so i’ve heard
that many have started alright
but ended up all wrong
oh baby, why don’t we
reverse our story?
let’s start at the end
let’s start at the bottom
let’s start it the wrong way
maybe, just maybe
we’ll end up right for each other..

Isabelle Jan 11

there is always a feeling
- of incompleteness
- of loss
that always linger in every part of us
that’s why we keep on searching
for something, someone
to fill in the void, the emptiness
within our hearts, within our souls
we keep on searching and searching
for anything, for the unknown
just to satisfy the gaps, the missing pieces
of our life, that we do not know existed
until we felt the ache, the hunger
- for the unknown

so we keep on searching..
Isabelle Jan 9

he doesn’t want it
the silence, stillness
the vacuum, emptiness
that comes with it
he doesn’t want it
then there comes
a little spark of light
that slowly radiates
more than the sun
could ever shine
so he chooses it
well, what can i do
bright lights are blinding

but there is beauty in darkness..
Isabelle Jan 5

i wish
we are invisible to time
because when it caught us
hands of clock seems to hurry
hours into minutes
minutes into seconds
then suddenly our moments are passing..
lost in time..

fleeting are the moments when I’m with you
Isabelle Jan 2

“found you”
someone once told me
“did you, did you??”

you’ll find me
between pages of a book
disguised in poetry
good or bad i maybe

you’ll find me
read between the lines
of your favorite songs
happy or sad i maybe

you’ll find me
in gardens, orchards
a nurtured flower
or just an ugly weed maybe

you’ll find me
look at the sky
i’ll be dancing among the objects
a dead star or the sun i maybe

you’ll find me,
traces of me
you’ll know it

i know, i know
you’ll find me,
wherever i’ll be
whatever i am

i know, i know
somewhere in this world
in the perfect time
i know, i know that
someday you will find

Isabelle Jan 1

in between the ending
and this new beginning
lies an infinity of unknown
afraid maybe, but still
brave enough to take chances

say goodbye to all the “what ifs”
make a step, cast all doubts

my yearly mantra: no more resolutions, just start making actions..
Happy New Year everyone
Isabelle Dec 2017

Choose me, when you’re drunk
when you’re confused
Choose me, when she’s not around
when she’s not kissing you
Choose me, i’m your always
an always second option
an always second best
Choose me, i’ll be happy
i guess second choice is not that bad

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Choose me, choose me
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