Isabelle 19m
its clearness is vague
i can’t figure the water
if shallow or deep
it happens right?
you’ll confused
let these sobs
speak for the tiredness i’m feeling
let these tears
fill the emptiness i’m feeling
just let it be, let it be
eventually, the sobs, the tears
will soon tire and will finally
find their way to stop
let it be
it’s so hard
to walk the talk
when you are
as selfless as a candle
-burning yourself
just to give light
to others
self love, selfless
tell me how to self love when you are a selfless
Isabelle Sep 8
you’ve tried to hide it
but it’s too late
i already saw it
the hesitation
the hesitation
in your eyes, in your voice
i told you it’s fine
to spare you from explaining
and to save me from shame
but i saw it, i knew it
the hesitation
the hesitation in your heart
I saw it </3
Isabelle Sep 4
believe me when i say
that these scars
are not a reminder of you
believe me, these scars
are a reminder
of how deep my love can be
these scars are not about you
Isabelle Aug 29
i lost to lust
and let it win
now i feed myself
between your legs
hell indulgence
tastes like heaven
let it consume me
until i’m done
Isabelle Aug 19
without a space
there’ll be no room for mistakes
no it doesn’t make sense
it’ll make no difference
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