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Nova Flames Feb 2014
you ve been taught it all
still you never learn how to connect the dots
your programmed like a robot, aka its your fatal flaw
all kingdoms fall its written in cosmic law
you serve the beef thinking ima carnivore
now i have the bulls by the horn
there aint a day you'll ever learn that eevery rose has its thorn
where there's smoke Nova Flames will burn
i know your scared attend the church
i live in the IT verse while you live on earth! my word is worth it weight in gold my verbs overflow, overthrow, beware and behold! when im in beast mode!!!
to each his own; im still in control of how your life unfolds
but most remain drone clones; still im forced to tune ya'll in to the OHM
im a werewolf all allone; with the wind im always gone; its always darkest before dawn; the storm always follows calm  
which means you dont want No problems cuhz on your square is where you belonG.
Nova Flames Jan 2014
cigarettes $ pysilocibin
my silhouette is like a lion
feeling high like lifted horizons
soak me in like negative ions
trust your gut, trust your instinct
life is in sync,
but change happens every instant
haters have their opinions
my styles they still mimic
im a discordian magician, ill have your mind tricked
have you question is your reality fact or fiction?
master chef still rules the kitchen
im a bad boy ladies love the villain
cross me once no forgiveness
nova fills all voids thats empty
max pizzazz raps has plenty
im living carefree like heart of a young star,,,
in elementary
but i cant be schooled, bejeweled, or lose my cool
most cannot comprehend the magnitude of nova flames
my path cannot be retraced, you'll be sent on figure eights aka familiar ways, blinded by intense ultraviolet rays aka a violent blaze
i was married to the game
cuhz i accidentally caught the bouquet on my life's wedding day
now i ride the electric wave aka majestic whales  
the super nova tares the scales
now i must rebuild my crystal castle with one pail bucket
once i reach the summit
i can enjoy the fruits of my labor
at the all you can eat buffet,
and live in my abundance, never ever hungry...
Nova Flames Jun 2013
If truth were the elixir of light & love,
then the smallest breath of Flame(s) can pierce through the infinite void of fear and illusion,
It is proven
that the opposite is impossible...
!#love is the force that bonds all particles  %
(((only weapon I need in my arsenal.
ALTHOUGH for A select few Anger is optional,
Bee wise, according to Spock Blind fury would become mathematically illogical...

*the computer is blocking out the connective tissues for this verse,, sry...
Nova Flames Jun 2013
All I need to do is look into one's eyes, instantly I can tell whose who;
as i walk those dark matter halls
following your spirals in reverse
I AM mindful of what might become unearthed.
You fit into a category called the 1/3rd's,
where codes are locked in the CONtext of vague words,
only a few will embark on the conquest Unknowing what the outcome is worth,
best believe true reality is sweeter than 5 star desserts.
I ve entered the realm of no returns,,,
you know it as the plane of imagination, think; what if mere words of persuasion could eradicate any ultimatum on all occasions?
The main goal is to become highly melanated.
Otherwise, them other guys can get ******, stuck in that basin. (aka ''3D'' box)
Nova Flames Jun 2013
***! my brother, is so destructive, he treats even a jewel like its *******
he is soo stubborn, he gets under my skin like sunburn, but in the end he's still my brother.
i wouldnt have in any other, why? cuhz he down for the fam like southern? lol  

i realized people you can never govern but even currently as he proceeds to walking on the second story on his FREAKEN KNEES! i realize i must make a compromise that there might be something about me he doesnt agree with,, so lets avoid the conflict cuhz it looks like a slippery cliff,,, *** is he doing upp there sounds like artillery ships and ****!!!, im about to throw this fit,, but my homeboy like na flames here smoke this spliff,, na NAGA my mind is a gift and you kn ow im trying to quit!,, witch brings me across the next subject,,, i suspect my inner demons which demoralize my drive to subside with most high take my closest friends minds for a joyride,,, undercover like a spy to poison my ambitions to stay sober im so bipolar, being high is mediocre but when mind is clear i tend to turn into that ogre,,,i feel as if all is hopeless,,, i live in the moment i live in the ocean,, i think my name is Joseph,, and i sleep on my best friend sofas,,, i dont know where this story is going, long as i continue typing i guess its my way of coping i guess its my way of invoking,,,,
Nova Flames Jun 2013
i came out the dark knight @ a time of Halloween...
October 31st, aka 13!(thirteen)! its like revenge of the shin-obi
when the master ninja intervenes! ill scratch you off my ticket, no ANTIHISTAMINE!
life is like a submarine, aka 20,000 leagues
13 FLAMES @ the caliber of 90 degrees,
WHY?  B cuhz his psyche is that of majestic tree$
he grounds his feet magnetically and sails on solar seas,
like dreams i am the cosmic center piece and your in for adventures anytime you mention me.

weathered emotions or emotions are weather, all we endeavor, just REMEMBER, that we're in it 2gether.
i seek for that lyrical gold, the magnificent treasure
where mere letters compose characters for the spirit of a ghost.
i control, their minds like buttons on a remote
juxtaposed isotopes,,,
reran episodes hide the codes, thru magic cloaks,
the lames don't want to feel my fury like thunderbolts
or 13 tornadoes and mashed potatoes.
nova flames ENABLES, his girl to experience rare occasions
Nova Flames Jun 2013
I spit that non fiction, when i say life is my addiction, I'm such a contradiction;
you can call me COURAGE the cowardly. don't OVERSTEP your boundary.
the lames seem to bow to me, and if life were a *****. i'd charge her by the hourly.
i feel FREE like a SEED, in the wind
there's no need to pretend
that no thought is more electric than your intent, i intend
to manifest success. my game infrared,
sounds like a different dialect, fresher than disinfect, dangerous like Russian roulette.
when its us or them
the beast against men
melanin augments; to increase my inner G for the main event!
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