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Laci Jan 2018
Faces of horizons new
World's weight in balance
To love in grains of still
Wildflower song for oceans constant

Cast yesterday to the tides
Watch, my love, for the flicker
But a story to change
A guide for the heart that whispers

Touchable light of melted two
Unveiled woes in shades of yellow
Breath to fuel ignited linger
Beauty without intent

Fallen buds trust in morning
Vibrations soul on petals unique
Careless wind to know direction
Lighted eyes of blue

Be a truth in color
Wayside darkness turn ember
Guided hands of pulse
Unexpected heat desires bloom
Laci Jan 2018
The touchable light of a dandelion winter
Traceable woes between two
Whispers in shades of moonlight
But a fall of difference

Wonder burns in the care of silence
Faded faces linger to a melody of heart
A dare of once more
To blur the line that walks unforgiven

Ash fired galaxies ignite for chance
Stone cast destiny but a dream of you
Delicate curvature to be
Scent of shadows follow

To grasp the night of forevermore
Unknown to the eyes of noise
Stillness falls upon the felt
A stars reflection of found
Laci Nov 2017
To fall into a lover's grace
Star grazed evergreens
Dusted sky of tomorrow
Grasping truth between the whispers

Treetops of fallen chance
Gentle wind dare blushed cheeks
Moonlit cares gaze upon the seen
A shadows dance with time

Trails of hope lost footsteps
Heartbeat galaxies awake at dawn
Tell me the colors of your sunrise
Brushed with the taste of dreams

Reflections cast in ocean blue
Wings of light shone gravity
Disappear into truths forevermore
Song waves of you
Laci Oct 2017
Angel wings of woe
Bejeweled haunted sky
Shades of grey graced lips
Hung between sorrows thrill

Hide your face my love
To fall between the shadows
Secrets lonely chance
Intentions downfall

Swept away blooms of never will
Pictures burnt in dawn's fury
To miss the kiss of sunlight
Galaxies of the tree tops

Heart's hush of colors noise
Worries content with midnight
Daylight dreams fall sleepless
Cautious ground below
Laci Oct 2017
Lost in a sea of silence
To broaden love beyond words
A fire from the spark of soul
Fallen curiosity caught between

Budding hope of gathered dew
Scattered blooms desire
Rooted secrets of wind aflame
Moments seen in clustered sun

Tiptoe daisies seek the light
A reminder of a shadows purpose
To speak amongst thunders roar
But a dare of yellow

The best of daylight dreams of stars
Wander thorns from darkness
Petals fall with the dawn
Whispers of pull listen
Laci Sep 2017
To stand in the sun alone
Tangled in tracks of vines that connect to dawn
Lonesome whispers seek horizons dream
A hum to dare

Heart beat of stars to paint anew
Trickle of time between the quiet
A pulse to seek amongst the shadows
Light seeps through a memory

Cradled within the breath of heat
To sit upon a petals ridges
Face of warmth beneath familiar palms
A dance to be retraced

Vibrations pull of soul's silence
Falling into the rise of tomorrow
Hold of heart between lovers lips
Paint the sky still, let us linger
Laci Sep 2017
Thoughts transcend into a pool of pink stars
Cascading sunlight greets the shadows
Whisked away to a dream of sunflowers
Dance of light tattooed petals

But a memory to taste
Scent of flesh lingers to be had again
Headlight premier of roadside wildflowers
Sync of heart to drown the day

Current shores of salted pearls
Ruby trails to wander
Sun scorched dawn mirage
Air of ease fall swept wind

Dusted gold of magic
To believe in hope to be
Grasp at clouds a love so free
Heart to trust another's hands
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