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I found the kind of Love in you that feeds my every part
the kind of Love that gathers all the pieces of my heart
the kind of Love that matters in the Only Way it can
: by flowing like a river to the very place I am

I found the kind of Love that keeps on going when I tire
the kind of Love that gives me strength and walks me through the fire  
the kind of Love that teaches me the Only Way I know
: by showing me the Fountain from which all of nature flows
The Fountain Kind (of Love)
I’ll slowly disappear in you until I am no more
no subtle synchronicity will bring me to your door
I’ll write of you in poems and I’ll miss you in my dreams
I’ll wake up every morning growing through our in betweens

I’ll slowly not forget you and the parts of me you touched
my heart will break a thousand times and for the both of us
I’ll think of you in passing as we go our separate ways
I’ll be okay, you’ll be okay, let swiftly go the days
a poem inspired by Pablo Neruda’s, “if you forget me,” and Perry Como’s, “Sunrise, Sunset”
I see You in the little things and everywhere I go
the every single in-between betwixt the reap and sow
You’re every conversation I could ever hope to have
The Words I keep inside of me because I live in lack

I feel You in the morning when I’m taking my first breath
when I am done my dreaming and I wake to live again
You are the reassurance I need every single day
The Strength I have at all in my own broken -hearted state

I know You like a Love that had the heart to bare it all
enough to be a witness to the hardest kind of fall
Our every interaction leaves me softer than a cloud
and dare I be so bold as to say all of this right now
The Time put clocks inside my skin to let my body know
I’d live inside an hourglass that spilled into my bones
I’d think about the beauty of just being here at all
and hold onto my ligaments until I knew they’d gone

The Time put locks outside my soul to let my Spirit know
I’d live outside the confines of the flesh to which I’m sown
I’d think about my duty and my calling in this life
and hold onto the parts of me that never weren’t mine

The Time put socks upon my feet to let me walk again
I’d put myself in places where I couldn’t play pretend
I’d think about the moments I decided I would live
and hold onto the memories I chose to not forget
I went to the ocean to swim in its waves
to take in the water, put salt on my veins
I laid in the sand to unravel within
and fed off The Sun like a freckle on skin

I went to the ocean to borrow some Time
to walk on the shore, put my toes on the line
I picked up the pieces I found on the way
and left them in places where I couldn’t stay

I went to the ocean to reap from its Peace
to wrap my whole heart in a Spirit I need
I gave up my senses to render my Soul
and understood Love like I understand Hope
“The Sun is a freckle’s favorite food.”
— my momma, Vera
if you give me a place to, my body will glow
my fingers will gather The Truth in the snow
and The Water will melt over parts of my soul
and I’ll be renewed and completely made whole

if you give me a place to, my Spirit will sing
I’ll float through my bones and come out of my skin
and The Light will consume all the darkness around
and there will be Life in the form of a Sound

if you give me a place to, I’ll be who I am
I’ll break through the silence and tell you, “I can”
and The Words that I speak will sow Love into you
and I will be stronger and you will be too
for my little sister
let not go of your tenderness, it keeps your heart a whole
it catches every breath you can’t when you lose all control
when every single part of you, your human and your mind
has made you feel so destitute, with nowhere left to hide

let not go of your tenderness, it remedies your thoughts
it gives you new perspective and untangles all your knots
when everyone surrounding you commiserates with fear
do not forget the heart you have still beats in you, my dear
“Для дерева есть надежда, что оно, если и будет срублено, снова оживет, и отрасли от него выходить не перестанут:”
‭‭Книга Иова‬ ‭14:7‬ ‭
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