a fatal hemorrhage
blood blood blood
hurt hurts the heart
but the patient poet
is still breathing, alive
blood dripping
draining her out
but she’s a fighter and so
she bleed words instead
the page is almost full
but still a hemorrhage of words
continuously pours out
from her jaded soul and broken heart
Isabelle Apr 4
the room smelled of spilled wine
before the lampshade totally went off
a nightgown was seen on the floor
now the room smelled of more than just lust
- it was love, a violent one
oh, imagine the aftermath
thanks for the word!
sneaking some writing amidst the busy schedule
Isabelle Apr 1
now that you were gone
you were the only ghost
that i want to haunt me
forever and ever
for Lola, now my angel
So far, it was the longest days I’ve stayed (home) since you were gone. I guess I have to get used to you being ‘gone’. And when I say “gone” it’s not just being physically absent. It’s not just some word for the emptiness. It’s not just the vacuum.
‘Gone’ is the untouched lipstick, not knowing it can’t never be used again. ‘Gone’ is the pair of slippers under your bed, I wonder when was the last time you wore them. ‘Gone’ is realising your armchair is vacant. ‘Gone’ is the unfinished skirt you were trying to sew. ‘Gone’ is the deck of cards left on your cupboard, nobody won’t ever play them again. ‘Gone’ are the half empty medicine containers. ‘Gone’ is the space beside my bed.
When we lose someone we scan our mind and heart. We search for memories, those striking and meaningful. We ache for that sentimental and big memories that we often overlooked the simple moments in between. As I stay here in “our” bed, I wish so much that I could just watch you as you play solitaire or as you take your medicines- such ordinary things that I took for granted but would kill to experience one more time when it’s all over.
Look at it, there should be no understated days. Seize each moment with your love ones, those tiny little moments are what stitches together our very existence. Appreciate each moment before it becomes a memory. Embrace them, squeeze them tight in your heart because one day, unknown to you, it will be the last time you’ll ever experience them.
Oh, how I would defy everything just to hug you one more time. Until we meet again xx
words on write up inspired by some fb post which i read long ago, can’t remember where i saw it.
  Mar 28 Isabelle
vanessa ann
flatten your tongue
slip it between your teeth


your little lips
forming an elipsis


put them together
and may you declare
a word you’d so carefully deny—

you spell it out
on table tops
shout it
from the rooftops

and when cursed hands
seek to defile your shrine
may you exclaim
"i am mine"
for my precious friends with hearts too soft to say no. may you be a little more selfish.
Isabelle Mar 27
no matter how small
no matter how simple
your act of kindness
is always appreciated
For that one friend who wrote something for my grandmother, i’m so stoked with your act of kindness, thank you for the comfort and words of encouragement. Sometimes, we receive random act of kindness from people we least expected, even strangers. Take time to thank them, they’re a blessing in disguise.
  Mar 27 Isabelle
She left with love in her heart
For her final moments were blessed
By the angel holding her
For a friend who had an elderly loved one pass away in her arms.
Isabelle Mar 27
hello my old heart
it’s been so long
how have you been
you’re barely beating

hello my old heart
i’ve been so worried
are you still there
inside my ribs?

hello my old heart
you’re almost still

oh i’m sorry, i’m sorry
the walls i built to keep you safe
are now too sky high
that’s why i didn’t hear your pleas

hello my old heart
don’t you worry being locked
in there you’re safe and sound
yes you’ll never beat but you’ll never break
hello my old heart
when will i set you free?
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