shown
as some kind of present you couldn’t have sown
whatever was given to you in your hands
is what will be tested by God become Man
and if you have nothing but seconds and thirds
you’ll be like the king who was fed to the birds
«Главный хлебодар увидел, что истолковал он хорошо, и сказал Иосифу: мне также снилось: вот на голове у меня три корзины решетчатых; в верхней корзине всякая пища фараонова, изделие пекаря, и птицы [небесные] клевали ее из корзины на голове моей. И отвечал Иосиф, и сказал [ему]: вот истолкование его: три корзины — это три дня; чрез три дня фараон снимет с тебя голову твою и повесит тебя на дереве, и птицы [небесные] будут клевать плоть твою с тебя.»
‭‭Бытие‬ ‭40:16-19‬
I feel like a stranger to all that I know
as all of Your Wisdom envelops my soul
and suddenly thinking is healing my heart
I had no idea I’d fallen apart
they say when you’re breaking you’re never alone

so maybe I’ve lied to myself for too long
I’m learning to humble my person again
each day is an ocean of Mercy and Strength
to think I was safer inside of myself...
I must have gone crazy before I got well
«Щедр и милостив Господь, долготерпелив и многомилостив:» Псалтирь‬ ‭102:8‬
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