some love
like a zephyr
gentle, it will make you feel it
some love
like a gust
sudden, it will make you sway
but my love
oh my love for you darling
like a whirlwind
dangerous, powerful
it will blow you away
#14 Love Like A Wind,
gentle, until it sways you
until you’re blown away
i fell for your dreams
even your most convincing lies
i fell for your truths
your vulnerability at nights
i fell for your curious smile
and your wicked mind
i fell for the honesty
and the words you rhymed
i fell for the wrong reasons
and now i fear to confess
for you **
Isabelle Jan 8
whenever i miss you
i close my eyes
and look at the sky
i see you staring down at me
and my tears will slowly fade into smiles
but rare are the moments like these
for most of the time, i miss you and it rains
tears, not smiles
this is how i miss you **
Isabelle Jan 4
oh darling,
your words are too sweet
they rot your teeth
poisoning every kiss
you plant on my lips
Isabelle Dec 2018
stay with me tonight
one last twilight
keep me close
don’t close your eyes
together we’ll wait
for our last sunrise
Isabelle Dec 2018
let’s unwrap the gift of love...
Merry Christmas to y’all!
Unwrap the greatest gift, then share it to everyone, let’s make this world a little happier, merrier with our gift of genuine love!
Isabelle Dec 2018
10 months,
oh time flies so fast
i have been counting the days
since you left me jaded in this place
and out of tears and pain
i cursed the angels for taking you away
how could they?
how could they turn my sunshines into rain?
for my Lola in heaven, i miss you so much!
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