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May 2016
I wish to fly away
To a far and distant place
One with no fences
And one with no gates

An area where all my troubles
Seem to be replaced
With skies filled with roses
And glimpses of your face

One where everything
Fits so perfectly into place
Two hands melt together
And one soul interlaced

A world where sunbeams dance
With such a subtle grace
Patiently around our spirits
Never to be displaced

One where all the etches made
that soon find themselves erased
Can just as easily find themselves
Reborn, remade, retraced

A setting where all the love
Is so effortlessly encased
In the vivid vibrations
Of this infinite embrace

One where all the wonderful
Resides in a safe and open space
Never to be lost
Or find itself misplaced

So I wish to fly away
To a far and distant place
One that was never far at all,
But always right here in this space
Written by
Miranda  Knoxville, TN
(Knoxville, TN)   
     Brent Fisher, ---, Glass, ---, Bianca Reyes and 8 others
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