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Nalinee Oct 2020
Dilemmas and confusions
Unsettled and unsolved
Instead of hault
Become the driving force
Give shape to the unexplored
Let excitement to continue
Let life to happen
in not just one way!
Anthony Williams Sep 2014
One morning I felt a thought
moving ahead of where I could see
collecting energy from my heart
it became so particular about me

that it fought its way over the sticks and stones
which fell into broken pieces wherever it went
I wondered what it held with single mindedness
so purposefully to make it struggle to the front

I followed where it led
it would not wait for me
it knew more than my mind could
it knew about where I wanted to go

but when I called it gave no answer
I couldn't stop it
I couldn't hold it back while I dithered
on and on it went

on a path I could only wonder
as though it had destiny all worked out

a sweet song called from deep in the forest
so joyful a bird it broke my heart in two
and part of me ran to find its nest
but it needed no path as I should have known
and after a rest
off it flew

I retraced my steps back to the forked place
at that moment the thought was gone
though I found a piece of black lace
caught on a thorn

it dissolved in my hand when I held it up to the light
leaving powdery graphite on my finger tips
which had the forgotten taste of sea spray at night
when the tip of my tongue touched it

I heard the whisper of kisses from long ago
and then I looked down in silence
alone and lost - too late I knew
abandoned to my thoughtlessness
by Anthony Williams
No one knew.
Why: the reasons we did what we did.
Massacres and chemical warfare, the draft
Because no one would volunteer.
Why did we go to war?
The government spinning lies of what happened,
Yet the footage on the news says the opposite.
We were losing everything. Killed
For no reason, and so were they.

— The End —