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Aron Oct 1
Oh please, teach me the art,
of how easily you tear me apart.
Love, where do I start,
to pick up the pieces of my broken heart.

Our love was sweet yet so bitter.
It felt hot though it was winter.
Alive but as it slowly wither.
I'm hoping something better.

Every ending comes a new beginning.
Love was never meant to be binding.
It should be bright but not blinding
and must have that perfect timing.

So now I'll tell you where to start.
Listen as this is the important part.
It's easy, no need for a chart.
There's where you should start.
Aron Oct 1
I’ve never thought that I’ll be content
With just your head on my chest
This feeling is heaven-sent,
True and genuine, that I can attest.

Safe from all harm
As I embrace you in one arm,
I’ll always be by your side,
As it is the safest place,

I see the universe in your eyes,
Clearer than the blue skies.
It is brighter than the flares of the sun,
A magnificent sight, you’re the one.

Eyes that are so wide and deep,
filled with oceans
Crashing and wild, turning over ships.
Filled with every emotion.
Aron Mar 2016
Middle of the day,
you're laying on your bed
or busy doing something
then that strong feeling of
missing someone hits you;
I think that,
is more special
than missing someone
at 1 A.M.
Aron Mar 2016
I find it scary
to love someone like this.
You give everything you have
your love, time & attention.
Hoping that
they will do & feel
the same way
like you do.

Missing them every single time,
making sure that they're happy &
remain contented with you,
& your love.
Doing everything that you could
to make sure that
they wouldn't leave you,

At the same time,
giving them
space & freedom
that they want & deserve.
To make sure
they won't
feel locked, stuck & chained
with you.

Loving someone
so deeply, pure, sincere
& innocent
is not an easy task.
This might sound
I admire
myself & those
who have done it.

It is scary, yes.
No assurances
that all of it wouldn't be wasted.
Maybe that's the beauty of love
Making smart & logical people;
dumb, fearless & illogical.
Driving human beings,
insane &
risking it all,
for the name of
Excuse any grammatical errors.
Aron Feb 2016
Black & White.
In the middle
of the night,
took off my
and watched
as our love

Love, what happened
to us?
We crumbled
and turn into

You'll wake up,
with love
greeting you
with a
Aron Jan 2016
She's happy.
So why?
Why should I
be not,
every time
I see her smile?

Why, should I
envy those people
who makes her happy
right now?

Am I left
on my own
trying to
move on from
decisions I've made
we've shared
Series of questions that I've asked myself.
Part 2 (1-5-16)
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