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If it is redemption you seek
Lure my humans with the same poison of passion
That which will be the cause of your exile
That which will be the test of your character
And morality of children of the female you fell for
Let this be.

Thus with the original commandment
Lucifer’s wings were clipped
And he was thrown onto the highest peak on land
Surrounded by nothing but shame and snow
For the first time fear ate into the mind of it’s primal host
Watering the seed of guilt
Blooming into hate from which chaos spread out

With temptation for his creation
And hatred for his creator
Though oblivious to the grand unfolding scheme
Lucifer decided for a lesson to be taught to his maker
To challenge the only Free will that matters
Unaware that his own rebellious will
Was lightning bottled in a jar by the almighty.

If it is the Woman I seek
I will cause the end of every one of her kind
Except the very last
By me who shall be claimed
Right before the end of days
Through this very fruit of knowledge
Destined to turn into the curse of death

To prove the flaw in his work
The futility of morality
And glorify the sanctity of chaos
All permanent entropy and decadence
Which doesn’t differentiate
Which is more just than
The righteous charade of a being
This justly God’s being is.

Morality and passion fight each day since
Each hour and second hence
This poison God intended to inject into his rag dolls
Through his most beloved angel

As the humans bit into first sin
Desire was born out of the fruit of knowledge
Desire that led to an illusion of free will and action
Delusion of an illusion this fallen angel himself suffered from

Lucifer slid under the tree
Waiting and watching
Peeking through the hole in sky
Heaven from which he was banished
And those stars mocking his fate at night
Ones which he brought into being
Lucifer the bringer of light
Destined to spread fire of temptation
Till the doomsday flood
Drowns the first flame of passion
God's Checksheet --

Test 1 out of ? : Check moral alignment of the new creation.
Test 2 out of ? : Save and reset.
tranquil Apr 5
and then your shadow
towers over
the wall against
which you lay head
that which is
unashamedly dark
with no pretence

it looked the same
on best of days
and on most luckless
it's just there...

right there on a wall
your husk without the bulk
unashamedly false
unabashedly fickle
tranquil Apr 1
when someone knocks on your heart
check if anybody left a lock hanging on theirs.
tranquil Mar 14
through lonely nights
when world howls at the sky
stars walk you home
even if some moon
betrays your luck

faith is a straight line;
lantern piercing a labyrinth
on days the compass is cloudy.
tranquil Mar 2
they buried a poet
sprinkled his words over coffin
tossed a book into dirt alongside
and waited few decades
to have a leaf sprout
for winds to carry his lines
to one with open ears
another circle in a world of squares
have phrases strain down the cheeks
into ink smeared on paper

buried in a trashcan
in a diary
in a library
in dirt
everywhere really...
tranquil Feb 16
words are a boat trying to sail through
storms in my soul
maybe when it’s calm again
this boat docked in a hanger
would remind me of
an adventure long past
tranquil Feb 9
on mornings where
a hungry sun dips light strings
into a pool of mist
wishing to fish out dewdrops
from mellow wilted leaves
and cheeks of apples in cold orchards
an imposter hangs from a beehive
glowing yellow from honey inside
on a branch abandoned by bees
fending from a net spun with light
this mutinous dewdrop
creates a whirlpool in it’s soul
trying to drown a whole star
into an ocean of delusion
chased by warm strokes of reality
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