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Oct 2014
Gazing through this smoky haze
Thinking about you again
It's been awhile since I thought of you
       My dear old friend        
I needed you then
Last night...                          
When my mind began to spin
I was beginning to lose touch with reality
I read some of my old poetry        
Bringing up some old memories
Pictures and videos too.      
But that didn't help me
I simply needed you                
I've heard it called destiny
And I can see that smile in my mind
So very clearly
It's been awhile my old friend
Since I've needed you again
But last night              
When my head began to spin
I retraced the pattern of my soul within          
I was disappointed to trace over you once or twice
Oh! How nice it would have been
If I'd never grabbed that knife          
That you deliberately stuck in my back dear friend          
If I hadn't, I'd never have known it was you
I could've died peacefully            
Never knowing your love was through
But I did grab it, I did turn around
Now you're laying there
Still sliced up on the ground
My dear old friend
Inside my soul                              
Is the last place left you can still be found
Another interesting yet dark dream....
Just Melz
Written by
Just Melz  Rome, Ga with DaSH
(Rome, Ga with DaSH)   
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