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I heard the conversations you would have inside your mind
with all these other people on the daily, all the time
it’s how I got to know you and the person that you are
a man who pays attention to the beating of a heart

you must’ve known I’d say this ‘cause you always used to say,
“I know what words are in your head on any given day”
I used to feel so bothered by the notion that you knew
but somehow feel empowered, like it’s always been us two

we have our conversations now and always keep them light
we talk about what matters in this journey we call life
it’s how I get to know me like I’ve never known before
a girl who pays attention to her heart and so much more
a poem for my Ukrainian father, Valeriy Stepanovich
I knew the way I knew you and I liked to hear your thoughts
but now that someone else is you, the thinking needs to stop
you put your head on backwards, made your body fight your soul
you tried to hide the parts of you that I will always know

I know where you are going ‘cause I’ve been there and I learned
you have to manage all the pain where trauma is concerned
I’ll love you from a distance and I’ll stay until you burn
I’ll wait for you to heal and be right there when you return
Thank you for knowing me, for loving me, and for inspiring me to be better. You know who you are.
I listened to the rhythms of my every single day
and learned that I throw daggers more than I could ever say
I keep my body grounded but I keep my mind afloat
still, every intercession comes from my own Spirit’s Hope

I listened to the words I kept on letting out of me
and learned that I can’t bury what I cannot not believe
You keep my body moving and You keep my mind intact
with every intercession, You make all of me come back
I’ve learned to keep my tongue to me in every kind of way
my body has a language but my mouth has more to say
as long as I am tethered to the mind You gave to me
I’ll give a second thought to every word I’ll ever speak

I’ve learned to let the tenderness You rooted in my soul
become the strength I fight to keep when I am in the throes
as long as I stay present, I won’t fall into the past
I’ll give my thoughts a listen and remain in You, steadfast

I’ve learned to let my senses claim as much of me as You
my eyes and ears and mouth and skin are sensitive to Truth
as long as I can find You, I will never talk away
Your body has a language that has so much more to say
”Кто хранит уста свои и язык свой, тот хранит от бед душу свою.“
‭‭Притчи Соломона‬ ‭21‬:‭23‬ ‭
sometimes I feel invisible, sometimes I feel so seen
but mostly I exist inside the subtle in-between
I tarry in the stillness, let it satisfy my soul
but carry all the pieces that You give to make me whole

on paper I am brighter than the sun on any day
but underneath my skin I am another kind of way
I give up all the energy I have inside of me  
and leave myself with nothing more than everything I need

today I feel as visible as every kind of Grace
I walked into this morning knowing I would see Your Face
the papers I’ve been reading made their way out of my hands
so here I am rewriting all the words I know I can
slow down, you’ll get there.
I talk to you in private, more than anybody knows
I tell you all my secrets and it satisfies my soul
you walk with me my daily route and always stop to ask
“I’m here to stay, I’ll always be, but where do your feet stand?”

I’m walking on the soil now, I’m testing out terrain
I’ve walked through some that bit me back and made me feel insane
I don’t know what to tell you now, but I know how to be
I know I am the part of you that I can always see

I talk to you in private, like I’m talking to myself
I tell you who I want to be, but I’m  somebody else
I am not you, your are not me, we are not black and white
I’ll meet you in the middle where the colors come alive
if I am unbecoming all the words you’ve never read
then I can take my time while I go walking through your head
you’ll never even see me and you’ll never even know
I’ll speak into your body, may it reap what it will sow

if I am unbecoming all the traits in me you knew
then I will be the mountain you will not know how to move
you’ll never even feel me and you’ll never even think
I’ll be with you forever, every single time you blink


if I am unbecoming all the words you’ve ever read
then I will pick my body up and bury it instead
you’ll find me in the in-betweens, in laughter and in sighs
I’ll be in every single breath, you never will know why
who you think i am or who i am
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