Isabelle 23h
love of my life
let me be your
eternal shadow not
your temporary sunshine
love of my life
my queen, my lifeline
my love for you
is within every breath
of this lifetime
with reference and permission from the very kind Yue :) read her wonderful poem here
i’ve got the brightest halo
amongst the devils mob
and behind these smiles
are the sins i hide
my sins
i’ll engrave in your skin
Isabelle Nov 4
i breathed you in
and filled my lungs
with every ash of you
inhaling every smoke of you
they say i’ll get sick
they say i’ll die
of too much cigarettes
but they didn’t know
i’ll die if i breathed you out

—you, my cigarette
version 2 of my previous poem, puff
Isabelle Nov 2
i watched you slipped away
slowly taken away by time
the morning
you died in my arms
i didn’t know i could die
a million times
i miss you everyday
sleep now my love
close your eyes
when you open them
no pain, no tears
you’ll be in paradise
sleep now my love
i’ll watch over the night
when you perish
by the morning light
i’ll sing you a lullaby
Isabelle Oct 31
i’ll pull you out
of the blackhole
and if ever it swallows me
love, isn’t it beautiful
that together, we’ll get lost
in infinities?
Isabelle Oct 27
starry eyes
starry smile
you’re a universe
on earth
too beautiful
too bright
for this world
maybe that’s why
you’re not meant
to stay
because you are a universe
Isabelle Oct 22
there is familiarity
in being lost
there is freedom
in isolation
i’m not scared anymore
trust me, there is comfort
in not being found
the familiarity in being lost..
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