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At the start
A bright beginning,
A happy union
An ignited spark

A little wolf
So pure, so bright
Loyal till
The very end

Clutching the doll
Going everywhere

A little wolf
So pure, so bright
Loyal till
The very end

Out the door
Around the house
And maybe to see your friend's
Pet mouse

A little wolf
So pure, so bright
Loyal till
The very end

Together forever
Best little buds
Totally inseparable
Just like a shadow

A little wolf
So pure, so bright
Loyal till
The very end

The doll was there
Through all the sunshine
The doll was there
Through all the rain

A little wolf
So pure, so bright
Loyal till
The very end

It kept you company
Through the smiles
Laughing with
Your every mile

A little wolf
So pure, so bright
Loyal till
The very end

It kept you safe
Through all those nights
And kept those shadowy things
At bay

A little wolf
So pure, so bright
Loyal till
The very end

It dried your tears
Through all those times
A simple hug
Could heal that soul

A little wolf
So pure, so bright
Loyal till
The very end

It waited for you
Every day
Until you came back

A little wolf
So pure, so bright
Loyal till
The very end

Then something happened;
You grew up
The waiting became

A little wolf
So pure, so bright
Loyal till
The very end

The distance widened,
Left behind
But still it kept on

A little wolf
So pure, so bright
Loyal till
The very end

You talked less
You played less
But still it looked on

A little wolf
So pure, so bright
Loyal till
The very end

The doll was stuck
In a timeless state
But you just kept on

A little wolf
So pure, so bright
Loyal till
The very end

Soon, you no longer
Came to see
The doll; it was already

A little wolf
So pure, so bright
Loyal till
The very end

Forgotten, neglected
In its dusty little corner
Reminiscing of the times
Together, spent

A little wolf
So pure, so bright
Loyal till
The very end

Wishing you would
Come back round
To look, or just
To care

A little wolf
So pure, so bright
Loyal till
The very end

It kept on hoping
It kept believing
It kept the flame alive,

A little wolf
So pure, so bright
Loyal till
The very end

But everyday
It kept on dimming
The pure white fur
With dust, greying

A little wolf
So pure, so bright
Loyal till
The very end

Time passes
Minutes, hours
Soon, it's been a year.

A little wolf
So pure, so bright
Loyal till
The very end

More time passes
Just like so,
Until you were
So fully grown

A little wolf
So pure, so bright
Loyal till
The very end

Gone were the days
Of carefree playing
Gone were the days
Of chatting

A little wolf
So pure, so bright
Loyal till
The very end

The doll has faded
Right out
Your mind
You were most preoccupied

A little wolf
So pure, so bright
Loyal till
The very end

Then suddenly
You remembered
Retraced your steps
And found the corner

A little wolf
So pure, so bright
Loyal till
The very end

You see the little doll
You've grown up with
A companion, confidant,
A friend.

A little wolf
So pure, so bright
Loyal till
The very end

You pick it up
But something's different
The flame inside
Has died

A little wolf
So pure, so bright
Loyal till
The very end

Hollow eyes stare back
At you
Cold and frozen

A little wolf
So pure, so bright
Loyal till
The very end

With a twinge
You placed it
Back onto
A wooden shelf

A little wolf
So pure, so bright
Loyal till
The very end

Now with the
Closing of the door
The both of you
Were parted

*A little wolf
So pure, so bright
Loyal till
The very end
John F McCullagh Dec 2011
We started out with Armistead
from the shelter of the trees.
A jackrabbit raced past to the rear,
no dumb bunny was he

The heat rose up to meet us
As we started up the rise-
The prospect of the copse of trees
Before us was the prize.

The flower of Virginia here
displayed upon Parade
We must have looked magnificent
Just before the cannonade

They piled on Double Cannister
and tore holes in our line
We staggered from the weight of shot
that fearful hissing whine..

Then enfilading fire came
From the Yanks behind stone walls
Just then post fences six feet high
briefly caused our charge to stall

Brave **** Gannett was unhorsed
Upon this very spot
Kemper, wounded mortally,
Was retrieved from shell and shot

We made it past the final fence
And up the grassy knoll
Defiant in the cannons mouth
"Turn those guns!" I'm told.

But at that very Moment
General Armistead was downed
The attack lost its momentum
Our wave crested on high ground..

The blue bellies yelled Fredericksburg
As the Crimson tide retraced
Half in Anger, Half in relief
that the challenge had been faced.

