Laci 7d

To stand in the sun alone
Tangled in tracks of vines that connect to dawn
Lonesome whispers seek horizons dream
A hum to dare

Heart beat of stars to paint anew
Trickle of time between the quiet
A pulse to seek amongst the shadows
Light seeps through a memory

Cradled within the breath of heat
To sit upon a petals ridges
Face of warmth beneath familiar palms
A dance to be retraced

Vibrations pull of soul's silence
Falling into the rise of tomorrow
Hold of heart between lovers lips
Paint the sky still, let us linger

Laci Sep 4

Thoughts transcend into a pool of pink stars
Cascading sunlight greets the shadows
Whisked away to a dream of sunflowers
Dance of light tattooed petals

But a memory to taste
Scent of flesh lingers to be had again
Headlight premier of roadside wildflowers
Sync of heart to drown the day

Current shores of salted pearls
Ruby trails to wander
Sun scorched dawn mirage
Air of ease fall swept wind

Dusted gold of magic
To believe in hope to be
Grasp at clouds a love so free
Heart to trust another's hands

Laci Aug 22

Unhinged time teetering on the dawn
Trapping of loves grand memory
Restful heart upon sheets of petals
Tiptoeing across the sun

Breath of blooms chance
To dare to mimic a new days light
A bit of happiness stirred with heat
Seen in shades of dandelion

Wishes lit in shadow
Paralleled balance blindly walking
Carried by a maybe
A rhythm all it's own

The seasons of the heart
Stimulated touch of color
Soulful nourishment in a written word
Between the lines

Laci Aug 19

Yellow lilies plucked like fallen stars
You appeared wrapped in morning glories
Vivid shades of galaxy light painted skin
A walk amongst the heavens

Painted skies for conversation
To mention the rain to daisies
Puddled dew left to linger
A reflection of memories meant for night

In a garden of wild lace
Dusk of flesh to blend across the wind
A scent of ease accompanies dawn
Breath of choices relive

But a dream of bluebells
To chime in the rhythm of heart
Wake the twilight my love
Awaiting the sun

Laci Aug 14

Left to wander this barren ground
A time in which the wildflowers no longer bloom
Bitter hues of forbidden darkness
Of a yesterday remembered

Silent happenings to trap
Choking on a diamond of indigo
Sinkhole of words that matter
To feel forgotten

To miss tomorrow to be today
Deju vu imaginary sun
A dam of bitter salt
Escape a voice

Belong to the shadow
Draft of yellow light
Through the cracks of fault
If you hear me

Laci Aug 2

Like the jewels of Earth, she wore wildflowers
Tones of yellow grace tangled in a mane of twilight
Gentle hum of whispers upon delicate lobes
To see heart in eyes of blue

Coat my soul in perfumes of nectar
Time adorned skin
This taste of bliss teases
Forever a memory of you

Sail through a living sea of gold
White lace of ivory contrast
Your essence fills the air in which I breathe
For it is love that greets the moon

Eyes cast toward the sky
It is not the end but the journey
To be the lens in which you view the world
All the vibrant colors

Laci Jul 29

With these tendrils of dandelion greens to lift my soul
Wipe the tarnish off my skin with petals of sun
Kiss the light as night approaches
Crisp air of playfulness

This dreamy twilight beacons for promise
Branches of whispers released into song
The moon delights in chance
Paint our love in shades of yellow

Penned fantasies upon the roots of wildflowers
A lover's lullaby meant for morning
Taste of thrill upon your lips
Breath of new brushed skin

Spread of ivy adorned bridge
Hints of purple morning glory catch the eye of wonder
To search for rhythm among the fall
Do you see my heart?

Time talks with love at dawn
Gentle hush of silent know
Slip between the cracks of doubt
Dare to feel anew

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