In the end
Life numbs YOU
Why are you pushing me away?
With this final masquerade
Given UP
In pieces
Crawling away
I am powerless
Bringing me One step closer
To Somewhere I belong
With Heavy heart
What I've done?
I'm a paper-cut survivor
Let me bleed it out
Let me burn it down
I've no more sorrow
What's this new divide?
I'm Breaking the Habit of LIFE
Shadow of the Day elongating
I'm Waiting for the end
I remain the messenger of LOVE
Lying for YOU from life
Guilty all the same
From the inside
Let me crawl back in your life
In the castle of glass
Give a Place for my head
Otherwise I'll be gone
I'm out of time now
Traveling the roads untraveled
With black heart
I am rider of the storm
Living the Battle Symphony
Burning in the skies
So don't let down me
I'm victimized
So slow Ya roll
Let me hit the floor
Away from lies greed misery
See Inside me
In the end we made it
with YOU
I LOVE In the end
Love can save our LIVES

A tribute to Chester Bennington
Best song listings
In the end Chester wanted LOVE
LOVE could have saved his life...

my heart is
             your city,
you wander
               its streets

Originally added the line, "searching for the path
that leads to my memories" at the end

your spine is the equator
between the two sides of you

it is the bridge
that pain likes to cross often,
a land full of
phantom touches of long gone fingers

you say it breaks you in  half
this very thought of love

but i live for the storm that rises
in your wild eyes from the drunken dream
of what it would be like

so my hands trace across
your equator,

and this city of bones crumbles beneath my fingertips,
our destruction awakes with the sound of
a sigh

lets be reckless

left on read
i know i never
linger in your head
for the words i should have said
are still sweet on my tongue
i didn't have the courage
to tell you we were done

the light washed over me and suddenly i was free of you, but the shadows occasionally creep back in

It’s been a long time
Looks like it’s been a very very long time
It’s haunting me
Wanting to break free

I always leave
Then comes back
Sometimes it’s the other way around
(What’s the difference?)

I always stop
Then starts again
Sometimes it’s the other way around
(What’s the difference?)

It’s the tide, the high and low
Washes what’s on the shore
Then returns what I thought I already lost
-memories, emotions, words

I comeback then leaves, I start then stops
I am coming back, again and again
To free the emotions, the words
To meet the shore, where I always belong

It’s the waves of poetry
That brings me back, always
To my first love

I always come back, but always not for good..

How I miss reading and writing. Sorry for the poor poem, it's my first write after what seems a very long time!
Isabelle Jun 28

As the tears are drying
And the heart stops hurting
And the love starts fading

She also stops writing

Turns out heartbreak and love is her favorite muse.

I miss reading and writing :( Sorry friends, haven't been on the site lately, and I think I'll be gone for some more time..
I badly need a break *sigh*
Isabelle Jun 20

sorry to my unknown lover
sorry that I can't believe
that anybody ever really
starts to fall inlove with me.....

Sorry by Halsey.. such a sad song..
For you.. sorry that I am too blind..
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