The hill before the copse of trees
Pocked with our dead and dying
While the remnants of Picketts men
Towards Longstreets line were filing

Matthew Brady took my photograph
before I was led away
My face a study in defiance
A true man of the gray.
Gettysburg, the third day. This is from the Confederate point of view.
Stephan May 2016

Not knowing
chokes the imagination,
draining all common sense
Thoughts spin desperately
as vacuous emotions
paralyze actions,
restricting sensibility

Lethargic expressions
wander the mind
searching for answers
While minutes become
hours that never end
on days you wish
you didn’t exist

Pathways once trod
now retraced, examined
of every “what if”
step by agonizing step,
seeking breadcrumbs
leading back to a beginning
long before now

Darkness plays on sunny days,
every shadow startles
in breaths not taken
for fear that this is it,
falling on your knees,
pleading to the sky,
tell me
Viji Suresh May 2016
I wait for the world to slip by me,
Unnoticed I wanted to let things free,
Inside a black and white world,
With no colour to add cheer,
I would like to spend my days,
With no great joy or regret that I fear...

Under the tall dark trees, I would take a stroll,
Talking to my shadow that doesn't speak at all...
I would walk, talk and walk some more,
Until I drop, tired and stop eating at my soul.

The bright white shell at the shore,
I picked, admired but decided to throw.
The waves fierce and loud,
Refusing! threw her back with force ..
She lay on the wet sands gleaming,
Waiting for a wayward wave to take her in...

My shadows grew before me,
Another long dark night unveiled free,
I lay down wishing for oblivion,
Where I could vanish and remain hidden...
The moon beam, reached out to unveil me,
I rushed, retraced and hid inside my shadows, cast free...
Just Melz Oct 2014
Gazing through this smoky haze
Thinking about you again
It's been awhile since I thought of you
       My dear old friend        
I needed you then
Last night...                          
When my mind began to spin
I was beginning to lose touch with reality
I read some of my old poetry        
Bringing up some old memories
Pictures and videos too.      
But that didn't help me
I simply needed you                
I've heard it called destiny
And I can see that smile in my mind
So very clearly
It's been awhile my old friend
Since I've needed you again
But last night              
When my head began to spin
I retraced the pattern of my soul within          
I was disappointed to trace over you once or twice
Oh! How nice it would have been
If I'd never grabbed that knife          
That you deliberately stuck in my back dear friend          
If I hadn't, I'd never have known it was you
I could've died peacefully            
Never knowing your love was through
But I did grab it, I did turn around
Now you're laying there
Still sliced up on the ground
My dear old friend
Inside my soul                              
Is the last place left you can still be found
Another interesting yet dark dream....
Stella Dec 2014
I blew out candles I'd lit
in joy of your return.
Because you retraced your steps
and set fire to my lawn
bright enough to keep the light.
Nova Flames Jan 2014
cigarettes $ pysilocibin
my silhouette is like a lion
feeling high like lifted horizons
soak me in like negative ions
trust your gut, trust your instinct
life is in sync,
but change happens every instant
haters have their opinions
my styles they still mimic
im a discordian magician, ill have your mind tricked
have you question is your reality fact or fiction?
master chef still rules the kitchen
im a bad boy ladies love the villain
cross me once no forgiveness
nova fills all voids thats empty
max pizzazz raps has plenty
im living carefree like heart of a young star,,,
in elementary
but i cant be schooled, bejeweled, or lose my cool
most cannot comprehend the magnitude of nova flames
my path cannot be retraced, you'll be sent on figure eights aka familiar ways, blinded by intense ultraviolet rays aka a violent blaze
i was married to the game
cuhz i accidentally caught the bouquet on my life's wedding day
now i ride the electric wave aka majestic whales  
the super nova tares the scales
now i must rebuild my crystal castle with one pail bucket
once i reach the summit
i can enjoy the fruits of my labor
at the all you can eat buffet,
and live in my abundance, never ever hungry...
vircapio gale Aug 2013
our yearning sent us
striding from the herd and out
to climb with fettle toes
an unknown height

our bellied wine and swoon
to open-eyed unveiling high
the purest vista sought, but found
another sight

flashing honey in our hearts
we sang into the stars
our dance of wandering
our lips ripe

and there on idyll spike
we coupled free
denuded each we let the cosmos see
how bright and fierce we came

yet quickly we were not the same
in culmination's wake
our visions meshed
subdued the flame

we fell apart in time
descending into spite
facing elsewhere
facing night

the ache was all of life
my private thoughts
were doomed to strife
and flirted vicious hate

devoted to escape the weight
of any snide devotion's cage
we raged a final rage
then gave ourselves to fate

our wounds would send us far
flying from our love
to seek with calloused toes
new unknown heights

i gave up understanding fate
i lay down
embraced the furthest peak
berating all i'd done

