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Stepping through the looking glass
there is no stepping back

The journey once accepted
is a never-ending track

Adventure leads to places
that we should not dare to go

Questions lead to answers
that we should not dare to know

To wander through the wardrobe
is to leave what's safe behind

Forever leaving normal
for the hope of what you'll find

A journey of a thousand steps
that cannot be retraced

A single step once taken
that can never be erased

Dangerous the road that flows
away from your front door

Keep your feet or it may sweep
you to a distant shore

Should ever you joust windmills
or travel mystic lands

Blaze trails through rotting jungles
caravan cross burning sand

Remember with each victory
there's also something lost

There's a price for each adventure
that's not always worth the cost

So whether it's the seven seas
or past the worlds own edge

Regardless of the paths you take
or promises you pledge

Should find you Never never land
and finding choose to go

All that which you had afore
will ne'er again be so

For once you've rode Laptua
or Pandora's Box unbound

Once love has hold your spirit
or wisdom had been found

Once blind eyes have been opened
or sirens song is heard

Once tragedy has struck so hard
that laughter seems absurd

Once Wonderland is entered
your soul is ever changed

The world you left behind you
is ever left estranged

You can return to bridges burned
but o'er them none may pass

For once you stray there is no way
to get back through the glass

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By: One yet within the morning light

Many days go slipping by
Quickly as we wonder why

Wherefore goes the time that’s lost?
As we ponder aging's cost

All we’ve worked for just like sand
Slipping softly through our hands

Long before we first draw breath
Already we are bound for death

Every moment yet un-cast
Ever built upon the past

All alone we wander through
All the things we failed to do

Standing in the twilight hour
Watching night, the day, devour

Knowing all will soon be gone
Nothing left but hope of dawn

Life as such it ever is
Is lost amidst our hubris

But even as the shadows gather
Under Night Mares streaming lather

Undaunted gather we once more
Daring death itself to war

For though our end can naught but come
As all life's parts achieve their sum

And though our fight may gain no more
Then seconds add to our score

We still must stand against the dusk
And cleave to life within this husk

For life's not measured in its length,
~ or what you had to give

But just how hard, with what you had,
~ you truly tried to live

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By: A cousin for a cousin

Softly spills the sunlight through the bright white golden hair
Searing sand shifts swiftly as she dances through the air

Cotton clouds caress the curve of light blue summer sky
Evanescent, folds float free, her figure, swirling flies

Wind weeps breezy billows just above an emerald sea
Colors bright, in honor, dance, of all she dreams to be

Shadows sweep in silence swift across a burning beach
Capturing crescendos of the things for which we reach

Frozen movement lives eternal printed on a page
Spilling ever endless from the confines of its cage

Journey's onward ever joy, enticing hearts with love
Dreaming dances, ever coy, beneath the all above

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(This was written about a picture that I thought looked like my cousin, the picture can be found at
Atlas us, a world do hold
on our shoulders bent and bowed.

All our might to hold on high,
the pieces of a falling sky.

Once upon a time ago.
Mighty pillars held it so.

But time their glories turned bereft,
foundations remnants all that's left.

Once composed of all the world.
Nations gathered, now lay hurled.

Shattered systems careless strewn,
left to rot amidst their ruin.

Majestic once the world their own.
The sun upon them ever shown.

Now reduced to shadows only;
broken, angry, scared and lonely.

Their weighty hubris crumbled mass,
ticking through time's hourglass.

Of all the earth a few were master,
till rivalry gave birth disaster.

As clouds of war did roar and rumble,
the sagging sky began to tumble.

Then rose two giants from the ashes.
Who saved the sky, between their clashes.

And grabbing hold the pillars tattered.
Each the other smashed and battered.

On and on the giants battled,
as the blows the heavens rattled.

Colossus both, though juxtaposed,
Titans, different each composed.

Us of copper, steel, and stone.
Them of iron, flesh, and bone.

"Come" we pleaded "all unwanted".
"Obey!" demanded they undaunted.

Growing ever each their powers,
striving each for heavens bowers.

At last one giant finally falls,
down upon its iron walls.

Victors we, alone now standing,
all the world of us demanding.

Tower us above them all.
Holding heaven, lest it fall.

As Atlas was, in ancient verse,
to bear this burden we are cursed

No other recourse can there be,
none who can take this weight from we.

So here we stand, and stand alone.
The world about our ankles thrown.

At us a world with hate may cry,
but on our shoulders sits the sky.

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The Sparrow

I once shattered broken fell
into deep an empty well
Screaming as I falling did
many out the fears I'd hid
Landing hard I hardly knew
wherefore what I next should do
Deeply lying shadow shroud
'round me echoed silence loud

Thus remaining wonder I
feeble dare to chance a cry
Or resting wait til strength return
as quick away my life does burn
Deep above me sits the sky
little caring if I die
Freedom midst it's clouds does reign
above a prison built of pain

As I bemoaned the fate of me
did land a sparrow on my knee
And staring I my breath did catch
to see this life upon this wretch
Then know I to death was bound
fell dead the sparrow on the ground
Time reversing backward spun
up where to first I'd begun

Answer none I have to give
of why once dieing now I live
Ever recall shall I that day
in terror hopeless as I lay
How all I had did fail me when
I fell to pain a prisoner, and
How but a simple sparrows fall
did thus to me return my all

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Exists Exquisitely My Heart

By: The Author

Exists exquisitely my heart
Livid liquid living art
Serenely simple soft and sure
Perfect power pounding pure

Miseries unbidden rise
Stealing love with lovely lies
Draining me of all but dreams
Pain unending ever seems

Brightly bone is bound about
Structured on the insides out
Softly skin enshrouds my soul
Stitching of my parts a whole

Where then can I meaning find?
In my eyes? My hands? My mind?
Surely more must surely lie?
Wove within the depth of I?

Other organs orchestrate
Myriad movements never late
Clockwork; every action spells
Symphonies composed of cells

Never more to simply be
Mere existing ever me
Letting languid life flow by
Never caring where or why

Fingers move with majesty
Eyes a sea of what I see
Sinew slips in silence strong
Ears, my essence, sing a song

Hope, in blood, unfettered flows
Pulsing life, that living, grows
Truth is writ in all life's pains
"Life lives yet within your veins"

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. . . in the lost

By: One yet seeking

Somewhere in the lost it fell
as time slipped endless on
Unnoticed as it softly died
between the dusk and dawn

Somewhere in the time between
what is or will or was
When careless we turned blind away
from everything but us

Somewhere lay it dying
as we laughed along our way
Apathetic to the future
in our conquest of the day

Somewhere it defined us
in a past once long ago
Forgotten midst the memories
we're too ashamed to know

Somewhere it was everything
now everywhere it's naught
We know not what is missing
for what's missing isn't sought

Somewhere, somehow, we missed it
and its too late to return
For our presents built of fading past
we still refuse to learn

Somewhere in the lost it fell
and somewhere lies it still
Somewhere it may rise again,
for us, it never will.

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