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Jan 2010
Stepping through the looking glass
there is no stepping back

The journey once accepted
is a never-ending track

Adventure leads to places
that we should not dare to go

Questions lead to answers
that we should not dare to know

To wander through the wardrobe
is to leave what's safe behind

Forever leaving normal
for the hope of what you'll find

A journey of a thousand steps
that cannot be retraced

A single step once taken
that can never be erased

Dangerous the road that flows
away from your front door

Keep your feet or it may sweep
you to a distant shore

Should ever you joust windmills
or travel mystic lands

Blaze trails through rotting jungles
caravan cross burning sand

Remember with each victory
there's also something lost

There's a price for each adventure
that's not always worth the cost

So whether it's the seven seas
or past the worlds own edge

Regardless of the paths you take
or promises you pledge

Should find you Never never land
and finding choose to go

All that which you had afore
will ne'er again be so

For once you've rode Laptua
or Pandora's Box unbound

Once love has hold your spirit
or wisdom had been found

Once blind eyes have been opened
or sirens song is heard

Once tragedy has struck so hard
that laughter seems absurd

Once Wonderland is entered
your soul is ever changed

The world you left behind you
is ever left estranged

You can return to bridges burned
but o'er them none may pass

For once you stray there is no way
to get back through the glass

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Written by
Caleb Alan Kestner
   ---, --- and JR Macfadden
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