i hated all i was
a curse on those i loved
a darkness plague
i spat into my soul

i'd left my home  my love
to claim an ownmost throne
my hidden heart beat slow
and turned to stone

wind no longer blew
the sun went dim
stars forsook my song
and final silence won

i lay dead inside my cave
but for an obscure truth
that even weakest hearts
weave threads of ruth

the faces of the herd
rejoined me then
their whispers lured me out
and dared me  hope

i'd found my kernal self
a love remained despite the hate
the tone of loneliness had changed

a single loving vast instilled itself
on far off pinnacle alone
blissful in myself  at last
from cattle drone
from mired sweet decay
from friendship's whine
and lover's scree
i spoke   i wrote
and measured new complacency
believing i could write a final line
express an everpresent note

astride a mountain bull
i surveyed vales below
in reborn doubt retraced
the steps we'd come

mystic pretense dawned
in shades of brilliant gray
i leapt from paradox
i sung

my eyes became a mist
my arms the mountain range
sky for breath, all rivers
fed my heart

from clouds i looked
embracing earth i blew
love sprung green
and true

based on one of the early sections of the RgVeda
Tobias Engkvist Oct 2012
Imagine it's all a faze, that it will all fade

Dirt filled shoes, and grass weaved hair
Fierce eyes that won't free their gaze
Fierce hands that won't grasp the emptiness they hold.
Fall for shame that consumes the pride
that's willingly left up for grabs,
Ready to be diddled, fiddled and bargained.

Hold them coins high
Watch them turn to ash
Feel, as the wind filters through your fingers
and from your hand, the I-couldn't-care-less set of mind
take its place among the synapses that are
cut and restrung,
erased and retraced.

Fall for shame so that you know your chest cavity center piece
still feels as it should,
when worn on your sleeve.

Maybe, if you can regain pride
If you consume shame
If you kick of those shoes and kiss the dirt
Gold will become like coal
And the wind like a string of pearls.
Arcassin B Nov 2014
By Arcassin and Elizabeth


Flowers blossom,
And sky is bluer than the ocean,
And although it reflects,
We can never witness the motion,
Swimming in the sea of forgotten dreams,
To let go bad memories,
Holy treasons the enemy,
Over lapping actuality,


Take the beauty of purity,
God's pristine waters, 
And cleanse the betrayals trace,
A new beginning for our world,
The dreams of past days again recalled,,
In this our florid wonderland,
Indigo streams bringing,
Divinity unto man,


Desires to be rulers of the land,
But not enough cargo on the ship,
Tracing footsteps back to endeavors,
Gods creations like wool and leather,
There will be a forever,
Sweat pouring from your head,
And little red slippers,
theres No place like home,


Come together all of planet, 
Let one design be in mind, 
Share and share alike, 
Make of God's realm on Earth,
A perfect reside of care,
Toil for the hearth's fold, 
Put to bed the weighty anchor, 
Of man's disloyal fife,


And when it all has reached its peak,
A set to sight on fleek,
If anything , I'd give away my only soul,
Just to save these families,
From the heavens down to the trees,
Everything has means,
Saving purity for one,
Exactly acquired two things,


To breach the storms,
For good to prevail, 
All begin of oneness to other, 
Nature'******configured with man,
Co-existences yielding a field, 
Of God's pureness,
The flower's dream retraced, 
For our world clan.
With the wonderful miss Elizabeth Squires ❤❤❤❤❤
Stepping through the looking glass
there is no stepping back

The journey once accepted
is a never-ending track

Adventure leads to places
that we should not dare to go

Questions lead to answers
that we should not dare to know

To wander through the wardrobe
is to leave what's safe behind

Forever leaving normal
for the hope of what you'll find

A journey of a thousand steps
that cannot be retraced

A single step once taken
that can never be erased

Dangerous the road that flows
away from your front door

Keep your feet or it may sweep
you to a distant shore

Should ever you joust windmills
or travel mystic lands

Blaze trails through rotting jungles
caravan cross burning sand

Remember with each victory
there's also something lost

There's a price for each adventure
that's not always worth the cost

So whether it's the seven seas
or past the worlds own edge

Regardless of the paths you take
or promises you pledge

Should find you Never never land
and finding choose to go

All that which you had afore
will ne'er again be so

For once you've rode Laptua
or Pandora's Box unbound

Once love has hold your spirit
or wisdom had been found

Once blind eyes have been opened
or sirens song is heard

Once tragedy has struck so hard
that laughter seems absurd

Once Wonderland is entered
your soul is ever changed

The world you left behind you
is ever left estranged

You can return to bridges burned
but o'er them none may pass

For once you stray there is no way
to get back through the glass

For more see:

~ ~
The neon kisses the sidewalk below embracing strangers as they pass
in all directions none seem towards home.
***** sidewalks and the slums splendor Im a gatekeeper of despair and hard
luck just living for the bells chime to echo from the counter.

