Isabelle 3h

pagod na ako
kakalakad palayo sa iyo
kakatakbo pabalik sa iyo
pagod na ako
maghintay ng kahit ano
maghintay ng anino mo
pagod na ako
sa mga paghingi mo ng tawad
at sa aking pagpapatawad
pagod na ako
pagod na ako sa iyo
pagod na ako sa sarili ko

Hindi ko alam kung bakit ang lungkot ko ngayon :(
Nakakapagod na kasi.

How do you taste a woman?
Do you let your breath
Take over her skin
Or do you,
Her treacherous,
Deceitful, delightful touch?

Do you take her sight for granted,
As if it was yours to own,
As if she would
Never vanish,
Or do you know
She's nothing more
Than a chimera on a wall,
Than Clotho's spinning thread
In an ancient story of forgiveness...

Do you trust her soft and humid body,
Like a silky cloth soaked in
Spicy peppermint oil,
Or do you fear
Her lips
As if they'll
Harm the pulse
Of your easily grown
Desire for all that she has enchanted?

Do you let her fingers linger
Somewhere in between
The locks of hair,
As they were
Her only to poses,
And make them come alive
Like serpents shadows on a desert's moonlight?

All in all, a woman cannot be
Taken for granted,
As she isn't there
Only because
You see her
A woman is
A passing shadow
For your mesmerized vision.

A woman is that summer rain
On your heated body,
Or that devastating
Storm on a
She is both
Dust and wind,
Love and hatred,
Hope and despair.
She is nothing more
Than clear, cold water.

So drink the woman
As you taste
Into good wine
And tell me, stranger...
How do you taste a woman?

Isabelle 13h

a drepressed loner
in a dark comic drama
his world a social sattire
alienated and desperate
he visited support groups
to relate to others
until he met an
alluring iconoclast
who introduced him to a world
of brawling, violence
until he finally entered into
a world of fight club
it becomes an addiction
a different belief
it becomes his sedative
an escape
until sentimentalism
becomes a horrible lie
so a different path he runs

A raw poem.
First rule: Don't talk about _____. Second rule: Don't talk about ______.
So yeah, it's one of my fave movies of all time. It's just crazy and brilliant..
Isabelle 23h

There is this girl
Who appears out of nowhere

She looks at me
She smiles at me

A look that cuts straight to my core
Waking up my veins, my body, my soul

A smile that pierces through my heart
like a billion of Cupid’s arrows

On top of the other, one right on the top of the other
Then another on top of the other, arrow after arrow

My soul

My heart

And this is the part of the dream
Where most girls will grab your hand

Where most girls will embrace you
Kiss you, saves you

But this girl isn’t the same
Isn’t the same with most girls

This girl didn’t save me
This girl holds my hand

She smiles again
And asked “are you ready?”

And finally I am
I am ready

She didn’t save me, together we fall
No, we didn’t fall, we jumped

And this is the part of the dream where
as we were falling into each other

I woke up, I woke up
Too bad I woke up

It could be perfect, this girl
But it was just a dream

This girl..
Just a dream..

Because I couldn't sleep. Ugh.
Inspired by This Girl.
Isabelle 1d

She is always afraid of waking up

Because her dreams die when she does

Her dreams fade away

fades away into reality

fades away



Too busy to write so I'll just repost this old piece of mine
 2d Isabelle

To dance alone in the dark
Drinking aged tears
Pretending mortality
Living on dreams
The wish of Cass's courage
And I've none
Blades call, no?
Mine's clean
The shine of it calls me
I'm alone
I don't wish to be
But really I do
Rain pours on my rubber roof
Is it pleasant,
to watch?
Violence is orgasmic,
For the "normals"
and I'm not
my mother
my maker
Is insanity
Over and over we try
same patterns
same results
But all,
and the lie of it
And poetry
is my shining blade

I love you. I won't be able to respond until late tomorrow evening. As I have to be Mrs. Potatoe head and paste on a fake Vanna White smile and serve these yanquees tea and coffee in the morning. And I think, I've lost my mind. Please forgive me.
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