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Nov 2015
Prepare bloodshed
Im tired of being a thorough bred
All eyes on me
Take heed to words that's said
They hate me
Cuz they aint black like me
Bow down this t h u g
Recognize my game
Bring more flames than end times
Listen to me ******
The world is mine as shine my nine
Anyone who jump see the flat line
Never left the battle grounds
Straight  boot camps
Lived off of food stamps with tramps
Broke the mold now im feelin' bold
**** brothers multiply
Got every ghetto in the nation high
And watch the birds fly
South for the December
Ill make a massacre that'll make ya remember
Yosef been equipped with game
So **** the fame let my ***** hang
These fools aint ready for war
Cuz once i hit it'll no longer be an even score

Now that got yo attention
What these fool know about **** life?
Every playa hata wanna be like
Me the underground ghetto king
This is a rap ghetto blues so ya can cling
Into my raw raps preaching apocalypse
Reachin' in my pockets for mo bullets
So i can empty clips
INTO ya mind fool break the slavery chains
I aint never been a toby
Bow down like ya owe half these *******
Is phony
Claims they ya friends but when ya hit the pen
They blowing in the wind
And **** paris them aint down for us
Got eve ry dumb ***** puttin' up the red white n blue pic
**** them bigots they can *******
Sweatin' my ****
Cuz bringin back that **** ****
Never fall back retraced my steps n now im.back
To where it all begins
Birthed unto this world its daily sin
I cant get a break cuz they aint no fate
I'm just waitin' for right time
To retaliate set my own date date
Sike im machiavelli
Reincarnated as a mack 11
Burn all my enemies til they flesh is cremated
King Tutankhamun
Written by
King Tutankhamun  24/M/Hell on Earth Since Birth
(24/M/Hell on Earth Since Birth)   
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