Drunks and ****** gather within my confines the outcasts of the night my people
seldom will I ever know more than a signature upon the page.
Moths drawn together attaracted by neon light.
Tommorows not a promise so embrace feeling and grow numb in reflex for now.

Are we not twisted from exposher numb from the streets brutal truth?
I count the hours a television for companion a bottle a often short staying vistor
who's welcome till the hangover's regret.

Some pills to drive my thoughts and a fresh *** of coffee to fuel my engine
tIme kills even the most unfaded of us all.
And through the night they gather some to escape the cold others for a quick escape
or fast **** to forget as if in a Halloween costume soon they'll return to there true act
of a life.

Embrace as lover's when there nothing more than roomates hey kids were doing great
you coming home for Christmas this year?
And so they like well trained actors reprise there roles.

But i see there mess allnight I collect the rejects nothing more but fragments
glass that reflect what they wish could never be.
If only we could rewind.
But life's highway cant be retraced so on we roll.

I  collect there money and take down there names the keeper of memories
tattered wings fly none the less.
As for the women the far away stares are but shared thoughts of a misery
more bitter we drink from the same passed down glass.

Some things just don't have to be said to be understood.
The nights my watch my vices fuel me for yet another round.
the neon signs my beacon And the moths glide to flame with the turning of the switch.

Were all ****** up but seldom can some show the flaws .
I embrace them unspoken please sign here.
Tommorows walk we'll pretend to not see for we all need to feel
invisible sometIme.

The end of my shift bids farewell to my collected chaos tired we've become in constant
recollection the light is off for now.
I hold to that which knew what was
Before this came to be
Seeking answers for what is
And what it has to be

I inquire of that which saw first
What was before it changed
Going backwards into time
It's all been prearranged

What will be has come to pass
And no one questions why
Seeking answers from the past
And time goes quickly by

Knowing less than before
I sought the answers true
Backwards forwards steps retraced
I seek it now from you
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
Mysidian Bard Feb 2017
As I walk the streets of this old town
footsteps of the past are retraced;
though I look upon it with brand new eyes
every place still has your face.

The wind will always carry your voice,
words echoing on the breeze,
like whispers in the gathering dark
between the cemetery trees.

Fragmented memories of a tortured past
are just riddles without clues.
Haunted are these same old streets
by the apparitions of you.
Daniel Wetter Apr 2015
I quit my job while deep in debt
the devil made me do it
showed my boss mad disrespect
the devil made me do it
I claimed to be the king of the ******* south
the devil made me do it
retraced my steps when they found my house
the devil made me do it

Before I take a ****,
or even open my eyes,
I’m thinking of my trip,
to my lucifer guys.
They’re up for whatever,
and so down to ride.
Open my hatch back,
and down they slide.
Into the system,
these limitless prescriptions.
Looking for myself,
while i'm taking whats missin.
The depiction of myself,
is honestly twisted.
Honesty as foreign,
as **** is to christmas.
Sobrietry wishlist,
as soon as this **** hits.
There no stopping my little pitiful ***** fits.
I’ve heard I’m better sober
but I tried not to listen
I said that i felt broken
they said these pills would fix this.

I flashed my **** in a public street
the devil made me do it
I went streaking while i beat my meat
the devil made me do it
I called a nun an ugly freak
the devil made me do it
then we had fun in her backseat
the devil made me do it

It's the middle of the day
things are feeling hazy,
3/4s of my family thinks I’m ******* crazy,
the other quarter just thinks I’m lazy,
but thats okay because I may be.
I won’t know, until i try
so ice cold deep in my eyes.
Look for soul what do I find?
Another reason why I hide.
Why try hard to fall behind?
Running out of pills and lies,
refills will **** me in time,
but Dr. says I’m doing fine.
Am i though?
Are you alright?
Tell me dude
no need to fight!
Invite me back into your life,
the love and trust you used to like,
you threw away like useless lights.
Lighten your load, don’t hold tight,
to crutches just to walk upright.
You mumble and avoid your eyes.
As you go I hear you say,
I’m just doing this the devils way.

