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tranquil Aug 2019
A bulky cloud shouted and made noises at me.
So, I threw a stone at it.
The cloud spat in my general direction.
It ruined my day.
tranquil Aug 2019
Once a tree danced with its shadow in the moonlight
Till the dawn ended their party
tranquil Aug 2019
Once upon a time
He had no time
Then came a time
He was left with no time
When all this time
Time sat still looking down
Out of his ivory tower
tranquil Aug 2019
Wise owl staring at the horizon
Ocean meeting the evening
Chases this illusion of union
Gives up

Foolish owl staring at the horizon
Perched on a branch
Ocean meeting the evening
Waits for the night
Stays awake
tranquil Aug 2019
Lemon is such a beautiful fruit.
Why are beautiful things sour?
tranquil Apr 2019
Act 1

Drunk wispy clouds keep falling over the blue tarmac
Refusing to take off
And make way for a sun too shy to show itself

White Sea gulls tear warm winds apart
Flocks aimlessly meander along curves of the green isthmus

Toes of rocks along the shore
Play with bedsheets of ocean waves
Pulling and pushing layers of shallow blue waters

Our sky is an open air theatre
Where two kites chase each other’s tail
Dive deep and soar high
Overflow with dizzying adrenaline
While an old faithful sail on a fishing boat
Bogged down, tied to the command of ocean winds
Envies the freedom
Held by two fragile pieces of paper

Act 2

First three stars peek through purple curtain of sky
It is a cue for the Sun
To abandon it’s shyness and take a dip
Before tucking itself in seabed
He admires his reflection for a bit before
Waves break it apart into million glistening yellow diamonds
Shining, scattered over an orange ocean carpet

Sea gulls perch on rocks covered in seaweed
Sharing epic stories of victories and despair
Un-ashamed, in a loud communion

A lighthouse far in the distance
It’s bright eyes pierce an ever-growing darkness
Resolutely, dutifully
Guide the clueless in search of shore
Towering above fishing vessels docked by the bay
Our sky is a painter’s palette
Getting muddier with each dip of the brush
Before an artist gives up

Act 3

Gentle clouds cradle an infant moon
It’s distilled halo percolates down to wet beach sand
One light wave at a time

Sea is in a trance
Oscillating between extremes of anarchy and tranquility
Hiding in it’s depths the worst of pains
And mountains of hope

A fog laminates the seascape
Pulling up a curtain over naked chores of nature
For she has done enough for the day
Bathing in it’s own grandeur
Advertising itself to whole existence

Summer constellations peek over emerald green mangroves
Mythical heroes and queens come to life
Ready to command armies of bears and bulls
Summon dragons and centaurs
Ride chariots along the milky way
Before a truce is called again
And everyone slips into a slumber
with Lyres played in background

Our sky is an open air theatre
That mirrors itself in your dark eyes
And a whole cosmos of imagineered tales
Takes over mind's stage
When the curtains fall.
tranquil Sep 2018
Tired of using the eraser
More than this pencil
And coffee to stimulate myself
Wanting to bring something into existence
At the Devil’s hour
Here I am
Surrounded by my own thoughts
Resonating through the cacophony of nothingness
With open eyes
No sign of sleep
I must finish this work
I must finish creating
Perhaps it’s imperfect
I don’t care
Just need something to fall into
A dream to live ; to cure my sleeplessness
Done at last
Looks weird but will do for now
Let’s see where tonight’s dream takes me
Let me close these eyes in dark
Let me open my being to a new light
Where am I ?
Who brought me here ?
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