I told my dad I hate his guts
the devil made me do it
I lied and stole and broke all trust
the devil made me do it
I moved out quick it was a must
the devil made me do it
Then moved back in about a month
the devil made me do it

Man this moods the ******* worst.
I'll pop one more it couldn’t hurt.
Whats another?
The others worked.
I think too well, my stomach hurts.
I’m so ****** that I took too much.
I’m one week in, this script is rushed.
My ration game it ******* *****,
My rationale is love the lust.
While is lasts I'll have a blast.
But the devil gets his last laugh.
He’ll leave when I need him most.
A ******* ghost.
In my shell, yet so exposed.
Living hell, the devil knows.
What I need, and who I love.
He takes both, exchanged for drugs.
I stay afloat when I’m ****** up.
Living out an addicts luck.
Stuck inside the Devil's truth.
I did it cause he told me to...
I do it cause he tells me to...
I live it cause I always do...
I'm sick of what I’m told to do...
I do it cause he told me to...
tranquil Jan 2014
closer than a shadow
in moments retraced
she eclipses the night
gravity prevails
Aron Dec 2014
I am missing you,
I need you here beside me
and I can't remember
how many times I've
retraced my memories
searching for you,
while waiting for the dawn,
Justin Griego Aug 2011
I watched something simple go
deep within your soul
to the place where the seeds of fairness grow
you kneeled upon the ground
as I gazed with eyes of stone
your fingers dug the earth,
watching with utter curiosity
as you counted the seeds you stole
All's fair in love 'n war, or so I am told
But I just watched you plant these seeds
And I have seen where they have been sown
You made it seem to the outside world
that these seeds were randomly strewn
As if a wind had blown across the plane
and had blown these seeds away
As if hungry birds returning to their nests
and had spilled some along the way
But I know
Because I saw where they were placed
cleverly paced, precisely spaced
yet you are unfazed
and I discovered why
for your 'kindness' isn't kind
but is just bread crumbs to be retraced
Hanzel and Gretel's trail of bad taste
All so you can point back one day
and rub it in someones face
But I'll keep your secret to myself
dark and all alone
because if I show this to someone else
I'll just be called paranoid and a crone
Just know that one day when your face is smiling
and your picture being shown
I'll make sure that you can see what I hold deep inside
by reciting this little poem

I watched something simple go
deep within your soul
to the place where the seeds of fairness grow
And I saw what you stole
Elijah Jan 2015
the connection we had
the beauty we saw in stars during
the night of making love to one another
your body reaches my mindset on cloud nine
every inch of you is impeccable
thinking of how you got me
wrapped 'round your little finger
would be the sweetest mind trip
i'd have to explore
feeling so nostalgic right now
cause the type of moon that's crawling in the sky is your favourite
and it reminds me of your beauty
the perfection of your seduction
the infatuation of your intoxication
the earth itself appreciates your presence
endulging the blue scent that is your soul
peaceful, truthful .. glorious source of energy
your voice haunting my thoughts
losing myself to the melody
my heart plays when you find
comfort in my hands
and let me slide into your thighs
where my emotional senses are retraced
as i continue to embrace the edges of your temple
i recall your perfect imperfections.
This is the third collaboration by Yours Truly & Ofentse Tsie. It's really an honour to work with this young gentleman. We represent Courage, Gentleness & Love.

#love #perfection #sensual .
mike dm Jun 2014
i'm so tired
of wanting to become something --
grand designs
doing pirouettes in my little head --

i just
more time
to think things through

plastic tines
stab at forks
in the road

silly you!
trying to stop the decision-making process
like a child
with a rhyme

speaking of the devil,
for a limited time only,
**** the walking dread
that paces at the foot of your being
like a thing in need --
how? thought you'd never ask ---
i'll get to that, in due time

-- i will say this though: it's not with an ax
or bow
or some moralized TV show

nothing like that

the need to be
to be --

is the imperative --
tasks tasked with go-forth --

we feed on it --
always pressing forward
always-already doing things,
going places, lurching concern,
consuming steps steps steps


progress is
a stone alone inside my pocket
-- watch it
bloom tumultuous
into a decision to be undone ----

I am
The backward startle
Flesh made text

Know this:
All will be retraced till
All that remains is
a waiting cursor --
Blinking blinking
Blank page staring
Into your you --
The mess undressed, ****** --
Don't unfuck it --
Allow it --
Let it ******* for a time

Then go hardly softly into the night
With steps alighting
Bold events of past doings lit
Given another chance

The was made present
A specter sent
To turn the insides of your bones
Into channels --
Canals of then-time (makes sense)

Get to know the script
Then flip it
Budge its molecular structure
See its words squirm
Make its serifs recoil
And strike at your command

Crazy? Yes
Impossible? Perhaps
But your verse must be heard
The play goes on and on and on
Until you decide
To interrupt it
W D Dec 2011
Labyrinth of years
minutes wrapped tight in a spool
he harvested

conjured up the proof pumping
gasps of memory

in the scatterings
of recognition in loves station,
having braved a culture
that censors your union.  

You  retraced those circles
pirouetting beside his given
amnesia to a garden of memory
Sumit Ganguly Jun 2017
Expedition of life starts at dawn.
Trainers come genetically,
custom and society fill the gap,
we start a journey,
the route is misty.

I started for the Kanchenjunga
Half of the track was well lit road
rest was chosen weather-wise.
While I was in the last camp,
the peak was conquered by fast runners.

It took several years to start new expedition,
light came from 'post meridiem'
air changed a lot,
it was another peak in the same Himalayas.
Now the hazards are known, I strive.

5th June, 2017.
Sophie Herzing Mar 2013
A lot can happen in four years
I whispered while your fingers were in my hair.
The night was calling us together, time threw us in a moment
where neither of us had an answer to why you called
or why I came
to find myself in your single bed with feet that hang off the end
letting you pull my clothes off with those hands
that always know how to hold me
slipping your fingers right between the space of my ribs.
I paint words on your neck with my lips
that envelop how beautiful I know you are.
You don't think you'll come back?
I tried to walk around the world enough times
in that moment, in my mind
to tell you something you'd want to hear
but all I got were ***** soles and a steamy kiss
to cradle the shake in your spine-
Not even for me?
whiskey, whiskey, whiskey
I don't even know what will happen to me.
So I just hold you enough times until the truth settles,
until the realization has become a manifestation
of tossing and turning together in your bed
wrapping around the heart-shaped symbol of love in our heads.

A lot can happen in four years
I weaved around the promise in your brain.
You retraced the curves of my neck with your hands,
pulling me in so we wouldn't feel so lonely.
And even though we can't admit in the denial
that we were spreading around each other
in a pretty suspension of how we wish
things could eventually work out,
we understand how hard it will be to take
waiting for the other after all that time.
Not even for me?
whiskey, whiskey, whiskey
we just healed the break with a kiss
as we spent another night trying to forget we were real,
masking on our own graduating fears
A lot can happen in four years.
Laci Sep 2017
To stand in the sun alone
Tangled in tracks of vines that connect to dawn
Lonesome whispers seek horizons dream
A hum to dare

Heart beat of stars to paint anew
Trickle of time between the quiet
A pulse to seek amongst the shadows
Light seeps through a memory

Cradled within the breath of heat
To sit upon a petals ridges
Face of warmth beneath familiar palms
A dance to be retraced

Vibrations pull of soul's silence
Falling into the rise of tomorrow
Hold of heart between lovers lips
Paint the sky still, let us linger
Bruised Orange Feb 2015
Of this, my heart so eagerly embraced
The plans of youth in dreams retraced
And in that song of once forgotten fire
A burning now of long quenched desire.

See the trees standing tall and austere?
The meadow grass with flowers appear.

Split rail fence
Winding path
Stone wall
Signs of a life,
Proof of it all

The poet seeks to recollect
Through phrases in earnest to reflect
But the pen, in solitude rejects

Through wasted years of hopeful dream
I've not set foot in a single stream

Of longing
Of bitterness
Of regret

These will be this poet's epitaph.
King Tutankhamun Nov 2015
Prepare bloodshed
Im tired of being a thorough bred
All eyes on me
Take heed to words that's said
They hate me
Cuz they aint black like me
Bow down this t h u g
Recognize my game
Bring more flames than end times
Listen to me ******
The world is mine as shine my nine
Anyone who jump see the flat line
Never left the battle grounds
Straight  boot camps
Lived off of food stamps with tramps
Broke the mold now im feelin' bold
**** brothers multiply
Got every ghetto in the nation high
And watch the birds fly
South for the December
Ill make a massacre that'll make ya remember
Yosef been equipped with game
So **** the fame let my ***** hang
These fools aint ready for war
Cuz once i hit it'll no longer be an even score

Now that got yo attention
What these fool know about **** life?
Every playa hata wanna be like
Me the underground ghetto king
This is a rap ghetto blues so ya can cling
Into my raw raps preaching apocalypse
Reachin' in my pockets for mo bullets
So i can empty clips
INTO ya mind fool break the slavery chains
I aint never been a toby
Bow down like ya owe half these *******
Is phony
Claims they ya friends but when ya hit the pen
They blowing in the wind
And **** paris them aint down for us
Got eve ry dumb ***** puttin' up the red white n blue pic
**** them bigots they can *******
Sweatin' my ****
Cuz bringin back that **** ****
Never fall back retraced my steps n now im.back
To where it all begins
Birthed unto this world its daily sin
I cant get a break cuz they aint no fate
I'm just waitin' for right time
To retaliate set my own date date
Sike im machiavelli
Reincarnated as a mack 11
Burn all my enemies til they flesh is cremated
Zack Jan 2013
I don't know what I would do if I lost her
I think I would start by retracing the steps she took to find herself
Get to revisit all the places that she's visited to build her character
Find myself in each place she found her calling
Calling back memories to the rims of her eyes
I want to see all the places she's seen
And try to outline them with my corneas
And dilate her thoughts with my pupils
Try to recollect every tear that was fallen and for what reason
In her palms, I want to find my self in the things she found in her palms
What psalms she grazed with her fingertips
Find out what fire sparked sparks in between her snapping fingertips
That tipped her closer to insanity
Find out who she found herself in hands held, but hearts closer than her fingertips
That tipped her closer to be sane
All to the first hand she ever held
Her mother’s.
If I ever lost her, I would find her mother.
And thank her for also giving me a life
Ask her what it feels like to have a daughter that’s the barren of
Laughter, sanctuary, and comfort.
Ask her what it feels like to have a daughter
Whose made so many connections
That brings strangers together with just her smile
Thank her mother for building a home for me too,
*** I never asked her too.
“I found myself in you.”
If I ever lost her…
I would lastly lose myself in her poetry.
Bury myself six feet deep in her journals
And cover myself with her words
Decipher her metaphors line by line
Be engulfed in her personifications
Allude myself to her smiles
Become caved in her hyperboles
And pump my veins with the ink she used to flood pages
I want to lose myself in her notebooks and become stranded in her
Her poetry is something to remember
To be retraced to find again and again.
If I ever lost her, I would find her again and again
In her poetry
I found this writing in my journal. It's inspired by a mixture of amazing women in my life. My best friend, my mother, my grandmother.
I've retraced this so many times,
thinking it will turn out
something new.
These choices aren't mistakes,
they are consequences
I choose.
I'm cornered by you.
See I can't decide
to wait or flee,
Stretching and spreading
with such little faith in me.
I used to write about sadness.
Whatever was
in the depths of me.
Now I cannot think of words,
Without asking
what they even mean.
Miranda May 2016
I wish to fly away
To a far and distant place
One with no fences
And one with no gates

An area where all my troubles
Seem to be replaced
With skies filled with roses
And glimpses of your face

One where everything
Fits so perfectly into place
Two hands melt together
And one soul interlaced

A world where sunbeams dance
With such a subtle grace
Patiently around our spirits
Never to be displaced

One where all the etches made
that soon find themselves erased
Can just as easily find themselves
Reborn, remade, retraced

A setting where all the love
Is so effortlessly encased
In the vivid vibrations
Of this infinite embrace

One where all the wonderful
Resides in a safe and open space
Never to be lost
Or find itself misplaced

So I wish to fly away
To a far and distant place
One that was never far at all,
But always right here in this space
.It was mid-winter, 1927. Cold isn't even one of the wordsI would have used to describethat winter.It was more bone chillingthan I really care to remember. We were both young,Davie and I. November,before momma and daddydied was the last time we had heard from the man at the bank.Foreclosure was the wordthat formed icicles in my heart. We were downto our last can of beans.We were frightened, to say the least. We had no way to heat them,the wood was all burned.I swept away the old ashin hopes there would besome kindling there.There was not. Then I got an idea.When granddad was a boy,he collected chunks of coalthat fell from the trainsrunning from the mountain minesto the cities far away. The unused stall in the barnhad six large burlap bags full.I told Davie to stay put.The snow was so deepthat it took me over an hour to reach the barn.I filled up an old Diamond's potatoes sack plumb to the top.I retraced my stepsback through the snow,almost tasting the warm beanssliding down my throat. Davie's eyes danced upon my return, his tears dried the instant I opened the half frozen door. I quickly assembled a small pyramid of coalin the stove and set themablaze. They glowed like molten steel,as we warmed our hands. Iwarmed our last can of beansand exchanged worried glanceswith Davie.I told Davie to say the prayer,then we ate. The beans were good. Oh,Lord were they good!We chewed each one as if theywere made of gold.I woke with a yawn the next morningand the sun was shining. Davie had risenearlier than Iand he had even done his choreswithout being asked. I told him that I was proud of himand patted him on the backlike daddy used to. Suddenly Davie looked at me funny andhe handed me backthat same Diamond's Potatoes sackI had just emptied the coal from last night. He told me he was cleaning the ashfrom the stove and he found this pileof glass stones.I looked closer...
Savannah N Dec 2014
he slipped his fingers
through the crack in the door
looked around
behind his shoulder
he shifted his eyes side to side
someone should have told him
they noticed
he brought his knee up
to his chin
or his chin down to his knee
and with that, cracked the door
and slipped out
locking the door behind him he thought he locked his mind
the warmth still pulsed behind him
and he heard the baby cry
his ******* lingered behind
him on the ****
come on, come on
my man
come on

he was taught to keep his eyes wide open
never narrow his glance for that which he might miss
and for that he lived a fallacy with that woman
he lived just for her breath
until his own paled in comparison
people lie when they say he left because of the times
that he is a summation of statistic
because he left for what he was taught
a gross misunderstanding
of generations
of disfigured parables
which left him rewired and not suited
for this life or any life
poor husk

but his fingers fell away from the ****
and he ran
so far that the world wept
his feet bloodied
when people asked where he was from
there were moments of clearness and he felt
his time was not wasted
but it was impossible to know it
he could see things like no one else
and it was his job to write them down
and so he did
until his fingers crumbled

time got by
time got in the way
shoved down his throat
he gurgled and spit up his shame
it burned a hole in his belly
until he could stomach it no more
threw up a map
he stared at its edges in his calloused hands
and he knew the place, his next destination
he followed it back
a path which burned with every retraced step
and the world wept
but this time for a different reason
his ******* found the familiar ****
he looked around
behind his shoulder
he shifted his eyes from side to side
slipped his fingers through the crack and stepped inside
someone should have told him
they noticed

he's staring at the bottom of a boot
he can feel his lower teeth
stuck through his lip and
he wants to cry out
my baby boy
he lowered his head and
for the first time felt what he had done
Sean McCarthy Oct 2014
A recently revived drowning victim
I'm judging picture books by their centerfold
All the wit in the world won't
save me now
and even though I've made it
This far
I'm still too afraid
to keep ******* through the pages.
You should see
All of my paper cut scars

This is a courtesy call
I hope to hear you
Say you're sorry
and just because
I saw you dancing along the wall
doesn't mean we're friends
In fact
quite the reverse.
You're a man
And I'm ******* insane

There's no way for you to know
how much I've hated
I guess it's been years since we talked
So that's my fault.
Retraced steps lead me
to the lip of the pool
Cholera never looked
like my scene
But I feel your genes spreading

Like Jesus and Peter
you'll pass me down this legacy
of hatred, strife and
Pestilence. My god.
I bind my books
into your back
and read you bedtime stories
each period forming a
caldera in your skin.
I touch it.

And this tastes so good
Almost like another life
if I can stay here forever
you may never find me again.
Don't you see how beautiful it is?
I'm not afraid of you anymore.
I think I realized
I just know you
Too ******* well
it's like looking in a mirror
kanma Oduwegwu Nov 2015
These days in doubt
my sanity proven
culled from my lovitude
or should I say attitude
maybe solitude
'cos I thought I was on guard
Until fall I did
without a thud,
slowly the fade began
until the voice stopped
no more reprimands
questions stopped
conscience slept
and I roared
happy to soar
then it returned
and I retraced my steps
not without scars
for this haven we savoured
with its perks and glints
now hold ashes
for me,
I can't sit still without thinking
of purity sold
guard let down
to lovitude's joy
as sorrow flooded
The wasted me

I might not relate to this
but I do translate it
can I still sit in your arms
without regrets of disappointments thrown
of regrets without end
for that moment this madness began.
Fletcher Oct 2013
Time does not stand still as I had hoped.
I saw the changes in you, fleeting and subtle as they were.
I heard your words; kind, thoughtful and always enough to sustain me,
But I no longer felt their bare sincerity that always made me feel exposed and bare myself.
Your love turned into morphine, behind which you concealed a deeper ailment that you refused to show.  
And so I picked up this impeding world and placed it to the side.
You did not expect it, but I beheld you in a moment’s silence.
Your eyes as brown as I remember and your slender body gliding toward me in a dream.
And then you smiled and I heard your laugh again, and knew what I had searched for in this world was always here,
was always you.
I found my way home, and slept soundly with you at my side,
feeling warmth, relief, passion, ecstasy and the companionship of my truest friend.
We retraced the lines of our bodies that we once knew better than the streets of our small town.
And found they led to both the same and different destinations as before.
I drank you in as you slept,
And thought how long and hard I’d fought for this moment.
“I’m home,” I whispered to you in the night,
while you slept on, breathing steadily.

— The End —